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HOSTS Carmel Moorhead & Zoe Moorhead|25 March, 2021

Meet your hosts

  • Carmel Moorhead

    Carmel is in a relationship of three and a half years with her partner, and they own a house together and a dog called Ruby. She says, 'despite my partner also being a lawyer, I still win all arguments'. Carmel loves gardening and can tell the difference between a cucumber pant and zucchini plant just by looking.
  • Zoe Moorhead

    Zoe is in a relationship with her partner of two years and they've lived together for the past 6 months. They have a cat fur baby named Dumpling, he’s a sweet boy with a fluffy face, but according to Zoe, 'he’s currently fighting with his plant brothers and sisters in the form of digging warfare'. In her spare time, Zoe is an amateur potter and has recently discovered the world of yoga and essential oil diffusers (would recommend).

Carmel and Zoe are popping in your ears with a quick announcement about Meet Pay Love, to let you know they’re taking a short break. They’ll be back with the rest of Season 1 before you know it, but while you wait, they want to hear your money stories. So, if you, or someone you know, has a tale about money and relationships that needs untangling, send an email to 

Want to hear your voice on the podcast? Specifically we’re looking for couples who are in the process of buying a house, couples saving for a deposit on a house, those in relationships saving for a wedding, couples who’ve negotiated large wage gaps, couples who’ve overcome different cultural understandings of how to manage finances, or gone through the process of unlearning – adjusting their internalised attitudes and behaviours. Get in touch via email, or the contact page. 

We can’t wait to come back with the rest of Season 1 – we’ll be back in your ears very soon! 


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Carmel Moorhead: [00:00:19] Hello and welcome to meet pay love, a podcast where we talk all things money and relationships. My name is Carmel and as always, I'm joined with my youngest sister, Zoe. Sorry, today we don't have a normal episode. We're actually making an announcement that we're having a midseason break. Yeah. [00:00:37][18.4]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:00:38] The reason is is that I think with the topics that we cover, it's very important to stop, reflect and just look at what we've learned so far. So we've done seven episodes and we've covered everything from being in a de facto relationship, which is a super important subject to join your financial accounts, recognizing financial red flags. Do you want a financial agreement? What is a financial agreement? The cost of contraception, which again, was a super important topic. And can you afford a baby? [00:01:03][25.6]

Carmel Moorhead: [00:01:04] And then we ended off with a bit of a silly episode which was dating and dating apps. I don't know if [00:01:09][5.7]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:01:09] it was silly, but it was definitely different to what we do now. [00:01:12][2.9]

Carmel Moorhead: [00:01:13] So we're going to have a break. We're going to take some time to do some more interviews. And we're also going to do a callout for some feedback. So if there's an episode that you really enjoyed, please let us know if there's a topic that you really want to hear from. Please let us know. And thank you already to the people who have reached out to us. We're going to really listen to the community feedback about what episodes you want to hear. So one suggestion that we've received recently, which we're definitely going to do, is a topic on interracial couples and how different cultures can really influence your financial understanding in a relationship. [00:01:47][34.3]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:01:49] Yeah, absolutely. So I am in an interracial couple and I didn't realize that I wasn't speaking to it from my own experiences. But I do know that there's a lot in there that we want to learn. So there's stuff like if your partner is a citizen in a different country, how do you join your finances? What's that like? And what happens if they don't have citizenship and how you can navigate that? [00:02:11][22.9]

Carmel Moorhead: [00:02:12] That's right. Another episode that I'm really keen to do is one on how can you be strategic in a relationship when buying assets and accumulating income-producing assets? We might talk to an accountant about how to be really strategic in that sense. When you're in a more serious and settled relationship, how can you minimize tax and things like that? [00:02:33][20.6]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:02:33] And so if you've got any suggestions that you want us to chat about, we would love to hear from you. We'd love for you to tell us what topics you want to hear, because we don't know what we don't know. And so any gap in our knowledge and yours is something that we want to look into and we want to report on. [00:02:49][16.1]

Carmel Moorhead: [00:02:49] If you have a story and you want to share it, then please let us know and come on. The show will be doing one on weddings, will be doing one on unlearning. So what are some things that you've been brought up with that you now need to really unlearn? Please let us know if there's anything in particular that you want us to talk about if there's any particular stories that you want to share. And thank you so much to those who have reached out already. It is so heartwarming to hear things like, oh, I listen to you every day on the way to work because I never thought, you know, I just never thought that we would have people really tuning in to listen to us each week. I know that sounds a bit silly, but it's amazing to hear that. And it really keeps us going and wanting to produce the best topics and episodes that we can. [00:03:32][42.5]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:03:32] And so we've done a whole bunch of episodes from de facto relationships to joint accounts, red flags, financial agreements and contraception in Kenya for baby, which we've learned a lot through those. And one big thing that we all know and we don't want to talk about too much because we've talked about it enough is communication is key. If you can't talk to your partner, maybe that's a bit of a red flag and you should be trying to talk to your partner about finances as early as you feel comfortable. [00:03:59][27.0]

Carmel Moorhead: [00:04:00] Yeah, that's right. And I've had some friends. Give me some feedback. which is a bit quite funny. I had one friend run up to me and say, Carmel, I just can't wait for you to take pete for all he's worth. And I was like, hang on. That's not really what I was trying to say, is that now you're coming across the so much right and more than me and I'm thinking about how I can take that. Yeah, that's right. So I think what we might do is try and get the boys paid. And Ali, on the show, since we talk about them so much, might give them a bit of a ride of a reply. [00:04:36][35.5]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:04:39] We're talking about them. And it is like silently in the background being like, I don't say that I do that. [00:04:43][4.8]

Carmel Moorhead: [00:04:44] Yeah, well, I think that's all we really wanted to say, is that we're going to have a midseason break. We're going to take this time to do a lot more interviews and to get some great content to come in stronger than ever into our second half of season one. And once again, if you'd like to reach out to us, you can email empl at equity mates dot com or you can go to our Instagram page, which is at Mapai Love. So that's all that we wanted to say. Thanks again so much for listening and being part of our show. If you've missed any of the episodes, please go back. Have a listen. Let us know what you think. And we can't wait to see you for the second half of season one. [00:05:23][38.9]

Zoe Moorhead: [00:05:24] Yes. Thank you so much, guys. Please reach out. We'd love to hear from you. Thank you. Bye bye. [00:05:24][0.0]


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