• Ask Us Anything | Your investing questions answered!

    This week, Maddy and Sophie were joined by producer Sascha, in the first of two 'Ask Us Anything' special episodes. Together they answered your questions about building a portfolio, analysis paralysis, the crypto world, and how they emotionally prepare for the next market correction.

    31 August

  • Is Cryptocurrency a Capital Gains Tax asset? | 5 Crypto Myths | Crypto year in review

    Episode #90 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    23 Jul, 2021

  • Franking credits, CGT discounts and what is deductible? Charlie Viola answers your tax questions

    Charlie Viola is a Partner at Pitcher Partners, providing financial advisory and wealth services to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. Specialising in ongoing investment management and administrative services, Charlie’s personally responsible for over $1.5 billion of funds under management. Charlie has been recognised by Barrons as the #1 adviser in Australia in their 2018 Adviser Rankings, #4 in 2019.

    27 June

  • News

    Dogecoin, Safemoon, Cumrocket: What the hell is going on with cryptocurrencies?

    You’ve probably heard recently - cryptocurrencies are having a moment. We’re all having flashbacks to 2017 when cryptocurrencies were all that was discussed in group chats and Facebook groups. But 2021 is putting 2017 to shame. If you’ve got no idea where to start with cryptocurrency in 2021, here’s a brief explainer.

    14th May, 2021

  • Crypto Week: CEO Series - Blake Cassidy - The Next Evolution Of Crypto Investing

    Blake Cassidy is CEO of Bamboo. Bamboo is Australia’s first crypto micro investing app, allowing investors to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver.

    1 April

  • Crypto Week: Alex Saunders - Understanding The Basics Of Crypto

    Alex Saunders has been immersed in cryptocurrency since discovering Bitcoin in 2012. He’s a unique investment style that combines fundamental analysis, technical analysis and market sentiment as key drivers in decision making.

    30 March

  • Crypto Week: Understanding Crypto 101

    There’s a lot to understand and get your head around - so we're just unpacking the basics of crypto in this episode - the goal is you'll be able to have a conversation in the pub, break it down with your partner, or hold your own at the 2021 Family Christmas party.

    30 March

  • Crypto Week: The Use Cases For Cryptocurrency

    This week, it’s a little bit different at Equity Mates… we’re celebrating Crypto Week! It’s a whole week of crypto content, from the basics, to interviews with experts

    28 March

  • Expert Investor: Lyn Alden - Bitcoin, the US Dollar & The Fed

    The past few months have seen an unprecedented monetary policy response from the US Federal Reserve. Under the guise of doing 'whatever it takes' to keep the markets and economy stable, the Fed has printed money at rates never seen before, with much of it ending up in financial markets.

    3 September

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