• What is the future of fitness? - Peloton Interactive w/ CM Karen Lawson | Summer Series

    One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to ‘finally get fit’. In this episode, Bryce and Alec take a look at one of the companies that millions will turn to to do just that, the world’s largest interactive fitness platform - Peloton (NASDAQ:PTON). With a community of more than 6.2 million members, Peloton recently took the fitness world by storm, with a monumental shift to on-demand, at-home workouts during Covid lockdowns. The guys are joined in conversation by Peloton’s Australian Country Manager, Karen Lawson. Karen discusses Peloton’s vision and how they plan to fight off competitors as the at-home fitness industry continues to expand.

    17 January

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  • 'A very boring software company' - Atlassian | Summer Series

    Bryce and Alec delve into the company that minted two of Australia’s first tech billionaires, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. Atlassian Corporation (NASDAQ:TEAM) is a software company that develops collaboration tools for software engineers and project managers. Described as a “very boring software company” by the New York Times, Atlassian’s success story is the exact opposite. Though they’ve become a regular name in investing conversations over the past few years, it can be hard to describe exactly what Atlassian does… By the end of this episode, you’ll be an expert.

    13 January

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  • Inside the business of funds management - Perpetual Ltd w/ CEO Rob Adams | Summer Series

    In today’s episode, Bryce and Alec welcome Rob Adams on to the show, the CEO of one of Australia’s largest wealth managers, Perpetual Limited (ASX:PPT). Prior to being appointed CEO of Perpetual in 2018, Rob built a successful career in finance in Europe and Australia, with roles at Colonial First State, First State Investments, Challenge Financial and Janus Henderson. Rob explains the four business divisions of Perpetual and shares the edge he believes they have over the other 3,700 funds on offer to Australian investors.

    10 January

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  • Tapping into the $110b tradie economy - HiPages Group w/ CEO Roby Sharon-Zipser | Summer Series

    In this episode Bryce and Alec are joined by Roby Sharon-Zipser, the CEO of Hipages Group (ASX:HPG). Hipages operates in the home improvement industry, and specialises in home improvement advertising services for tradies. The market encompasses services including renovations, repairs and maintenance, new builds and installations. We analyse the business model of Hipages and find out how they have become a go-to destination for the tradie economy.

    6 January

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  • Is this the taste of the future of food? - Beyond Meat | Summer Series

    Happy New Year Equity Mates! In this episode, Bryce and Alec dissect Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND), a company aiming to facilitate the shift from traditional meat to plant-based meat. Based in California, Beyond Meat has partnerships with McDonalds, KFC & PizzaHut to sell their products in over 80 countries worldwide. Their plant-based meals emulate chicken, beef, pork, meatball and sausage. Beyond Meat has attracted several heavyweight investors, including Bill Gates and the former CEO of McDonalds, Don Thompson.

    3 January

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  • Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: Beyond Meat

    Beyond Meat’s mission is to facilitate the shift from traditional animal-based meat to plant-based meat. Founded in 2009, they set out to accelerate this transition by creating near-perfect replicas that look, cook and taste like animal-based meat.

    3rd Jan, 2022

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  • Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: REA Group

    Australians love housing, and REA’s main platform realestate.com.au is basically a toll road on the Australian housing market. If you want to sell a house, you’re listing on realestate.com.au. If you want to buy a house, you’re starting your search on realestate.com.au. REA can set the price for listing and you’d be a brave seller not to pay it.

    30th Dec, 2021

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  • The gateway to the Australian dream - REA Group w/ Owen Wilson | Summer Series

    We’ve all spent hours trawling through realestate.com.au dreaming of our perfect home, but what’s the company behind this? The answer is REA Group (ASX:REA), the fourth business we’re analysing in our summer series. REA Group was founded in 1995 and has grown to become the 8th largest online brand in Australia. It has been a market darling of the ASX, delivering an eye-popping return of more than 14,000% since listing. Bryce and Alec are joined by CEO Owen Wilson for a fascinating breakdown of the business and their future plans.

    30 December

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  • Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: F45

    Franchise businesses can be a thing of beauty. McDonalds is the best example but there are so many successful franchise businesses in Australia - Boost Juice, Dominoes, Hungry Jacks. Australia used to be called a nation of franchises because we had one of the highest franchise participation rates in the world. So it is only fitting that one of our latest success stories to list overseas is a franchise business. Here is an introduction to the global gym chain F45.

    27th Dec, 2021

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  • The world's fastest growing fitness studio - F45 Training | Summer Series

    Our summer series of company deep dives continues this week with Bryce and Alec analysing an Australian success story. If you haven’t heard of F45 (NYSE:FXLV), they are a training and fitness community who deliver high-intensity group workouts that run for 45 minutes. Now it’s a globally recognised brand, listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the US, but F45 started with just one studio that opened in the Sydney suburb of Paddington in 2013.

    27 December

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