• 5 mistakes to avoid when investing in ETFs

    Don't make these mistakes when you're investing in ETFs!

    17 Dec, 2021

  • ASX Week: John Caulfield - 5 mistakes ETF investors should avoid

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec chat to John Caulfied, Director, Intermediaries and Institutions from VanEck, and what he thinks are the 5 mistakes ETF investors should avoid. We know that ETFs are something that the Equity Mates community loves, and hearing about other people's mistakes is a good way of not making them yourself! Prior to joining VanEck, John was the Director of Business Development at FTSE Group (Australia), and he's also worked at the London Metal Exchange.

    10 November

    Brought to you by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

  • Basics 101

    What the Heck is an ETF?

    Have you been thinking about investing, but have no idea where to start? Or what to actually invest in? Let us be your investment guides. I bet we won’t be the first or the last to tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket.

    14th Oct, 2021

  • Deepdive into ETFs | YIGC with The Leungway

    We know how much the YIGC community loves an ETF, so this episode is all about taking our knowledge a step further. Today we are speaking to Jess Leung, the wonderful person behind one of our favourite investing Instagrams @theleungway and ETF portfolio manager at Betshares.

    5 October

  • Carbon capture, Google & Facebooks ad duopoly and where are Bryce and Alec investing?

    Today Bryce and Alec take another look at what's happening at Woolies, Facebook and Google breaking up the ad duopoly, and the World’s biggest plant to pull CO2 from the air.

    4 October

  • Expert: Are Semiconductors the Picks & Shovels Play for the Tech Industry | ETF Securities

    If you think about industries that are hot in 2021, it’s hard to go past the world of semiconductors. Bryce and Alec aren’t experts, but the brilliance of hosting Equity Mates means they can invite experts to explain this fascinating world to all of us, so we might understand it, and the investing opportunities a little bit better! First they welcome Patrick Penfield - a Professor of Supply Chain Practice at Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management - to talk about the basics of semiconductors, the changing landscape, the current supply crunch and what he thinks the future of the industry will look like.

    13 September

    Brought to you by ETF Securities

  • Ask Us Anything | Your investing questions answered!

    This week, Maddy and Sophie were joined by producer Sascha, in the first of two 'Ask Us Anything' special episodes. Together they answered your questions about building a portfolio, analysis paralysis, the crypto world, and how they emotionally prepare for the next market correction.

    31 August

  • Expert Investor: Graham Tuckwell - a pioneer of the ETF revolution

    This episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Graham Tuckwell, the founder and chairman of ETF Securities, an investment firm focused on exchange traded funds. Graham was an early pioneer of exchange-traded commodities and launched the first product globally, the ETF GOLD. Now a noted philanthropist, Graham’s name may be familiar to those studying at ANU as he endowed the Tuckwell Scholarship, one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in Australia.

    30 August

  • Are sustainable ETFs just a marketing strategy? | Sustainable Investing w/ Adam Verwey

    10 Jul, 2021

  • EM Chat: How We ‘Built’ A Sustainability ETF

    Today’s episode is sponsored by Kogi Coffee – kogicoffee.com.au To get 5% off storewide, use the discount code MATES5

    21 March

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