• What is the story of your first investment? | Summer Series

    It’s easy to forget that we all started with that one first investment. In this episode, we’re hearing stories from four of our community members about how they started investing and why they continue to do so. We welcome back Natasha Etschmann (@tashinvests) to the show, as well as Maddie, Dylan and James, who share some great stories with Bryce and Alec.

    11 January

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  • What is one thing you wish you knew when you started investing? | Summer Series

    We’ve hit the halfway point of our summer series as we take on the New Year. In this episode, Bryce and Alec are joined by Molly Benjamin, the founder of Ladies Finance Club, as well as Youtuber Justin Baldori and fellow community member Josh Sgro. Our three guests have a few years of investing experience, but they share the key things they wish they knew before they started investing. We hope this episode might help you skip a step in the journey when getting started.

    4 January

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  • Community: Darcy - This guy LOVES mining speckies and NFT's

    To close out the year, before we launch our Summer Series, Bryce and Alec chat to Equity Mates team member AND content manager, Darcy.Learning from, and then modeling other people is one of the fastest ways to Get Started Investing, and in this episode Darcy describes how he started. From his first investment, to what he is doing within his portfolio as he prepares for 2022. Web3, DAOs, NFTs ... Darcy is our man on the ground here at Equity Mates. This episode is full of great tips that will definitely have you getting started.Here at GSI, we unpack all the jargon and confusing bits with the goal of making investing less intimidating.

    14 December

  • 2021 - WTF was that about?

    Thomas outlines the 7 big themes of 2021, plus the boys have a crack at a bunch of "Ask Me Anything" questions in the last regular show of the year. All this and more on this week's Comedian v Economist.

    7 December

  • Community: Sascha Kelly - EM Head of Production admires Paris Hilton

    In this episode we welcome our Head of Production, Sascha, to the studio and chat about her investing journey. She talks to Bryce and Alec about her investing journey to date, what mistakes she's made, the lessons she's gleaned from producing seven shows for Equity Mates Media, and why Paris Hilton is her investing idol.

    16 November

  • Community: Sam Koslowski - Stock Tips & Start-Ups | The Daily Aus

    Sam Koslowski is one half of The Daily Aus, a news source for millennials who want the top news in under a minute a day. Alongside running his busy startup, Sam is a keen investor, and he joins Alec and Bryce to talk about his journey in the stockmarket, from his very beginnings, through to his biggest investing mistake, and his greatest wins.

    21 September

  • Community: SMH Journalist Jessica Irvine | 6 Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Newbie Sharemarket Investor

    Bryce and Alec continue their conversation with our wide community of investors, and today they talk to Jessica Irvine, Senior Economics writer for the Sydney Morning Herald. In this conversation, they talk about what barriers Jessica saw that made her hesitant, how she overcame these challenges, and the resources that were really helpful when she was researching those first steps

    14 September

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