• Basics 101

    What the Heck is an ETF?

    Have you been thinking about investing, but have no idea where to start? Or what to actually invest in? Let us be your investment guides. I bet we won’t be the first or the last to tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket.

    14th Oct, 2021

  • Community: Adam from Comedian v Economist on his biggest mistakes

    Adam joins Bryce and Alec, and shares a lot about his investment journey, including how he became obsessed with his super, how he invests for his kids, and the mistakes he still thinks about (including not investing in Apple when it was still 15c a share).

    22 June

  • Mistakes: The root cause of every mistake in investing (& life)

    t's another in our series of mistakes - the ones we've made, and how *not* to make them again! This week, we’re going to look at the reasons why we keep making these mistakes - known as cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking that occurs when people are processing and interpreting information in the world around them.

    15 June

  • Choosing an investing style that's right for you!

    We break down the 4 most commonly talked about styles; active, passive, value and growth, as well as some key metrics you can use to identify these.

    15 June

  • Mistakes: Our worst mistakes and how you can avoid them

    Scared of investing because you don't want to stuff it up? Well, this is the right place to look. We’ve all made mistakes, and WILL make more mistakes as we learn to invest. That's part of the course! Don’t let the fear of making one stop you from getting started, and if you're wondering what other mistakes might be lurking on the horizon, that's what this episode is all about.

    8 June

  • Assets: How To Build A Portfolio

    In the third chapter of our Asset class(es), Bryce and Alec talk about how they think of different assets in their own portfolios.

    1 June

  • How can I build wealth? Unpacking how compounding will get you rich... slowly but surely | Guest expert Emma Fisher

    We chat with the incredible Emma Fisher about what a good company looks like and how buying into strong companies for the long run will really help you to build your wealth. It’s a reminder that in investing, true patience will reap the benefits of true returns!

    1 June

  • Assets: Why Would I Buy Different Assets?

    In our second Asset class, Bryce and Alec break down the need for different assets, and how your choice might reflect the stage of investing you're at. They define the terms, look at some examples, and explore the risks, and then play a game of 'Who am I', to help better understand the appeal of different assets for different investors.

    25 May

  • Overwhelmed by graphs and Google? How to go about your research journey | with our YIGC community

    We speak with three of our community members, Kate, Zac and Sascha, about where they find their investing information and some of the techniques they incorporate into their everyday life that help them to discover good investments! Take a leaf out of their book and we promise that searching for good investments will start to come naturally!

    25 May

  • Assets: Welcome to Asset Class!

    Alec and Bryce talk about elements that beginner investors should think about when making investment decisions around assets, especially when making judgements on risk. They also talk about which asset class produces the best returns, what the most popular asset classes are, and why they could be useful...

    18 May

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