• Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: REA Group

    Australians love housing, and REA’s main platform realestate.com.au is basically a toll road on the Australian housing market. If you want to sell a house, you’re listing on realestate.com.au. If you want to buy a house, you’re starting your search on realestate.com.au. REA can set the price for listing and you’d be a brave seller not to pay it.

    30th Dec, 2021

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  • Company Analysis

    Shortcut to: BWX

    We love to see Australian companies taking on the world - Atlassian, Canva, Resmed, Treasury Wines. These companies are rightfully celebrated for their success in going beyond Australia and building world-leading businesses. Well add BWX to that list, because despite being founded in just 2013, BWX has built an impressive global business.

    20th Dec, 2021

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  • ASX Week: Helen Chong - Insights from the centre of Australian finance

    Helen explains the Role of the ASX and the changing nature of investors in Australia. Every year the ASX does an investor study which gives us a glimpse of the Australian investing landscape and who is investing where. Alec, Bryce and Helen unpack some of the key findings ... which are fascinating.

    8 November

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  • CEO: Zlatko Todorcevski - Turning Boral Around Amidst Seven Group's Takeover | Boral (ASX: BLD)

    Bryce and Alec continue their quest to interview all the CEOs of the ASX 200, and Boral’s Chief Executive and Managing Director, Zlatko Todorcevski joins them this episode. In this conversation they cover a wide range of topics, including his atypical pandemic-influenced recruitment, the Seven Group takeover, his thoughts on ESG and sustainability, and what the future looks like for Boral.

    9 September

  • CEO Series: Vic Jokovic on Transforming the Australian Investment Market | Chi-X Australia

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Vic Jokovic. Vic is the CEO of Chi-X Australia, a securities and derivatives exchange looking to disrupt the Australian investment market.

    2 September

  • International Investing: Why you should go global with your stocks!

    COVID has made sure we can’t travel overseas for the time being, but don’t let that stop you from investing internationally. We often talk about investing in what you know. And for that reason, it makes sense that when approaching investing, we start with the Australian market. But did you know that the ASX only makes up around 2% of global markets? This episode is all about learning why you should broaden your horizons and consider thinking bigger than just Australia when it comes to your investing portfolio.

    19 July

  • Industry Deep Dive: Fertility and IVF

    We take a deep dive into fertility and IVF... suggested by a member of the EM community

    20 June

  • Company Analysis

    PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund (PGF)

    PGF is a listed investment company (LIC) that aims to create long term wealth for investors by investing in 25-45 global companies. They look for companies that are trading at a value different to their intrinsic value.

    26th Mar, 2017

  • Company Analysis

    Gateway Lifestyle Group (ASX: GTY)

    Gateway offers an alternative to the traditional retirement village by offering retirees the opportunity to design their own dream home for living in one of Gateway’s 53 retirement communities. These communities are primarily located outside major city centres and are targeted at retirees looking for a ‘seachange’. Once a retiree has designed their home Gateway will manufacture it for them, charging the retirees for the home but not the land underneath it - making it a much more affordable option.

    4th Mar, 2017

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