• The gateway to the Australian dream - REA Group w/ Owen Wilson | Summer Series

    We’ve all spent hours trawling through realestate.com.au dreaming of our perfect home, but what’s the company behind this? The answer is REA Group (ASX:REA), the fourth business we’re analysing in our summer series. REA Group was founded in 1995 and has grown to become the 8th largest online brand in Australia. It has been a market darling of the ASX, delivering an eye-popping return of more than 14,000% since listing. Bryce and Alec are joined by CEO Owen Wilson for a fascinating breakdown of the business and their future plans.

    30 December

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  • Investing in property without buying a house

    We’re getting to the end of the year, and people are thinking about their financial goals - property is a big one for a lot of people around the world. In this week's episode we cover 4 ways retail investors can invest in property without buying a house. Listed options: REITs and ETFs. Unlisted options: New apps and platforms, companies exposed to the housing market.

    7 December

  • Thought Starters

    A House Built in a Week? An Introduction to 3D-printed Homes

    Austin-based construction tech company ICON is 3D-printing homes in Texas. The homes, measuring between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet, took between five and seven days of printing time and are selling for around $450k (which is the average house price in Austin, Texas).

    17th Nov, 2021

  • Thought Starters

    The FOMO rally: Two Articles on How Hot the Stock Market is Right Now

    The last 18 months has been one of the best runs in stock market history, with the MSCI All-World index nearly doubling since the COVID-lows of March 2020. This has largely been driven by the unbelievable run in US large-cap stocks. But it isn't just stocks that have done well, everything from cryptocurrencies to property have seen unbelievable runs of late.

    15th Nov, 2021

  • Need to Know | Property Revisited

    There was so much to talk about last time, that Candice and Felicity thought it would be good to revisit property investing again. Make sure you catch up on their first episode if you haven’t listened already, but here they chat about the other structures in which you can use to purchase property, the nitty gritty finer details that we don’t get taught in school but we all should definitely know about, and the difference between a redraw and offset account.

    29 October

  • Talking Money To Us | Cohen Handler - Simon Cohen

    In this episode, Candice and Felicity talk to Simon Cohen, co-founder of Cohen Handler, the largest Property Buyer’s Agency in Australia, who also stars in the very binge-able hit on Amazon Prime - Luxe Listings.

    15 October

  • Need to Know | Where to Start with Property Investing

    In this episode, Candice and Felicity talk about all things property investing. They cover the principles of property investing, talk about the actual process and the steps involved, and then finally cover 2 structures you can choose from.

    8 October

  • Woolworths' buyback, Evergrande's debt and expert's stocks for the next 5 years

    It's another chat episode! You've been talking non stop about the Woolworths buyback in the Facebook Discussion group, so Alec and Bryce give you the 101 on what's going on. Then the guys do a deep dive on Evergrande, break down the facts about the latest SPAC merger: $DNA, and compare their notes about a recent article on Livewire: 13 stock picks for the next five years.

    27 September

  • CEO: Darren Steinberg - The Ultimate Australian Portfolio - $42.5bn in Property... | Dexus

    Darren Steinberg is the CEO of Dexus and an Executive Director of Dexus Funds Management Limited. Dexus is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust managing an Australian property portfolio valued at $42.5 billion. Darren has over thirty years' experience in the property and funds management industry with an extensive background in office, industrial and retail property investment and development.

    23 September

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