Meet your hosts

  • Adam

    Adam is the funniest and most successful comedian in his family. He broke onto the comedy scene as a RAW comedy national finalist before selling out solo shows at two Adelaide Fringe festivals. He’s performed stand-up to crowds all over Australia as well as enjoying stints on radio with SAFM and most recently as a host of the Ice Bath on Triple M. Father of two and owner of pets, he may finally be an adult… almost.
  • Thomas

    Thomas, the economist, is the brains of the outfit. He studied economics and game-theory at the University of Queensland and cut his teeth as an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. He now runs his own economics consultancy, with a particular focus on the property market. He lives with his wife and two kids in the hills outside Byron Bay.


  • Will Evergrande Crash the World Economy?

    If Evergrand defaults as expected, will the global economy go belly up? Why did Australia ditch France for its submarines? How did Canva becoming an Australian tech legend and what happens now that Facebook knows that Instagram is toxic?

    22 September

  • Why is El Salvador Hodling Bitcoin?

    Could vax passports pass muster in Australia? How did El Salvador go with their Bitcoin experiment? Why is Ampol talking about carbon-neutral fossil fuels, and can you build a city for $400bn. All this and more on this week's CVE.

    15 September

  • Why Are Builders Going Bust into the Boom?

    The construction industry is booming, so why are builders going bust? June quarter GDP got a lift out of a bunch of vaccines nobody wanted. Are emerging market really 'stuffed'? And why is Spain paying people not to work.

    8 September

  • What Does the Doherty Report Actually Say?

    What is the Doherty Institute and are they really giving us a roadmap out of lockdown? Which company say an 80% increase in revenue on the back of Zoom Face, what are the Truckies actually striking about, and how did Crowdstrike strike it lucky?

    1 September

  • Has lockdown rocked Business Confidence?

    Lockdown has rocked confidence, but will markets looked through it? Buyback season rolls on in an epic way, and some bloke reckons China is now "uninvestable". All this and more on this week's Comedian v Economist.

    24 August

  • Robinhood - the best and worst IPO in history

    Adam and Thomas talk census, The Robinhood IPO, MacroPrudential in NZ, and whether we should pay to vax?

    10 August

  • Super Is Not A Joke | The Big Picture

    In a very special episode, Adam and Thomas get together (on a Saturday, of all things) to talk about superannuation. On Comedian V Economist, we're all about giving you the bigger picture, so on this episode, they'll talk about super, what it is, why it's important and why it just might be - the sleeping giant of your investing portfolio

    6 August

  • The Afterpay payday and and three theories on what it means...

    Afterpay become the biggest buyout in Australian history this week, but there's three possible explanations for what's going on here. Inflation data printed high, but Thomas reckons the RBA will be chill, and we look at whether mandatory vaccinations could be coming to Australia with a special guest

    3 August

  • There was only one profitable Olympics, ever...

    Brisbane won its bid to host the Olympics in 2032... why do we bother? Is the ANZ share buy back a taste of things to come? Has rorting hamstrung the potential for a Jobkeeper 2.0, and what is the Right to Repair movment on about?

    27 July

  • Vinyl market spins out of control. Should central bankers be worried?

    The unemployment rate dropped down into the critical 4-point somethings, but what impact will lockdown have? How on earth are houses cheaper to buy than rent in 3411 suburbs? Why is Henry broke, and what are the jolts in the vinyl market really telling us?

    20 July

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