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Get Started Investing Podcast

You want to start investing but you're feeling confused and overwhelmed? Get Started Investing Podcast is just for you!


Investing news

Keep up to date with what's happening in markets and read the thoughts of the equity mates team.


Model portfolio

We're applying all of our learnings in a hypothetical portfolio. Follow every trade here.

Investing podcast

Equity Mates Investing Podcast

Join us as we share our passion for all things investing. Hear from the experts, join us as we dive deep into industries and follow along with our model portfolio.

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Equity Mates mailing groups

Sign up to one of our mailings lists. We share some of our favourite articles, break down key investing principles and take a weekly dive into the world of cryptocurrency.

Recommended reading

Check out the recommendations from the Equity Mates team and the experts we've interviewed on the podcast.

Facebook discussion group

Got a question? Ask thousands of like-minded investors from the Equity Mates community.