• Two massive Australian mergers | Roblox & Tencent updates

    We’re seeing some big mergers in the listed investment company space, so Alec and Bryce unpack what is happening and what it means for shareholders. First, Washington H. Soul Pattinson have made a $4b takeover bid of Milton Corporation and then you might have heard our previous guest, Geoff Wilson, declare WAR on LIC discounts. His Wilson Asset Management Global fund has declared its first target: Templeton Global Growth Fund.

    11 July

  • Expert Investor: Lyn Alden - Bitcoin, the US Dollar & The Fed

    The past few months have seen an unprecedented monetary policy response from the US Federal Reserve. Under the guise of doing 'whatever it takes' to keep the markets and economy stable, the Fed has printed money at rates never seen before, with much of it ending up in financial markets.

    3 September

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