• Can "explosive immigration" jump-start the economy?

    The NSW government is pushing for 'explosive immigration' to reboot the economy - how does that work? There's a new airline coming for Australia - will it be Bonza or nup? What's with Chinese Ghost Cities, and why is the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England throwing FUD at Bitcoin?

    20 October

  • How Froomes is Investing to Make a Million Dollars

    From a lockdown boredom idea of trying to double $500 in one week, to rolling a cryptocurrency wave, Lucinda Price (best known as Frooomes) has settled with the idea of investing money for the long term in order to reach millionaire status.

    19 October

  • 'Dude, where's my parcel?' and Ren takes on Cathie Wood...

    Have you bought the Get Started Investing book? If you have, thank you! But the real question is... has it arrived yet? Cause chances are, probably not... Aside from it being endlessly frustrating that Australia Post is being so slow, Bryce and Alec talk about how your online shopping order not arriving for a couple of days (which feels like a first world problem) is actually symptomatic of a larger issue, with freight earnings climbing to their highest peak since 2008. They talk about whether this is going to effect inflation, and what impact it will have on your investing.

    20 September

  • Why is El Salvador Hodling Bitcoin?

    Could vax passports pass muster in Australia? How did El Salvador go with their Bitcoin experiment? Why is Ampol talking about carbon-neutral fossil fuels, and can you build a city for $400bn. All this and more on this week's CVE.

    15 September

  • News

    Dogecoin, Safemoon, Cumrocket: What the hell is going on with cryptocurrencies?

    You’ve probably heard recently - cryptocurrencies are having a moment. We’re all having flashbacks to 2017 when cryptocurrencies were all that was discussed in group chats and Facebook groups. But 2021 is putting 2017 to shame. If you’ve got no idea where to start with cryptocurrency in 2021, here’s a brief explainer.

    14th May, 2021

  • EM Chat: Asset Bubbles - Is Everything In A Bubble?

    This episode is all about asset bubbles… because lately it seems like everything is hitting all time highs. The S&P 500, NASDAQ, property prices, gold, and even some non-traditional assets, like Bitcoin, Baseball cards, and NFTs

    15 April

  • Crypto Week: CEO Series - Blake Cassidy - The Next Evolution Of Crypto Investing

    Blake Cassidy is CEO of Bamboo. Bamboo is Australia’s first crypto micro investing app, allowing investors to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver.

    1 April

  • Crypto Week: Understanding Crypto 101

    There’s a lot to understand and get your head around - so we're just unpacking the basics of crypto in this episode - the goal is you'll be able to have a conversation in the pub, break it down with your partner, or hold your own at the 2021 Family Christmas party.

    30 March

  • Crypto Week: The Use Cases For Cryptocurrency

    This week, it’s a little bit different at Equity Mates… we’re celebrating Crypto Week! It’s a whole week of crypto content, from the basics, to interviews with experts

    28 March

  • Thought Starters

    The rise and fall of Bitcoin billionaire Arthur Hayes

    As Bitcoin continues its steady march upwards (last week it passed $50,000 USD) we’re all going to have to get more familiar with the term ‘Bitcoin Billionaire’. One of the first people in the world to achieve this was Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMEX, a crypto exchange through which more than $3 trillion has flowed. Hayes has been charged by the US Justice Department for failing to maintain an anti-money laundering program in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act.

    22nd Feb, 2021

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