Meet your hosts

  • Maddy Guest

    Maddy lives in Melbourne, works in finance, but had no idea about investing until she started recently. Her favourite things to do are watching the Hawks play on weekends, reading books, and she says she's happiest, 'when eating pasta with a glass of wine'. Maddy began her investing journey when she started earning a full time income and found myself reading about the benefits of compound interest in the Barefoot Investor. Her mind was blown, and she started just before the pandemic crash in 2020. What's her investing goal? To be financially independent for the rest of her life, and make decisions without being overly stressed about money.
  • Sophie Dicker

    Sophie lives in Melbourne, and enjoys playing sport, and then drinking red wine immediately after finishing sport. She works in finance, but honestly had no idea about investing until her partner encouraged her to start. She says, 'my interest has only taken off from there - I find it exciting… I mean who doesn’t like watching their money grow?' Her investing goal is to build the freedom to do things that she's passionate about - whether it be start a business, donate to causes close to her, or to take time out of the workforce to start a family. Right now, there’s no specific goal, she just wants to have the freedom when she'll need it.


  • Emerging markets investing | Guest expert Lisa Diaz

    This episode we are very excited to be speaking with our first international guest, the most incredible Lisa Diaz. Lisa is experienced, entertaining and full of stories having spent 23 years as a Managing Director of the Securities Division at Goldman Sachs in New York. These days Lisa is Partner, President and CEO of Prince Street Capital Management in New York, an investment firm focused on global emerging and frontier market equities with bases in Singapore, New York and Hong Kong. If you’ve been thinking about making your portfolio more exotic, this is the episode for you. And if you haven’t, after listening to Lisa, you might be thinking differently!

    26 July

  • International Investing: Why you should go global with your stocks!

    COVID has made sure we can’t travel overseas for the time being, but don’t let that stop you from investing internationally. We often talk about investing in what you know. And for that reason, it makes sense that when approaching investing, we start with the Australian market. But did you know that the ASX only makes up around 2% of global markets? This episode is all about learning why you should broaden your horizons and consider thinking bigger than just Australia when it comes to your investing portfolio.

    19 July

  • Let's take a peak into an everyday millennial’s portfolio...

    Do you ever wish you could see what other people are investing in? How they’re building their portfolios to benefit from the current state of the market? If you answered yes to either (or both!) of these questions, then this is the episode for you. Today we are chatting with Rachel from Superhero, one of the latest Fintech brokers to enter the market. She shares with us how everyday Aussies are investing on Superhero, and we get her insights into the hottest investment trends currently - including the most traded stocks in 2021 so far. Then we ask her about inflation, because the news won’t stop talking about it! Tune in to learn about how inflation impacts the stock market and how you can position your portfolio to benefit.

    12 July

  • Sustainable investing | Guest expert Kate Temby

    Have you been cutting down on your meat consumption, or getting on board the bamboo toilet paper train? As record amounts of funds flow into investments with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus

    22 June

  • Choosing an investing style that's right for you!

    We break down the 4 most commonly talked about styles; active, passive, value and growth, as well as some key metrics you can use to identify these.

    15 June

  • How is our newbie investor doing? Public declarations & the greatest untold secret… | with Chloe from the YIGC community

    On this week’s episode, we check-in with our newbie investor Chloe. We hear about her journey so far; from her self-described nanna-investing, to the moment she thought about chucking her day job in and becoming a Wall St trader. Chloe has some serious pearls of wisdom to share in this episode, and then we answer her burning questions, as well as hearing from you, our YIGC community.

    8 June

  • How can I build wealth? Unpacking how compounding will get you rich... slowly but surely | Guest expert Emma Fisher

    We chat with the incredible Emma Fisher about what a good company looks like and how buying into strong companies for the long run will really help you to build your wealth. It’s a reminder that in investing, true patience will reap the benefits of true returns!

    1 June

  • Overwhelmed by graphs and Google? How to go about your research journey | with our YIGC community

    We speak with three of our community members, Kate, Zac and Sascha, about where they find their investing information and some of the techniques they incorporate into their everyday life that help them to discover good investments! Take a leaf out of their book and we promise that searching for good investments will start to come naturally!

    25 May

  • Budget Bonanza: what does the budget mean for me? | Guest experts Old Boys Club podcast

    This year’s federal budget has been labelled a ‘spendathon’. So, in today’s episode, we break down what this actually means for you! We’ve called in the help of our political correspondents/pals from the Old Boys Club pod to help us get across everything you need to know.

    18 May

  • How the f%&$#! do you read those scary numbers in company financials?! | Guest expert Candice Bourke

    Our chat with Candice Bourke will set you up to ask the right questions when looking at companies to invest in. Candice is an expert of translating jargon into layman’s terms and in this episode, she breaks down some of the most important metrics into everyday language!

    11 May

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