• Expert: Andrew Brown - Wrap of 2021 and Review of Bold Predictions

    One of our favourite and regular guests at Equity Mates, Andrew Brown is back to wrap up the year. Andrew discusses his bold predictions as well as explaining why valuation still matters. Andrew has some great lessons on valuation with some stunning examples. He also gives us his view looking ahead to 2022.

    16 December

  • Expert: Andrew Pridham - Lessons from the man who became Managing Director of UBS by 28

    Andrew Pridham AO is the co-founder of Moelis & Company, where he currently serves as the Vice Chairman and was previously the Chief Executive Officer. Andrew was previously Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking, Australasia at UBS. He was appointed Managing Director at 28. He spent years working in London and Singapore as global head of real estate at UBS before returning to Australia in retirement aged 34.He then founded a boutique investment banking business called First Provident. In 2004 JP Morgan acquired First Provident and Pridham was appointed as its Head of Investment Banking and later Executive Chairman. In 2009 he left to establish the Australian arm of US Investment Bank Moelis & Company. Moelis & Company Australia is a 50/50 joint venture where Australian executives, including Pridham, own 50% of the business.

    9 December

  • Expert: Eleanor Swanson - Small caps, big returns

    Eleanor Swanson is the founding partner at Firetrail, a boutique investment manager specialising in high conviction equity investing. In this episode, Eleanor breaks down the Aussie small-cap landscape and shares some of the best companies that she's come across during her time in the markets.

    2 December

  • Expert: Yen Liow - Honestly, everyone MUST listen to this

    Yen Liow is the Managing Partner at Aravt Global LLC. He is presenting at this year’s Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, which is now in its 6th year. The conference has 12 local and international fund managers pitching their highest conviction stocks. Keynote speakers this year include, Charlie Munger Berkshire Hathaway and MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer, Co-Founder Moderna. The associated listed investment company, Hearts & Minds Investments Limited (ASX: HM1), invests in a portfolio of high conviction stocks including those pitched at the conference. In lieu of management fees, HM1 donates 1.5% of its NTA to Australian medical research each year. All conference proceeds are donated to Australian medical research. Tickets are $500 but Equity Mates have 50 tickets at 20% off - so $400 https://www.sohnheartsandminds.com.au/ enter discount code - equitymates

    25 November

  • Expert: Beeneet Kothari - Why we're still early on China and Crypto

    Beeneet Kothari is the Managing Partner and Principal Portfolio Manager of Tekne Capital Manager, a global fund manager he founded in 2012. Beeneet is part of this year’s Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, which is now in its 6th year.

    4 November

  • Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

    We are finally jumping on the bandwagon and crossing over to the dark side… Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency! Tune into today’s episode to learn all the basics you need to know to get started. We discuss what crypto actually is, how it works and why it’s so damn popular.

    2 November

  • Expert: Mary Manning - 3 stocks to watch as the world embraces renewables

    Today, we’re going to discuss the energy transition, and the investment opportunity of decarbonisaton. Mary was previously the Portfolio Manager for the Asia strategies at Ellerston Capital in Sydney where she worked from 2012 to 2021. Prior to that she was an analyst at Oaktree Capital where she covered the Financials sector in Emerging Markets, and before that Mary worked as an analyst at Soros Funds Management in New York and she started her career as an investment banker at Citi, where she worked in New York, Moscow and London.

    28 October

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  • Expert: The Search for Generational Businesses | Fidelity Global Future Leaders

    James Abela & Maroun Younes are the co-portfolio managers of Fidelity’s Global Future Leaders fund. Today we’re going to talk about how they broadly construct a portfolio, then look at the specific individual stocks that they hold, introduce the fund, and close out with our final three questions we ask every guest.

    21 October

    Brought to you by Fidelity

  • How Froomes is Investing to Make a Million Dollars

    From a lockdown boredom idea of trying to double $500 in one week, to rolling a cryptocurrency wave, Lucinda Price (best known as Frooomes) has settled with the idea of investing money for the long term in order to reach millionaire status.

    19 October

  • Talking Money To Us | Cohen Handler - Simon Cohen

    In this episode, Candice and Felicity talk to Simon Cohen, co-founder of Cohen Handler, the largest Property Buyer’s Agency in Australia, who also stars in the very binge-able hit on Amazon Prime - Luxe Listings.

    15 October

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