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  • Maddy Guest

    Maddy lives in Melbourne, works in finance, but had no idea about investing until she started recently. Her favourite things to do are watching the Hawks play on weekends, reading books, and she says she's happiest, 'when eating pasta with a glass of wine'. Maddy began her investing journey when she started earning a full time income and found myself reading about the benefits of compound interest in the Barefoot Investor. Her mind was blown, and she started just before the pandemic crash in 2020. What's her investing goal? To be financially independent for the rest of her life, and make decisions without being overly stressed about money.
  • Sophie Dicker

    Sophie lives in Melbourne, and enjoys playing sport, and then drinking red wine immediately after finishing sport. She works in finance, but honestly had no idea about investing until her partner encouraged her to start. She says, 'my interest has only taken off from there - I find it exciting… I mean who doesn’t like watching their money grow?' Her investing goal is to build the freedom to do things that she's passionate about - whether it be start a business, donate to causes close to her, or to take time out of the workforce to start a family. Right now, there’s no specific goal, she just wants to have the freedom when she'll need it.


  • Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

    We are finally jumping on the bandwagon and crossing over to the dark side… Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency! Tune into today’s episode to learn all the basics you need to know to get started. We discuss what crypto actually is, how it works and why it’s so damn popular.

    2 November

  • How Froomes is Investing to Make a Million Dollars

    From a lockdown boredom idea of trying to double $500 in one week, to rolling a cryptocurrency wave, Lucinda Price (best known as Frooomes) has settled with the idea of investing money for the long term in order to reach millionaire status.

    19 October

  • Deepdive into ETFs | YIGC with The Leungway

    We know how much the YIGC community loves an ETF, so this episode is all about taking our knowledge a step further. Today we are speaking to Jess Leung, the wonderful person behind one of our favourite investing Instagrams @theleungway and ETF portfolio manager at Betshares.

    5 October

  • Investing mistakes, money wins & the lessons you take away from them | Mel Browne

    One of the things that puts first time investors off from jumping into the stock market is the pursuit of perfection. We want to make sure we are buying into the right stock at the right time, but unfortunately, perfection really isn’t a thing when it comes to investing. It is safe to say, there is no investor out there who hasn’t made mistakes along the way. In fact, mistakes can sometimes be beneficial to pull away lessons about the stock market. Today we chat with the vivacious Mel Browne about some of her investing mistakes, lessons she took away from them and why some of the money wins make all the mistake worth it. Learn more about Mel Browne here.

    16 August

  • Young Aussies & Super | Rachel Hopping

    This episode we bring back to Rachel from Superhero - one of the latest fintech brokers to enter the market, offering Australians the lowest cost access to the ASX, and now the US stock market as well. In her role, Rachel analyses how Australians are investing their money to grow their future wealth, looking at both the current state of the market and the hottest investment trends currently. Before joining Superhero, Rachel spent just over 3 years at e-Commerce giant eBay.

    13 August

    Brought to you by Superhero

  • Emerging markets investing | Guest expert Lisa Diaz

    This episode we are very excited to be speaking with our first international guest, the most incredible Lisa Diaz. Lisa is experienced, entertaining and full of stories having spent 23 years as a Managing Director of the Securities Division at Goldman Sachs in New York. These days Lisa is Partner, President and CEO of Prince Street Capital Management in New York, an investment firm focused on global emerging and frontier market equities with bases in Singapore, New York and Hong Kong. If you’ve been thinking about making your portfolio more exotic, this is the episode for you. And if you haven’t, after listening to Lisa, you might be thinking differently!

    26 July

  • Sustainable investing | Guest expert Kate Temby

    Have you been cutting down on your meat consumption, or getting on board the bamboo toilet paper train? As record amounts of funds flow into investments with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus

    22 June

  • How can I build wealth? Unpacking how compounding will get you rich... slowly but surely | Guest expert Emma Fisher

    We chat with the incredible Emma Fisher about what a good company looks like and how buying into strong companies for the long run will really help you to build your wealth. It’s a reminder that in investing, true patience will reap the benefits of true returns!

    1 June

  • Could your savings account be your greatest financial risk? | Guest expert Danielle Ecuyer

    Have you worked hard to develop good money habits? Well now it’s time to make your hard-earned money do some work for you! It doesn’t need to be a full-blown break up but maybe it’s time to give your savings account a little bit of space.

    23 March

  • Get ready - You're In Good Company - is coming!

    It’s one thing to have the desire to start investing - it’s another to have access to the resources that will give you the confidence to take action… We’re here to help!

    12 March

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