Get Started Investing

Get Started Investing

Anyone can start investing

The stock market can be confusing. All the charts, the jargon. There’s a whole industry that has been built around managing your money, and they have a vested interest in keeping you confused. The great news is – once you scratch the surface, investing isn’t nearly as complicated as you think.

This page covers all the basics you need to get started. No subscriptions, no costs, just the information you’re after to start your investing journey.

Get started investing

Get Started Investing Podcast

Get Started Investing is a jargon-free podcast covering all the fundamentals you need to get started on your investing journey.

Steps to get started

Get your money right

First things first, get your money right. Focus on saving some of your income every paycheck, no matter how small.

Start small

Micro-investing apps offer a great way to get started. You can start investing with less than a dollar.

Sign up to your broker

It has never been easier or cheaper to invest in the share market. Using an online broker makes investing easy.

Decide what you will buy

Once you’ve sorted your savings and broker, you’re ready to make a purchase on the share market.

Resources to help you

There’s plenty of information out there to get you started. At Equity Mates our mission is to make the world of investing accessible. Here’s some free resources to help you understand markets and get started investing.
Investing podcast

Equity Mates Investing Podcast

The #1 investing podcast for the everyday investor. All the information you need, from beginning to dividend.

Reading list

Some of the world's greatest investors have taken the time to share their knowledge in books. Here is some of our favourites.

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Discussion group

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