Meet your hosts

  • Alec Renehan

    Alec developed an interest in investing after realising he was spending all that he was earning. Investing became his form of 'forced saving'. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure, he learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons amongst others through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can.
  • Bryce Leske

    Bryce has had an interest in the stock market since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. Once he had saved $500 he bought his first stock - BKI - a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn't stopped. He hopes that Equity Mates can help make investing understandable and accessible. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.


  • The Basics of Fixed Income & How to Invest In It | Blossom

    We talk about the need to diversify your portfolio a lot at Get Started Investing. This episode, Bryce and Alec talk to founder and Chief Investment Officer at Fortlake Asset Management, Dr Christian Baylis. Together they talk about why you should invest in fixed income, what role it plays in a diversified portfolio, and the process Christian goes through to assess a fixed income investment.

    7 September

    Brought to you by Blossom

  • Community: DJ Tigerlily on aligning your investments with your values

    On this episode of Get Started Investing, Bryce and Alec are joined by Dara Hayes… who you might know better by the name DJ Tigerlily. Dara is one of Australia’s most successful DJs… and her day job sees her touring the world, playing some of the biggest clubs across the globe, playing to tens of thousands of people all over the world, from Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

    31 August

  • Sort Your Money: Improving your cash flow with Kylie Purcell | Finder

    Over three episodes we’ve partnered with Finder, to talk about all things personal finance and getting your money sorted so you can start investing. In this final episode we’re going to look at some of the best practices when it comes to personal finance, and how it can help your investing journey. And we have the pleasure of talking to one of Finder's editors, Kylie Purcell

    24 August

    Brought to you by Finder

  • Be Global, Be Different, Get Out of Your Own Way

    In this episode, you'll learn: Three key messages we learnt from Patrick O'Shaughnessy: 1. Go Global - make sure you look outside Australia. The biggest share market in the world is the US; get involved 2. Be Different - don't always follow the crowd. For good returns, consider trying to be a bit different; rather than just ASX200 index, consider one that is for growth, or momentum, or emerging markets; having a mix is important 3. Get Out Of Your Own Way - automate what you can, be consistent; take the emotion out of buying and selling

    15 January

  • Building an investment portfolio

    This episode we debunk the myth that you need to be an expert to build a great portfolio. The truth is, it's simple, as long as you're dedicated, do your own research and are prepared to have some fun. We discuss the simple building blocks that we think are fundamental to building a portfolio and that are achievable for the beginner.

    13 January

  • Tips when buying and selling

    In this episode you'll learn: How do I then buy the shares? How do I sell the shares? Types of orders; what are they and what's their purpose: market order, limit order and stop order How do I know when is a good time to buy? Dollar cost averaging How do I know when is a good time to sell?

    8 January

  • How to Find a Good Company

    In this episode, you'll learn: The vast number of companies available for you to invest in Three ways you can narrow down your choices Look around and use your experiences Follow the leader Stock screeners Key things to keep in mind when buying individual companies

    6 January

  • Pardon the Jargon: Terms you need to know

    At Equity Mates we are the only media company with an official policy on jargon. We hate it and officially are against it. A lot of people in the finance thrive when their clients don't understand what is being discussed and don't know what questions to ask. So, pardon the jargon, but here is some you need to know.

    30 December

  • Just get started: Buying an index

    The theme of this episode is all about 'just getting started'. In the spirit of this we are introducing the concept of an index. An index is the perfect opportunity to take the indecision out of getting into the market and giving you access to hundreds of great companies all in one easy trade. It is the perfect way to just get started!

    25 December

  • First decision every investor makes: Finding a broker

    In this episode we answer the big question, "how do I actually buy shares?". We then break down all the factors you should consider so you can be confident in making the first choice in your investing journey.

    23 December

  • What can we invest in?

    The beauty of investing is the world of choice that is available to you. Technology has broken down barriers and it has never been easier to access all of the opportunity that is out there. From Australian property to Asian stocks, European bonds to American currency, we can now buy all of these online. With so much opportunity at our fingertips the hardest part is knowing where to start.

    17 December

  • Basics of Investing

    At this point you know why we're investing and hopefully have picked up some good savings habits. So, in this episode we get into the heart of investing and start unpacking all the basics

    15 December

  • Saving to Invest

    One of the most common reasons we hear from people not investing is that they don't have enough money. In this episode we will prove to you why this is certainly not the case, and why learning to save is critical to getting started investing. We'll also share some of our money saving tips that help us keep on top of our savings.

    15 December

  • Who We Are & Why We Invest

    When Equity Mates started we were just like you - unsure of where to start and overwhelmed by the jargon. We used Equity Mates to better understand the market and now we're here to break down the barriers to investing, to make it easier for you. In this series of podcasts we're going to equip you with the knowledge and skills to go from beginning to dividend - in other words, everything from setting up an account, choosing what to invest in, and making your first trade.

    15 December

  • Knowledge is Power: Finding the right information

    In this episode we break down how we manage information and list some of our go-to sources. One of the best and worst things about investing in the 21st century: there is never a shortage of information. You can find more facts and opinions on a company than you'll never need, but it also means you can get lost in this sea of conflicting opinions.

    1 January

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