• Talking Money To Us | Or 2021 in Review / how to value a company (Analyst at Shaw)

    In our final episode for 2021, Candice and Felicity are joined by Martin Crabb, the Chief Investment Officer from Shaw & Partners. Together they discuss the year that was 2021, and explore the investment opportunities on the horizon for 2022. They chat about the recovery trade as the world begins to re-open, and look through all the noise and identify some key investment ideas. Martin joined Shaw & Partners in 2011, prior to which he was an Executive Director at Macquarie Group where he worked for over 20 years in roles spanning Institutional Stockbroking, wealth management, research and portfolio management. Martin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Melbourne, with postgraduate studies in Applied Finance.

    17 December

  • Expert: Andrew Brown - Wrap of 2021 and Review of Bold Predictions

    One of our favourite and regular guests at Equity Mates, Andrew Brown is back to wrap up the year. Andrew discusses his bold predictions as well as explaining why valuation still matters. Andrew has some great lessons on valuation with some stunning examples. He also gives us his view looking ahead to 2022.

    16 December

  • Bryce and Ren review their Stock of the Year and Bold Predictions

    In this episode, the last chat for the year between Bryce & Alec. The lads announce the winner of their stock pick of the year. They discuss all the bold predictions they made at the beginning of the year, and how they shaped up. Then finally we go to the Equity Mates facebook group and talk through some of your bold predictions for 2021, and how they turned out now that we are in the final weeks of the year. A reminder that our Summer Series kicks off on Monday the 12th December and runs all Summer long. Deep dives on some amazing companies that include interviews with CEO's.

    13 December

  • 2021 - WTF was that about?

    Thomas outlines the 7 big themes of 2021, plus the boys have a crack at a bunch of "Ask Me Anything" questions in the last regular show of the year. All this and more on this week's Comedian v Economist.

    7 December

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