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  • Talking Money To Us | SDGx Ventures - Jeremy Liddle and Zarmeen Pavri

    In last week's episode we chatted about ESG investing and also touched on the importance of addressing climate change as one of the major UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So this week, we welcome two experts, Jeremy Liddle and Zarmeen Pavri, working in the Venture Capital space who run a fund where all the underlying investments address the many issues of climate change. In this conversation Jeremy and Zarmeen talk about their fund: SDGx Ventures - Climate Tech Fund, talk about the difference between deep tech and ordinary technology, the role they envisage climate playing in any investor’s portfolio, and the crucial difference between Impact, and ESG.

    26 November

  • Expert: Yen Liow - Honestly, everyone MUST listen to this

    Yen Liow is the Managing Partner at Aravt Global LLC. He is presenting at this year’s Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, which is now in its 6th year. The conference has 12 local and international fund managers pitching their highest conviction stocks. Keynote speakers this year include, Charlie Munger Berkshire Hathaway and MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer, Co-Founder Moderna. The associated listed investment company, Hearts & Minds Investments Limited (ASX: HM1), invests in a portfolio of high conviction stocks including those pitched at the conference. In lieu of management fees, HM1 donates 1.5% of its NTA to Australian medical research each year. All conference proceeds are donated to Australian medical research. Tickets are $500 but Equity Mates have 50 tickets at 20% off - so $400 https://www.sohnheartsandminds.com.au/ enter discount code - equitymates

    25 November

  • Predicting 2022 & uncovering the next Afterpay | Eley Griffiths Group | w/ Nick Guidera Part 3

    Episode #145 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV.

    24 Nov, 2021

  • Can markets front-run the govt on climate? Special EP.

    Adam is bludging this week, so Thomas has his mate Tim on, who's an expert in energy economics. They take stock of COP26 and see where markets are front-running the governments (lack of) action. And what does Australia as a Clean Energy SuperPower look like?

    24 November

  • How you can invest with the world's best fund managers

    Imagine if there was a TED talks, but for investing… Where the best fund managers from around the world pitched their highest conviction investment ideas to build a portfolio that you could invest in. Well, look no further than today’s episode because we have the solution for you! Hearts and Minds Investments brings together hall of fame fund managers from across the world to create ASX: HM1. And it gets better, because the fund also waives the typical investment fees and instead donates the money to medical research.

    23 November

  • Dollar Cost Averaging - what everyone wants to know

    Dollar cost averaging (or DCA) is the investing strategy of dividing up the total amount to be invested and periodically purchasing over time in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the investment. Dollar cost averaging is where you invest smaller, fixed amounts on a regular basis. It’s generally done over an extended period. For example; you may have $2000 you want to invest. Rather than investing the lot at once, you might invest $20 every fortnight. It takes away the emotion of buying and selling. Regardless of what the market is doing, if it’s up, or if it’s down, you will invest the same amount each time.You don’t have to think about it. What this means, is when the market is down, you will buy more, and when the market is up, you will buy less. So rather than risking all of your money at once, you buy into the market often, reducing the effect of the market moving up and down. It can be a great way to build wealth over time.

    23 November

  • How lockdowns have forced businesses to adapt | Eley Griffiths Group | w/ Nick Guidera Part 2

    Episode #143 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV.

    22 Nov, 2021

  • Let’s get started, and have skin in the game

    We’ve covered the crypto assets you can purchase. Now let’s talk about how to get skin in the game. This episode covers exchanges, wallets and how to actually invest, as well as touching on research and things to consider before making an investment.

    22 November

  • Bryce convinces Ren about the future of the internet, Web3

    There’s a lot of hype about Web3 at the moment. We've heard some say that, “learning Web3 today is like buying Bitcoin at $10”. It could also be the greatest wealth creating opportunity we’ve seen. So in today's episode Alec throws Bryce the challenge of selling him on the opportunities of this new frontier. They'll walk through what the progression from Web1 to our current state looks like, why there's a whole lot of noise being made in the industry, and the use cases for this new technology.

    22 November

  • Investing in small caps & emerging markets | Eley Griffiths Group | w/ Nick Guidera Part 1

    Episode #142 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV.

    22 Nov, 2021

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