• Why Are My Stocks in the Red?

    Have your stocks been down recently? Potentially seen some headlines about an imminent market crash? Well hey, volatility and surprises seem to be the never ending gift of 2021! On today’s episode we break down three of the biggest news stories that are playing a role in the current share market volatility.

    12 October

  • Thought Starters

    Evergrande: What happens next?

    Over the past few weeks, the world has been watching the Chinese real estate market and wondering if the debt problems there will spread to the rest of the economy, or even the rest of the world. In this explainer, the authors try to unpack what could happen next and why the possibility of an Evergrande collapse may not be the catastrophic event some market watchers predict.

    8th Oct, 2021

  • Woolworths' buyback, Evergrande's debt and expert's stocks for the next 5 years

    It's another chat episode! You've been talking non stop about the Woolworths buyback in the Facebook Discussion group, so Alec and Bryce give you the 101 on what's going on. Then the guys do a deep dive on Evergrande, break down the facts about the latest SPAC merger: $DNA, and compare their notes about a recent article on Livewire: 13 stock picks for the next five years.

    27 September

  • Will Evergrande Crash the World Economy?

    If Evergrand defaults as expected, will the global economy go belly up? Why did Australia ditch France for its submarines? How did Canva becoming an Australian tech legend and what happens now that Facebook knows that Instagram is toxic?

    22 September

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