Meet your hosts

  • Carmel Moorhead

    Carmel is in a relationship of three and a half years with her partner, and they own a house together and a dog called Ruby. She says, 'despite my partner also being a lawyer, I still win all arguments'. Carmel loves gardening and can tell the difference between a cucumber pant and zucchini plant just by looking.
  • Zoe Moorhead

    Zoe is in a relationship with her partner of two years and they've lived together for the past 6 months. They have a cat fur baby named Dumpling, he’s a sweet boy with a fluffy face, but according to Zoe, 'he’s currently fighting with his plant brothers and sisters in the form of digging warfare'. In her spare time, Zoe is an amateur potter and has recently discovered the world of yoga and essential oil diffusers (would recommend).


  • Let's roll the dice: is my gambling a problem?

    'I'll take a punt', is something heaps of Aussies say, but at what point does gambling turn from a harmless bit of fun, to something that's a problem for your relationship?

    9 July

  • Unlearnings... unpacking those hard-wired money ideas.

    In this episode we think about our upbringing and how that might influence the relationship you have with money, and the expectations you have for a partner... or the hunt for a partner. White Ribbon Executive Director Brad Chilcott joins Zoe and Carmel to talk about the work of White Ribbon and his own personal understandings with money.

    25 June

  • Excuse me, my wedding will cost... how much? How to talk $$ before the big day.

    Are you dreaming of a white wedding? And if so, how much are you willing to pay for it?

    18 June

  • Home *is* where the heart is... but how do I afford one!?

    In this episode, Zoe and Carmel look at the challenges in place to buy a house, whether you’re single or loved up. They hear from our wider community about their experiences buying their first house, talk about their different perspectives, before interviewing John Fisher, who runs a Mortgage Broking Business in Sydney.

    11 June

  • Meet Pay Love announcement

    Carmel and Zoe are popping in your ears with a quick announcement about Meet Pay Love, to let you know they’re taking a short break.

    25 March

  • Love and other commodities, how do you navigate the world of money, love and dating apps?

    This week we talk to Samantha Jayne of the Husband project about what it’s like in the dating world these days. We address dating apps, types of lovers out there and the awkwardness about how do you decide who pays on the first date and how do men and women view this differently?

    19 March

  • Can I afford to have a baby?

    Neither Carmel or Zoe want babies anytime soon… but they *do* know that babies are expensive, and it’s got them thinking… just how many dollars do you need?

    12 March

  • The real cost of contraception

    This week, we’re talking to Emily from 1800myoptions about the cost of contraception, hygiene products and abortion. 1800myoptions has talked to around 12000 women about their contraception, abortion, pregnancy options and other sexual health needs.

    5 March

  • Do I want a financial agreement?

    We all woke up to the news this week that Kimye is no more. But thanks to a clean-cut prenup that both Kim and Kanye agreed to two months before the wedding, it’s rumoured to be a clean-cut divorce.

    26 February

  • Recognising financial red flags

    So, you've been dating a little while, and things are going well, but you've noticed a couple of little things that are giving you pause... you are thinking they could be red flags.

    19 February

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