• How to *Actually* Invest in Crypto

    The basics of crypto have been covered - we have defined and understood what crypto currencies are, explored some of the use cases for these digital assets (both positive and negative) and now some might be ready to take the plunge and invest - but how do we do so?

    16 November

  • Talking Money To Us | Chris Bates - Wealthful

    Chris Bates started his career as a Financial Adviser in the UK back in 2007. After four years working with High Net Worth Investors, he returned to Australia to work with young families and since 2012 his clients have only been young families in their 30s and 40s.

    5 November

  • What the CEO of Adore Beauty Thinks About Investing in Beauty

    Adore Beauty was the largest female-led IPO in Australian stock market history. On today’s episode, CEO Tennealle O'Shannessy gives us her best elevator pitch for why Adore Beauty is a great investment (cough cough, TimTams).

    26 October

  • CEO: Kelly Bayer Rosmarin - Is 5G All It's Cracked Up To Be? | Optus

    Kelly Bayer Rosmarin was appointed CEO of Optus and Consumer Australia on 1 April 2020. Prior to joining Optus, Kelly spent 14 years with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) where she held several senior positions.

    14 October

  • CEO: Darren Steinberg - The Ultimate Australian Portfolio - $42.5bn in Property... | Dexus

    Darren Steinberg is the CEO of Dexus and an Executive Director of Dexus Funds Management Limited. Dexus is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust managing an Australian property portfolio valued at $42.5 billion. Darren has over thirty years' experience in the property and funds management industry with an extensive background in office, industrial and retail property investment and development.

    23 September

  • Impact Investing & Cryptocurrency in Developing Nations | YIGC with Christina Hobbs

    Investing is an important way to grow your wealth and set yourself up for financial freedom. But it doesn’t have to stop there. It can also be a tool to give back to causes that you care about. Ever thought that you could micro finance women's businesses or fund farms that are trying to grow sustainable agriculture practices? Well, it is all possible through impact investing

    21 September

  • CEO: Ruslan Kogan - Growing From $0 to $1b in Annual Sales | Kogan.com

    This episode, Bryce and Alec are joined by the CEO of Kogan, Ruslan Kogan. As well as being the CEO and founder, Ruslan is a serial entrepreneur, and together they have a great chat about the founding story of Kogan, the numerous and varied verticals the company operates in, and the effect of covid on e-retailers. Bryce and Alec pose many of the questions gathered from our Equity Mates community, and also discuss the future of Kogan, and what success would look like to him.

    17 September

  • CEO: Zlatko Todorcevski - Turning Boral Around Amidst Seven Group's Takeover | Boral (ASX: BLD)

    Bryce and Alec continue their quest to interview all the CEOs of the ASX 200, and Boral’s Chief Executive and Managing Director, Zlatko Todorcevski joins them this episode. In this conversation they cover a wide range of topics, including his atypical pandemic-influenced recruitment, the Seven Group takeover, his thoughts on ESG and sustainability, and what the future looks like for Boral.

    9 September

  • Talking Money To Us | Wimp to Warrior - John Kavanagh and Nick Langton

    Felicity and Candice welcome their first guests: Wimp 2 Warrior Co Founder and Head Coach John Kavanagh, together with Chief Executive and Co Founder Nick Langton. The company, is a Sydney-based mixed-martial-art start-up, that delivers the end to end marketing, content, publishing and payments platform for combat sports academies to connect with and monetise 500 million MMA fans, through a curated fitness and lifestyle experience. Felicity is a convert, and can attest to the brilliance of the programme, and throughout this episode they learn more about how the founders came to discover the program, the unique challenges of the pandemic and its effect on a contact fitness startup, and how the’ll use the recent funding to grow the company even further.

    3 September

  • CEO Series: Vic Jokovic on Transforming the Australian Investment Market | Chi-X Australia

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Vic Jokovic. Vic is the CEO of Chi-X Australia, a securities and derivatives exchange looking to disrupt the Australian investment market.

    2 September

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