• 6 high-conviction stocks from the experts for your watchlist

    You loved our last episode with two of our favourite picks from our Ausbiz show, that we decided to treat you again! This time we hear from two old friends of the show - Owen Raszkiewicz, the founder of Rask Invest, and Andrew Page, the founder and Managing Director of Strawman.com.

    18 July

  • Watchlist: Mastermind episode with Julia Lee

    It's the return of the fabulous Julia Lee, who is the CIO of Burman Invest, who once again joins them again on the podcast. It’s for a fan-favourite Mastermind style episode, where all three of them pitch three different stocks. Will Bryce the retail whisperer, keep his trend by picking something in that space? What bizarre unlisted stock will Ren pitch? And what interesting ideas are on Julia's watchlist?

    4 July

  • 30 stocks in 30 minutes for Bryce's 30th

    This episode truly is epic. Alec takes a break, and Bryce takes the driver's seat, as he runs through 30 investments in 30 minutes. (All in celebration of his 30th birthday). As said it's 'a wrap up of some of my favourite companies and ideas over the last 5 years of Equity Mates and the journey we have been on.'

    17 May

  • Watchlist: Technology One (ASX: TNE)

    On today's episode, we've invited members of the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) at The University of Western Australia back on the show to pitch for the community watchlist. Last year we heard from their Chief Investment Officer, Ben, who pitched Citadel on the podcast.

    2 May

  • 6 Small Caps To Add To Your Watchlist

    Did you know Equity Mates has a TV show? Well, not really, but four times a week, for fifteen minutes, Bryce and Alec host a show on Ausbiz. Every day at 4.15, we break down financial jargon, talk to our favourite experts, and dive into the industries that interest us.

    14 April

  • The two companies battling for control of the world's waste

    In this episode, Ren presents a company for the community watchlist, a huge French multinational that’s caught in a public dogfight with another rival waste and water management company. In August last year the French company Veolia announced an intention to acquire 29% fellow heavy-hitter, the French based multinational Suez, with the goal to acquire the whole company.

    12 April

  • EM Chat: Bull case for A2 Milk & Calling the Specky Hotline

    This is a busy episode! There’s a new ‘What The?’, with the arrival of the SUBZ ETF (The Roundhill Streaming Services & Technology ETF) which is designed to offer investors exposure to the streaming industry.

    7 March

  • Bonus Episode: Equity Mates Community Bold Predictions

    For this episode we’ve asked you to tell us what your bold predictions for the year to come will be, and didn’t you deliver!

    9 February

  • EM Chat: Portfolio Kick-Off for 2021

    Ren doesn’t want to start on a negative note, but he’s not sold on the new intro. Let us know what you think of it at our new contact page.

    8 February

  • Bonus Episode: Stock Of The Year 2021

    It’s time for Bryce and Alec to choose their stock of the year! Will Bryce hold his position as the Retail Whisperer, or will he break out of the bricks and mortar world?

    3 February

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