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Alex Golding

Hi guys, love your work.
I have started your podcast from the begining, and initially started in may 2019, and im up to ep109 so if this question has already been addressed then please just point me in the direction of the answer.

My question is relating to brockerage and brocker firms. I use commbank as i am a commbank banker, and feel safer with my money in the commbank system (with a history of trust relating to longevity and payouts)

But i am interested in looking for other brokwrs that may offer cheaper fees.

My concern is if i purchase and have stocks building equity.
And there is a issue with the broker such as bankrupcies.
Are my stocks and thier interest lost or are they legally connected to my name and redeemable beyond the broker?

In my opinion i am happy to pay extra for a sense of security, but if my concerns are irrelevant ild like to take adavantage of these lower fees.

Thankyou and really appreciate you guys educating us on this subject.

If you make a reply please notify me so i can listen in to that episode as i am not up to date just yet.

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    Hey Alex -

    Good questions - we have done a couple of episodes on brokers - - but not addressing those types of questions, so we will discuss them on this month's Ask Us Anything episode - stay tuned