Meet your hosts

  • Adam

    Adam is the funniest and most successful comedian in his family. He broke onto the comedy scene as a RAW comedy national finalist before selling out solo shows at two Adelaide Fringe festivals. He’s performed stand-up to crowds all over Australia as well as enjoying stints on radio with SAFM and most recently as a host of the Ice Bath on Triple M. Father of two and owner of pets, he may finally be an adult… almost.
  • Thomas

    Thomas, the economist, is the brains of the outfit. He studied economics and game-theory at the University of Queensland and cut his teeth as an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. He now runs his own economics consultancy, with a particular focus on the property market. He lives with his wife and two kids in the hills outside Byron Bay.


  • Dr Doom Says Buy Commodities

    Is Dr Doom a real person, and what’s his take on the macro-economic policy settings when he’s not producing phat beats. How does stag-flation differ from vanilla inflation, are rents rising in Australia right now, and what is carbon leakage?

    5 May

  • Can The Most Powerful Woman in the World Save Capitalism?

    Who actually is the most powerful woman in the world (Hint: it’s not Beyonce), and what’s she going to do with that power? What was the anger that brought Trump into power, and how are the economic levers being used to ward off another Trump? And if this war gets out of hand, what the outlook for share prices?

    28 April

  • The View from Money-Town

    The CEOs of the big four banks fronted the House of Reps Economics Committee in Canberra last week, giving us a privileged insight into their outlook for the economy. They also took time to throw some shade at state governments for letting the housing boom get out of control.

    21 April

  • The Weaponisation of Freedom

    A year on from Covid, what have we learnt? Why has America - the bastion of democracy and free-market capitalism - had one of the worst Covid experiences? Can our commitment to freedom be weaponised against us? Is Russian sh!t-posting a serious attempt to undermine democracy, or is it just for the lols?

    14 April

  • Commodity Supercycle or SuperHype?

    Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are talking up a new commodity supercycle. It is true that commodity prices are through the roof, but are they going to stay there? Are we on the cusp of another 12-year boom, or is it just going to fade away the way the last mining boom did, along with ‘The Chinese Century’? And how doe we get rich on the back of it?

    7 April

  • How one boat stopped the economy

    A massive container ship, The Ever Given, got sideways last week and plugged up the Suez Canal, one of the most important shipping routes in the world. Is the global economy really that easy to knock off its axis? What does it mean for inflation, and why is China watching this one nervously?

    31 March

  • Why can’t you give everyone a million bucks when Jobkeeper ends?

    The massive Jobkeeper program winds up at the end of March, just as the US is mailing out cheques for $1400 to the whole country. Is the end of Jobkeeper the end of the Aussie economy? And why do we spend money on entertainment vouchers for people when you could just send them cold hard cash?

    24 March

  • WTF is a NFT and can I make money off them?

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are selling for millions of dollars, but what are they? Thomas says they’re what happens when you combine the financial illiteracy of crypto-bois with the self-indulgent pretentiousness of the arts market, but he would say that wouldn’t he? But don’t worry, Adam is the family’s in-house tech-guy, so he’ll walk us through this “new and exciting” asset class.

    17 March

  • Can your stonks handle inflation?

    GDP boomed last week, just as Thomas predicted, but markets didn’t do nothing. Why? Why is WA all about cutting payroll tax, and why don’t economists dance when inflation is zero? And if economists think inflation is picking up, is that going to cause another rout in share markets? And why did mum make Adam pay tax?

    10 March

  • WTF are Bond Yields and what did they do to my stonks?!?

    Adam was shocked last week to see that bond yields had caused share markets to tank. Bond yields? He doesn’t know what either of those words even mean. Thomas unpacks the puzzle as best he can, and explains why these days, in the strange post-covid economy, good news is bad news.

    3 March

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