Meet your hosts

  • Adam

    Adam is the funniest and most successful comedian in his family. He broke onto the comedy scene as a RAW comedy national finalist before selling out solo shows at two Adelaide Fringe festivals. He’s performed stand-up to crowds all over Australia as well as enjoying stints on radio with SAFM and most recently as a host of the Ice Bath on Triple M. Father of two and owner of pets, he may finally be an adult… almost.
  • Thomas

    Thomas, the economist, is the brains of the outfit. He studied economics and game-theory at the University of Queensland and cut his teeth as an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. He now runs his own economics consultancy, with a particular focus on the property market. He lives with his wife and two kids in the hills outside Byron Bay.


  • Why is the RBA printing more money than you think?

    Could you beat a house cat in a fight? 26% of American men think they can't. The M&A boom rolls on, the RBA is printing slightly less money than before, China is cracking down on Chinese companies listed in the US market, and Iceland has experimented with a 4-day work week.

    13 July

  • Why did Sydney Airport take off? ... and much more...

    Sydney Airport's share price jumped 30% on talk of a takeover, but is this just the tip of the iceberg? Insider Trading allegations at Nuix were all over the papers last week, but look who's got egg on their face. The global tax floor got agreement but there's still some challenges ahead, and how did Australia end up dead last on climate action?

    6 July

  • Could the Port of Darwin be Seized? And more...

    The relationship with China has "turned to custard" and the Port of Darwin is caught in the middle. Why have Australia and the US gone opposite ways on wages growth? Could blockchain be one of the building blocks of building better buildings? And how did Australia become the wealthiest nation on earth?

    29 June

  • The Awkward Secret Hiding in the Jobs Data

    The jobs data looks amaaaazing, but is it really all that? The minimum wage got topped up last week, but the boys' Dad says the impact will be bigger than we think. Ronaldo trolled Coke and won, and Thomas discovers that giving non-alcoholic beer to kids is apparently a no-no. This, and many more revelations like it, on this week's Comedian v. Economist.

    23 June

  • How on earth did Australia hang on to its AAA? … and much more.

    Australia held on to its AAA credit rating, but the numbers seem a little fishy. Retail sales are four years ahead of schedule, but CBD movements are down everywhere but party-town Radelaide. Trump fires a broad-side at Bitcoin, and is CBA expensive or front-running the market?

    16 June

  • Why did Markets Reject the Reject Shop?

    Adam and Thomas discuss The Reject Shop and why the market isn't taking notice at the moment... plus much more

    9 June

  • Biden Buries Trickle Down Economics

    Biden has come out gunning for big business and the uber-wealthy, and says “Trickle-down economics has never worked.” What actually is trickle-down economics, and has it ever worked? And what’s this weird puzzle in the rental market that Thomas has uncovered. Adam will give it his best crack to come up with an answer.

    2 June

  • How Kogan's Covid Trade Went Pear-shaped

    Is Kogan’s recent share price crash about Covid, Kogan, or something else entirely? Is this the end of Bitcoin, and is Thomas (finally) vindicated? Why does Facebook et al pay so little tax in Australia, and why did Pauline Hanson harpoon changes to the responsible lending regulations? And what’s actually in Adam’s “bag-o-breakfast”?

    26 May

  • Budget: Pulled Pork or Paradigm Shift?

    Thomas digs a bit deeper into the budget, and uncovers something that is either a total paradigm shift in the way Conservatives think about deficits, or is it just some old fashioned pork? What is budget repair, what is an Austerity Budget, and where did the Future Fund get all its money?

    19 May

  • Does a Budget Lockup beat a Covid Lockdown?

    All eyes are on the budget this week, but Adam still finds it hard to care. Markets moved on big undershoots on US employment and Australian inflation, the nation's 9th largest lending is under-investing in marketing, and oil prices spiked on market-focused cyber terrorism.

    12 May

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