Meet your hosts

  • Adam

    Adam is the funniest and most successful comedian in his family. He broke onto the comedy scene as a RAW comedy national finalist before selling out solo shows at two Adelaide Fringe festivals. He’s performed stand-up to crowds all over Australia as well as enjoying stints on radio with SAFM and most recently as a host of the Ice Bath on Triple M. Father of two and owner of pets, he may finally be an adult… almost.
  • Thomas

    Thomas, the economist, is the brains of the outfit. He studied economics and game-theory at the University of Queensland and cut his teeth as an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. He now runs his own economics consultancy, with a particular focus on the property market. He lives with his wife and two kids in the hills outside Byron Bay.


  • What is Money? No, srsly.

    Thomas reckons money isn’t real, but if it isn’t real then what is it? And is Bitcoin money? And is cash dead? And why is old mate at Harvey Norman’s fighting for your right to use 20c pieces?

    6 January

  • Is Property Different?

    his week the boys expand their focus a bit to look at the property market, and the five things that set property apart from shares. Thomas works with professional property investors, so how do they think about the property market, what data are they watching closely, and why should Adam be ignoring all of it.

    30 December

  • What Does it All Mean for Share Prices?

    Adam is tired of talking theory, he wants to talk turkey. How do you trade on the macro data? How does it help you make better investment decisions? What is a share price anyway? And why isn’t the CEO of Wesfarmers returning his call?

    23 December

  • What is the RBA’s trip anyway?

    This week we go inside Australia’s money monster, The RBA. This is where Thomas cut his teeth as an economist, so what does it do and why is it so important than it’s in the news every day of the week?

    16 December

  • Hitting economists with the measuring stick...

    According to Adam, he's got a handle on economic activity, and he's got a handle on prices... thanks to Thomas' nifty dashboard concept. But now he's starting to pay attention to the 7 o'clock news, he's noticing all this other data coming down the pipeline... What's this thing called consumer confidence? Wine sales are down? Adam is overwhelmed with information. How is one man supposed to make sense of all of this?

    9 December

  • Understanding the Economics Dashboard... or exactly what data is important?

    The episode starts with a simple premise, as Adam asks Thomas, 'Now I care about economics, how do I understand all these numbers that are flying at me?' So, Thomas takes the time to explain his simple framework for understanding economic activity, and what data is really actually important, and how to balance it.

    2 December

  • Let's start at the beginning... What exactly is the economy?

    For the very first episode of Comedian V Economist, Adam starts with what seems like a very simple question for his brother Thomas: 'What exactly *is* the economy?'

    25 November

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