Meet your hosts

  • Maddy Guest

    Maddy lives in Melbourne, works in finance, but had no idea about investing until she started recently. Her favourite things to do are watching the Hawks play on weekends, reading books, and she says she's happiest, 'when eating pasta with a glass of wine'. Maddy began her investing journey when she started earning a full time income and found myself reading about the benefits of compound interest in the Barefoot Investor. Her mind was blown, and she started just before the pandemic crash in 2020. What's her investing goal? To be financially independent for the rest of her life, and make decisions without being overly stressed about money.
  • Sophie Dicker

    Sophie lives in Melbourne, and enjoys playing sport, and then drinking red wine immediately after finishing sport. She works in finance, but honestly had no idea about investing until her partner encouraged her to start. She says, 'my interest has only taken off from there - I find it exciting… I mean who doesn’t like watching their money grow?' Her investing goal is to build the freedom to do things that she's passionate about - whether it be start a business, donate to causes close to her, or to take time out of the workforce to start a family. Right now, there’s no specific goal, she just wants to have the freedom when she'll need it.


  • How to *Actually* Invest in Crypto

    The basics of crypto have been covered - we have defined and understood what crypto currencies are, explored some of the use cases for these digital assets (both positive and negative) and now some might be ready to take the plunge and invest - but how do we do so?

    16 November

  • What the CEO of Adore Beauty Thinks About Investing in Beauty

    Adore Beauty was the largest female-led IPO in Australian stock market history. On today’s episode, CEO Tennealle O'Shannessy gives us her best elevator pitch for why Adore Beauty is a great investment (cough cough, TimTams).

    26 October

  • Impact Investing & Cryptocurrency in Developing Nations | YIGC with Christina Hobbs

    Investing is an important way to grow your wealth and set yourself up for financial freedom. But it doesn’t have to stop there. It can also be a tool to give back to causes that you care about. Ever thought that you could micro finance women's businesses or fund farms that are trying to grow sustainable agriculture practices? Well, it is all possible through impact investing

    21 September

  • How we can improve the gender pay gap | Meggie Palmer, PepTalkHer

    This year in Australia, the gender pay gap has increased to 14.2%. That’s a difference of $261.50 every week.

    24 August

  • Bond, James Bond? Talking defensive assets | Gaby Rosenberg

    A common investing rule includes balancing your risk through diversification - and one of the ways to achieve this is through adding defensive assets to your portfolio! What are defensive assets, you may ask? Today we chat with the incredible Gaby Rosenberg, co founder of Blossom, to define defensive assets including the classic bond (no, unfortunately nothing to do with James) while exploring how she made one of the least accessible investments options available to people like you and me. Join us as we all learn about this new asset class.

    9 August

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