• DAOs | the future of organisations?

    In this episode, your hosts Tracey, Blake and Craig discuss the nascent world of DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations. A DAO is a blockchain-based community or company that operates with no need for centralized governance. It provides a way for disparate individuals or groups to work together in an entirely secure and anonymous fashion without reliance on trust.

    17 January

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  • Web 3.0 | the next stage of the internet

    In this episode, join Tracey, Blake and Craig as they explore the exciting world of Web 3.0! The Internet has gone through two notable phases and is currently moving into its 3rd iteration. In the beginning, the internet served largely as a free repository of information, serving only a small sector of society. Then companies found a way to monetise the internet and used it to sell products. As we begin the transition to Web 3.0, the promise of decentralized internet means we may be able to regain ownership of our data. With the invention of NFTs, we now have a system of verifiable and decentralized digital ownership within the Web 3.0 ecosystem. We can program the smart contract linked to an NFT to process certain functions automatically, like royalty payments or change in ownership. In this way, users keep complete ownership of their work with no need for third-party mediation.

    10 January

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  • The things to consider when picking a coin

    In this episode of Crypto Curious, hosts Tracey, Blake and Craig address feedback from listeners who’ve asked for advice on how to pick investments. When choosing which crypto coins to buy, there are three things to consider: fundamentals, sentiment, and technical analysis. Fundamentals are the backbone of the project and define the team, strategy, and token economics that make up the value proposition. Read everything on the project's website, including the white paper, roadmap and long-term strategy, and then research the team members on LinkedIn, Google, or any other public platforms. Your hosts put these theories into practice on Avalanche (AVAX), an ‘Ethereum killer’ that’s been making headlines lately. As an eco-friendly, smart contract platform with an experienced team, excellent fundamentals and positive sentiment, it’s a very promising investment. Remember, though - always follow the golden rule: do your own research!

    3 January

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  • 2021 wrap up, and we make bold predictions for 2022!

    2021 has been a huge year in crypto, with huge changes and disruptions to the industry. In this episode, Tracey, Craig and Blake look back on the year that was, and discuss the changes and moments in the industry that surprised them. Then they turn to 2022, and talk about the themes they think will be at the forefront of the crypto market, and make predictions about which tokens and currencies they think will be winning in the next 12 months.

    27 December

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  • How do I keep my crypto secure?

    In this episode, hosts Tracey, Craig and Blake discuss scams, hacks and other security issues facing the crypto industry. We start off discussing the most infamous exchange hack in history - the 2014 hack of Mt Gox that saw 850,000 BTC stolen. Although some work is being done to recover them, to this day the coins remain missing.

    20 December

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  • Game On

    Did you know you can now get paid to play games? In this episode, we delve further into this 180 billion dollar industry, and chat about the changing landscape. Tracey, Blake and Craig each talk about some specific video game currencies and platforms, and look at how cryptocurrencies are incorporated.

    13 December

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  • NFT - No fungible idea??

    People are paying how much for digital pictures? In this episode, we cover off the weird, wonderful world of NFT’s. We try to decipher why people are paying thousands of dollars for pictures, digital assets and gaming items. We look at the why and what the future holds for the NFT world.

    6 December

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  • Demystifying DeFi

    You may have heard of ‘Decentralized Finance’ in the cryptosphere, in this episode we cover off the basics of DeFi, what it is and why it’s seen by many as the ‘future of finance’. We go through the foundations of DeFi, lending/borrowing and decentralized exchanges.

    29 November

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  • Let’s get started, and have skin in the game

    We’ve covered the crypto assets you can purchase. Now let’s talk about how to get skin in the game. This episode covers exchanges, wallets and how to actually invest, as well as touching on research and things to consider before making an investment.

    22 November

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  • How to *Actually* Invest in Crypto

    The basics of crypto have been covered - we have defined and understood what crypto currencies are, explored some of the use cases for these digital assets (both positive and negative) and now some might be ready to take the plunge and invest - but how do we do so?

    16 November

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