• Thought Starters

    Why this Facebook Scandal is Different

    Facebook has been jumping from one scandal to the next for the past five years. Political interference, fake news, vaccine misinformation, antitrust concerns. In this context, the latest scandal - a whistleblower revealing the company knew its products could cause meaningful harm - does not seem to be that different. Especially as this is not the first whistleblower in Facebook’s history.

    11th Oct, 2021

  • Carbon capture, Google & Facebooks ad duopoly and where are Bryce and Alec investing?

    Today Bryce and Alec take another look at what's happening at Woolies, Facebook and Google breaking up the ad duopoly, and the World’s biggest plant to pull CO2 from the air.

    4 October

  • Will Evergrande Crash the World Economy?

    If Evergrand defaults as expected, will the global economy go belly up? Why did Australia ditch France for its submarines? How did Canva becoming an Australian tech legend and what happens now that Facebook knows that Instagram is toxic?

    22 September

  • The good, the bad and the huge dividends | Reporting Season | Everything you need to know

    Episode #95 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    11 Aug, 2021

  • US Reporting Season Wrap-up | Hearing direct from the tech giant CEOs

    The US Reporting season is well and truly upon us, and all the big tech companies are holding their earnings calls. Despite being such a rich source of information for retail investors, earnings calls have been hard for the average person to access - they’re hard to find, and often at really unfortunate times. Thankfully, Quartr has solved this problem, and now allows the average investor to eavesdrop on these huge earnings calls. In today’s episode they cover four of the big US tech companies - hearing from Twitter, Facebook, Snap, and Square (who talks about their very important APT acquisition).

    8 August

  • Thought Starters

    The Battle Inside Secure-Messaging App Signal

    Earlier this year, WhatsApp, the secure messaging app owned by Facebook, announced it was updating its terms of service. The change, allowing Facebook and other businesses to store messages, created a lot of alarm and set off a search for more securing messaging services. One of the biggest beneficiaries has been Signal. The encrypted messaging app saw an additional 2 million users in a 12 hour period after Facebook first announced these policy changes. Since then, the messaging app jumped to #1 in the App Store in 70 countries and reports are that they have doubled their user base since these WhatsApp policy changes.

    7th Feb, 2021

  • Thought Starters

    Facebook v Apple on the future of internet privacy

    A battle over the future direction of the internet is being waged in the boardrooms of two of the internet’s biggest companies. In the ring are Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. For years, the internet business model has been simple - gather as much data as possible about users and sell that data to third parties, mainly advertisers. Apple, led by Tim Cook, are looking to change that.

    31st Jan, 2021

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