Equity Mates Investing Podcast is a finance and investing podcast, created to break down the world of investing, from beginning to dividend, to make it much more accessible for everybody. It was started by two mates, Bryce and Alec, who met at university and both developed a passion for investing. As they spoke to friends and family about their interest, they realised a lot of people faced the same challenges when it came to starting to invest. We soon realised there was a gap in the market, and there wasn’t much easily accessible and understandable financial information for beginners, particularly with an Australian focus. So, they set out to record their journey of learning to invest, in the hope others would join them. Equity Mates has been developed for everybody, by nobodies, with the founding premise being – if they can do it, anyone can.

In the almost-three years since launching in January 2017, the community of Equity Mates has grown, as investing-hungry millennials join the journey, and the podcast recently ranked as the #1 Business Podcast in Australia on the iTunes Charts.

Bryce – Bryce, 28, has always had an interest in the stock market ever since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. When he saved $500 he bought his first stock – BKI – a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn’t stopped. He hopes that EquityMates can really help make investing understandable and accessible, and not something that is scary and too hard. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.


“Save to invest, don’t save to save” – Anon

Alec – Alec, 26, developed an interest in investing while at university because he realised he was spending all that he was earning and found investing as a form of ‘forced saving’. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure he has learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons and others that he has learnt through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can. He has recently moved to Melbourne and is a big Sydney Swans fan in the AFL and of the Detroit Lions in the NFL.

“In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a weighing machine” – Benjamin Graham