• Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: Match Group

    We’re coining a term for Match Group - the ETF of love. If you’re bullish on love (and how much people will pay to find it), then Match Group is the investment for you. We don’t know how many dating apps there are in the world, but we do know that Match owns most of them.

    23rd Dec, 2021

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  • The index of love - Match Group | Summer Series

    Episode 2 of our summer series is here and if you want to feel the Christmas love, this episode is for you. Bryce and Alec take a deep dive into Match Group (NASDAQ:MTCH), the world’s largest provider of online dating services. Their portfolio of apps includes Tinder, Hinge and Match. Over 40% of relationships in the US now start online, so this is an industry we’d be cupid to ignore.

    23 December

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  • Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: BWX

    We love to see Australian companies taking on the world - Atlassian, Canva, Resmed, Treasury Wines. These companies are rightfully celebrated for their success in going beyond Australia and building world-leading businesses. Well add BWX to that list, because despite being founded in just 2013, BWX has built an impressive global business.

    20th Dec, 2021

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  • BWX w/ CEO David Fenlon (ASX: BWX) | Summer Series

    The Summer break has arrived, but we’re not leaving you in the dark. We’re back for another Summer Series, taking a deep dive into 12 companies across Australia and the US which have been popular with our community. In this episode we are taking a deep dive into BWX Limited (ASX:BWX) and are joined by their CEO Dave Fenlon. BWX Ltd is in the beauty and personal care industry, providing skin, hair and body products in Australia and internationally. Dave talks with Bryce and Alec about their recent acquisition of Go-To and their plan for the business moving forward.

    20 December

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  • Summer Series: Carsales.com Ltd (ASX: CAR)

    Welcome to the Equity Mates Summer Series of 2020 brought to you by Superhero.

    28 January

  • Summer Series: Bravura Solutions (ASX: BVS)

    Welcome to the Equity Mates Summer Series of 2020 brought to you by Superhero.

    25 January

  • Summer Series: Treasury Wine Estates Ltd (ASX: TWE)

    Welcome to the Equity Mates Summer Series of 2020 brought to you by Superhero.

    21 January

  • Summer Series: Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (ASX: FMG)

    In this episode, we unpack Fortescue Metals Group – an Australian iron ore company. Fortescue is the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world after BHP, Rio Tinto, and Vale

    17 January

  • Summer Series: Aroa Biosurgery Ltd (ASX: ARX)

    In this episode, we unpack Aroa Biosurgery Ltd. Aroa is a soft tissue regeneration company focused on improving the rate and quality of healing in complex wounds and soft tissue reconstruction.

    14 January

  • Summer Series: Adore Beauty Group Ltd (ASX: ABY)

    In this episode, we unpack Adore Beauty Group (ASX: ABY). Adore Beauty is Australia’s number one pure-play online beauty retailer.

    11 January

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