• Need To Know Bumper Edition: SOHN Hearts & Minds Investor Conference

    Candice and Felicity recap their favourite event of the investing calendar: the SOHN Hearts and Minds Investor Conference. Hearts and Minds Investments Limited (HM1) is a unique Australian listed investment company. HM1's has two objectives; to maximise long-term returns to shareholders by investing in high conviction ideas; and provide vital financial support to leading medical research institutes. The amount to date has exceeded over $30 million towards Australian Medical Research Institutes.

    10 December

  • Expert: Eleanor Swanson - Small caps, big returns

    Eleanor Swanson is the founding partner at Firetrail, a boutique investment manager specialising in high conviction equity investing. In this episode, Eleanor breaks down the Aussie small-cap landscape and shares some of the best companies that she's come across during her time in the markets.

    2 December

  • Expert: Yen Liow - Honestly, everyone MUST listen to this

    Yen Liow is the Managing Partner at Aravt Global LLC. He is presenting at this year’s Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, which is now in its 6th year. The conference has 12 local and international fund managers pitching their highest conviction stocks. Keynote speakers this year include, Charlie Munger Berkshire Hathaway and MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer, Co-Founder Moderna. The associated listed investment company, Hearts & Minds Investments Limited (ASX: HM1), invests in a portfolio of high conviction stocks including those pitched at the conference. In lieu of management fees, HM1 donates 1.5% of its NTA to Australian medical research each year. All conference proceeds are donated to Australian medical research. Tickets are $500 but Equity Mates have 50 tickets at 20% off - so $400 https://www.sohnheartsandminds.com.au/ enter discount code - equitymates

    25 November

  • How you can invest with the world's best fund managers

    Imagine if there was a TED talks, but for investing… Where the best fund managers from around the world pitched their highest conviction investment ideas to build a portfolio that you could invest in. Well, look no further than today’s episode because we have the solution for you! Hearts and Minds Investments brings together hall of fame fund managers from across the world to create ASX: HM1. And it gets better, because the fund also waives the typical investment fees and instead donates the money to medical research.

    23 November

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