Meet your hosts

  • Alec Renehan

    Alec developed an interest in investing after realising he was spending all that he was earning. Investing became his form of 'forced saving'. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure, he learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons amongst others through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can.
  • Bryce Leske

    Bryce has had an interest in the stock market since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. Once he had saved $500 he bought his first stock - BKI - a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn't stopped. He hopes that Equity Mates can help make investing understandable and accessible. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.


  • Who We Are & Why We Invest

    When Equity Mates started we were just like you - unsure of where to start and overwhelmed by the jargon. We used Equity Mates to better understand the market and now we're here to break down the barriers to investing, to make it easier for you. In this series of podcasts we're going to equip you with the knowledge and skills to go from beginning to dividend - in other words, everything from setting up an account, choosing what to invest in, and making your first trade.

    15 December

  • What Is Get Started Investing?

    Get Started Investing is a jargon-free, 12-part series by Equity Mates Investing Podcast. It covers all the fundamentals you need to get started on your investing journey. From tips to save for your first investment, where to find inspiration, and how to buy your first stock, the Equity Mates team have you covered. It's time to stop making excuses and get started investing.

    24 October

  • Knowledge is Power: Finding the right information

    In this episode we break down how we manage information and list some of our go-to sources. One of the best and worst things about investing in the 21st century: there is never a shortage of information. You can find more facts and opinions on a company than you'll never need, but it also means you can get lost in this sea of conflicting opinions.

    1 January

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