Meet your hosts

  • Candice Bourke

    Candice Bourke is a Senior Investment Adviser at Shaw and Partners with over six years' experience in capital markets and wealth management, specialising in investment advice including equities, listed fixed interest, ethical investing, portfolio risk management and lombard loans. She discovered her passion for finance and baguettes, when working and living in France, and soon afterwards started her own business (all before the age of 23). Candice is passionate about financial literacy for women which lead her to co found Her Financial Network, and in her downtime, you’ll find her doing any of the following: surfing, skiing, reading a book by the fire, or walking her black lab, Cooper, with a soy cappuccino in hand.
  • Felicity Thomas

    Felicity Thomas is a Senior Private Wealth Adviser at Shaw and Partners with over nine years experience in wealth management and strategic financial planning, covering areas including Australian and Global equities, portfolio construction and risk management, bonds, fixed interest, lombard loans, margin lending , insurance, superannuation and SMSFs. Felicity started her career in finance at BT Financial Group, speaking to customers about their superannuation and investments. This led to the realisation becoming a Financial Advisor would be the perfect marriage of her skills and interests - interpersonal relationships and economics. She is passionate about improving women’s access to financial resources and professionals, and co founded Her Financial Network. On the weekends you’ll find her on the beach, or going for an adventure with her black cavoodle, Loki.


  • Need to Know | 22 stocks for 2022!

    It’s a brand new year, so it’s time for a slightly different format. In this Need to Know episode, Felicity and Candice open the listener mailbag, and answer all the questions you’ve been asking them over the summer break. Then it’s time to get out a notebook, as they run through 22 international stocks for 2022 that they believe have good growth prospects. You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear all 22 though!

    20 January

  • Talking Money To Us | Or 2021 in Review / how to value a company (Analyst at Shaw)

    In our final episode for 2021, Candice and Felicity are joined by Martin Crabb, the Chief Investment Officer from Shaw & Partners. Together they discuss the year that was 2021, and explore the investment opportunities on the horizon for 2022. They chat about the recovery trade as the world begins to re-open, and look through all the noise and identify some key investment ideas. Martin joined Shaw & Partners in 2011, prior to which he was an Executive Director at Macquarie Group where he worked for over 20 years in roles spanning Institutional Stockbroking, wealth management, research and portfolio management. Martin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Melbourne, with postgraduate studies in Applied Finance.

    17 December

  • Need To Know Bumper Edition: SOHN Hearts & Minds Investor Conference

    Candice and Felicity recap their favourite event of the investing calendar: the SOHN Hearts and Minds Investor Conference. Hearts and Minds Investments Limited (HM1) is a unique Australian listed investment company. HM1's has two objectives; to maximise long-term returns to shareholders by investing in high conviction ideas; and provide vital financial support to leading medical research institutes. The amount to date has exceeded over $30 million towards Australian Medical Research Institutes.

    10 December

  • Our Order Pad | CrowdStrike (CRWD:NAS) & PayPal (PYPL:NAS)

    It’s time for Felicity and Candice to look at their Order Pad, where they reveal what’s on their respective desks, and talk through the research, analysis and thought process behind their ideas. Felicity pitches a leader in the fast-growing cybersecurity industry: CrowdStrike. This company sells a cloud-based platform that protects endpoints on laptops, desktops, the Internet of things, using AI technology to stop breaches. Then Candice talks about PayPal, a pure play in online payments which enables digital and mobile payments on behalf of merchants and consumers, with a killer track record of smashing their growth targets.

    3 December

  • Talking Money To Us | SDGx Ventures - Jeremy Liddle and Zarmeen Pavri

    In last week's episode we chatted about ESG investing and also touched on the importance of addressing climate change as one of the major UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So this week, we welcome two experts, Jeremy Liddle and Zarmeen Pavri, working in the Venture Capital space who run a fund where all the underlying investments address the many issues of climate change. In this conversation Jeremy and Zarmeen talk about their fund: SDGx Ventures - Climate Tech Fund, talk about the difference between deep tech and ordinary technology, the role they envisage climate playing in any investor’s portfolio, and the crucial difference between Impact, and ESG.

    26 November

  • Need to Know | The fundamentals of ESG investing

    In this Need to Know episode, Felicity and Candice lay down the foundations and answer all your burning ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing questions. They also outline the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and outline a few ways you can make your investing dollars make an impact towards Climate Change Action.

    19 November

  • Our Order Pad | Australian Potash Company (APC:ASX) & Blackstone Minerals (BSX:ASX)

    It’s time for Felicity and Candice to look at their Order Pad, where they reveal what’s on their respective desks, and talk through the research, analysis and thought process behind their ideas. Candice continues her theme of going long on potash, and takes a deep dive into home-grown micro-cap resource company called Australian Potash Company.

    12 November

  • Talking Money To Us | Chris Bates - Wealthful

    Chris Bates started his career as a Financial Adviser in the UK back in 2007. After four years working with High Net Worth Investors, he returned to Australia to work with young families and since 2012 his clients have only been young families in their 30s and 40s.

    5 November

  • Need to Know | Property Revisited

    There was so much to talk about last time, that Candice and Felicity thought it would be good to revisit property investing again. Make sure you catch up on their first episode if you haven’t listened already, but here they chat about the other structures in which you can use to purchase property, the nitty gritty finer details that we don’t get taught in school but we all should definitely know about, and the difference between a redraw and offset account.

    29 October

  • Our Order Pad | Silex (SLX:ASX) & BHP Group (BHP:ASX)

    It’s time for Felicity and Candice to look at their Order Pad, where they reveal what’s on their respective desks, and talk through the research, analysis and thought process behind their ideas.

    22 October

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