Want to start investing but feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start?
This page has the information you need to get started. No subscriptions, no sign ups, no fees. Just the information you're looking for.

Forget the myths you've heard

  • You need a lot of money to start
  • You need to understand economics
  • You need a degree in finance
  • You need to know all the jargon

Anyone can start investing

The stock market can be confusing. All the charts, the jargon. There's a whole industry that has been built around managing your money, and they have a vested interest in keeping you confused. The great news is - once you scratch the surface, investing isn't nearly as complicated as you think.

This page covers all the basics you need to get started. No subscriptions, no costs, just the information you're after to start your investing journey.
Steps to Get Started

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffett

Resources to Help You
Get Started Investing Podcast

Get Started Investing is a jargon-free, 12-part series covering all the fundamentals you need to get started on your investing journey.

Continue your investing journey once you've finished G.S.I by joining us on Equity Mates Investing Podcast