• Thought Starters

    A House Built in a Week? An Introduction to 3D-printed Homes

    Austin-based construction tech company ICON is 3D-printing homes in Texas. The homes, measuring between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet, took between five and seven days of printing time and are selling for around $450k (which is the average house price in Austin, Texas).

    17th Nov, 2021

  • Thought Starters

    It's Not Sustainable: What America's Port Crisis Looks Like Up Close

    We’ve heard it over and over again, global supply chains are a mess. Truck driver shortages in the UK have caused a petrol shortage. Backlogs of container ships are leading to product shortages on the shelves of US grocery stores.

    20th Oct, 2021

  • Why Are My Stocks in the Red?

    Have your stocks been down recently? Potentially seen some headlines about an imminent market crash? Well hey, volatility and surprises seem to be the never ending gift of 2021! On today’s episode we break down three of the biggest news stories that are playing a role in the current share market volatility.

    12 October

  • Thought Starters

    J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Markets: Q4 2021

    Every quarter, J.P. Morgan publish a guide to the markets - a deck filled with charts and data that offer plenty of inside on where the market is and where it may go. After an incredible 18 months of stock market growth, a number of indicators suggest that the market could be quite expensive

    9th Oct, 2021

  • Thought Starters

    Planet Squid Game

    Netflix’s latest smash hit was somewhat unexpected. Squid Game, the 9-part series out of South Korea has been described as a combination of Parasite and Hunger Games and currently enjoys a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Just two weeks after its premiere, it has become the #1 Netflix show in 90 counties, including the US.

    7th Oct, 2021

  • Could the UK Petrol Crisis Happen Here?

    Half the bowsers in the UK were empty on the weekend, what's the trend to worry about here? New data shows that household incomes have actually gone up in lockdown, which is weird. The CEO of CBA wants to head APRA off at the pass, and is there money to be made copy-trading politicians in the US?

    29 September

  • US Reporting Season Wrap-up | Hearing direct from the tech giant CEOs

    The US Reporting season is well and truly upon us, and all the big tech companies are holding their earnings calls. Despite being such a rich source of information for retail investors, earnings calls have been hard for the average person to access - they’re hard to find, and often at really unfortunate times. Thankfully, Quartr has solved this problem, and now allows the average investor to eavesdrop on these huge earnings calls. In today’s episode they cover four of the big US tech companies - hearing from Twitter, Facebook, Snap, and Square (who talks about their very important APT acquisition).

    8 August

  • CEO Series: John Winters on seizing the investment opportunity in the US

    John is the co-founder and CEO of Superhero, an online broker offering Australian’s the lowest cost access to the Australian market and now the US stock market as well. Before co-founding Superhero, John was a stockbroker and private wealth manager at Shaw & Partners.

    15 July

  • Don't wait to invest... invest and then wait

    Since the creation of the first company, nothing has created more wealth for more people than investing in companies. A lot of this wealth creation is due to the awesome power of compounding. In this episode, Alec and Bryce break down how this works, and look at how compounding has historically held true across the US and Australian markets.

    22 February

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