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  • Maddy Guest

    Maddy lives in Melbourne, works in finance, but had no idea about investing until she started recently. Her favourite things to do are watching the Hawks play on weekends, reading books, and she says she's happiest, 'when eating pasta with a glass of wine'. Maddy began her investing journey when she started earning a full time income and found myself reading about the benefits of compound interest in the Barefoot Investor. Her mind was blown, and she started just before the pandemic crash in 2020. What's her investing goal? To be financially independent for the rest of her life, and make decisions without being overly stressed about money.
  • Sophie Dicker

    Sophie lives in Melbourne, and enjoys playing sport, and then drinking red wine immediately after finishing sport. She works in finance, but honestly had no idea about investing until her partner encouraged her to start. She says, 'my interest has only taken off from there - I find it exciting… I mean who doesn’t like watching their money grow?' Her investing goal is to build the freedom to do things that she's passionate about - whether it be start a business, donate to causes close to her, or to take time out of the workforce to start a family. Right now, there’s no specific goal, she just wants to have the freedom when she'll need it.


  • #5 Finding good companies | Investing convos every millennial should have

    To buy, or not to buy… that is the question. More importantly, the only way you’ll be able to answer it, is if you know how to make head or tail of your hours of research! In this episode, Maddy and Sophie go through the metrics (aka the numbers) on company report and explain how they approach valuation. They walk through a number of examples, and talk about how different sectors judge value differently.

    18 January

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  • #4 Our portfolios | Investing convos every millennial should have

    Analysis paralysis is a real thing, because sometimes there’s so much information on offer, you just don’t know where to begin! In this episode, Sophie and Maddy talk about how they approach building their own individual portfolios, and how they think about diversifying across assets, regions, industry and sectors.

    11 January

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  • #3 Brokers | Investing convos every millennial should have

    You’ve got some cash saved up, you know you want to invest, but now where do you go? You know there’s Mecca for beauty, Booktopia for books, Amazon for everything else… But where do you find the stock market? Maddy and Sophie talk about the different things they consider when they use brokers - Australia v Global, Fees, Chess v Custodian - and whether it even matters! Then Sophie and Maddy walk through the steps to actually *buy* some shares.

    4 January

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  • #2 Side income | Investing convos every millennial should have

    In this episode, Sophie and Maddy talk about how owning stocks will help you earn those extra dollars and cents while you're busy… well, just living your best life! They explain what dividends are, why you might participate in a dividend reinvestment plan (and what that exactly is…), and the concept of capital gains.

    28 December

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  • #1 Money goals | Investing convos every millennial should have

    We are always told about how important it is to have an investing goal, but what is really the point? And what should we do if we’re struggling to form one? Sophie and Maddy share their short term, medium term, and long term goals, and discuss the strategies they use successfully to keep themselves on track (most of the time).

    21 December

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