• What is your biggest investing mistake? | Summer Series

    This is the second episode of our summer series, and today we’re hearing about the biggest mistakes that three of our community members have made. Even the world’s most successful investors make mistakes, the important thing is that we learn from them. Bryce and Alec chat with Queenie Tan (@investwithqueenie), Simon Rinne and Courtney Wade, who share their mistakes in the hope that others might avoid doing the same thing. Of course it wouldn’t be a complete episode without a mistake around crypto investing!

    28 December

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  • ESG: What are my options?

    In today’s Get Started Investing, we rehash some of the concepts that we’ve learned over the past two weeks, outline the divestment v engagement debate, and then talk about what you should be looking for when you’re backing the professionals to select your ESG stocks for you, and talk about how to look for an ethical super fund.

    12 October

  • Community: DJ Tigerlily on aligning your investments with your values

    On this episode of Get Started Investing, Bryce and Alec are joined by Dara Hayes… who you might know better by the name DJ Tigerlily. Dara is one of Australia’s most successful DJs… and her day job sees her touring the world, playing some of the biggest clubs across the globe, playing to tens of thousands of people all over the world, from Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

    31 August

  • Become a Superhero | Take control of yours

    Bryce and Alec look at some of the stats that surprise them, think about how they might optimise their own super, passive fees that might be eating away at your capacity to earn serious money, and take a look at the offering from today's sponsor - Superhero.

    14 August

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  • Young Aussies & Super | Rachel Hopping

    This episode we bring back to Rachel from Superhero - one of the latest fintech brokers to enter the market, offering Australians the lowest cost access to the ASX, and now the US stock market as well. In her role, Rachel analyses how Australians are investing their money to grow their future wealth, looking at both the current state of the market and the hottest investment trends currently. Before joining Superhero, Rachel spent just over 3 years at e-Commerce giant eBay.

    13 August

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  • Get Super Savvy | What is super & where is mine?

    So you might be thinking, we're an investing podcast, why are you talking about super? But super is invested. So if you have a job, and you're earning money, you are investing in the stockmarket. In this episode, Sophie and Maddy take a tour of how the current system functions, talk about some of the main issues with the current superannuation system, look at what the recent government changes mean (particularly for young Australians), and have a look at the different options you can take with your super. And, we hear some of your thoughts about the super industry.

    7 August

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  • It’s time Australians wake up to their super | John Winters, Superhero

    As part of our Super Saturdays series, Alec and Bryce sit down with John Winters - the CEO and Co-founder of Superhero. John is super passionate about the superannuation space, and he talks to Alec and Bryce about why that is, the low engagement Australians have with their super, and how he thinks Superhero's new product can radically change this. The statistics show that John isn't wrong - 17% of Australians do not know what type of fund their superannuation is with! So give this a listen, and help us give you the tools to wake up, and feel like you can take more control of your super.

    6 August

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  • Super Is Not A Joke | The Big Picture

    In a very special episode, Adam and Thomas get together (on a Saturday, of all things) to talk about superannuation. On Comedian V Economist, we're all about giving you the bigger picture, so on this episode, they'll talk about super, what it is, why it's important and why it just might be - the sleeping giant of your investing portfolio

    6 August

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  • This is Super Important | Welcome to Super Saturdays

    With recent government changes to super legislation here in Australia, $100 billion of Australian’s money in underperforming super products, and a lot of people feeling a little in the dark when it comes to their super, Equity Mates Media, in partnership with Superhero, are going to shine a light on the super industry, with the aim of making Australian’s WAKE UP and take control of their super. Over three Saturdays we’ll be bringing you all the information you need to help you take more control.

    30 July

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  • Your Questions: Stocks, Super, Slater+Gordon | Ask Us Anything - June

    We're back for another Ask Us Anything episode. We take some of the questions asked through our website and the Equity Mates Facebook Discussion Group and answer them on the show.

    29 June

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