Meet your hosts

  • Carmel Moorhead

    Carmel is in a relationship of three and a half years with her partner, and they own a house together and a dog called Ruby. She says, 'despite my partner also being a lawyer, I still win all arguments'. Carmel loves gardening and can tell the difference between a cucumber pant and zucchini plant just by looking.
  • Zoe Moorhead

    Zoe is in a relationship with her partner of two years and they've lived together for the past 6 months. They have a cat fur baby named Dumpling, he’s a sweet boy with a fluffy face, but according to Zoe, 'he’s currently fighting with his plant brothers and sisters in the form of digging warfare'. In her spare time, Zoe is an amateur potter and has recently discovered the world of yoga and essential oil diffusers (would recommend).


  • Should you join your coin?

    You're living in the same house, you might even be paying the same bills towards the mortgage, you might even have a fur baby, but how do you manage two different bank accounts for two different people, when you're sharing everything else?

    14 February

  • No Ring, Same Problems

    So... what exactly *is* a defacto relationship? For the first ever Meet Pay Love episode, Carmel and Zoe explore the idea of those of us who live together, but aren't sporting any rings on any of their fingers.

    14 February

  • Meet Pay Love - meet the hosts of Equity Mates' newest podcast!

    On Valentine's Day, Equity Mates launches our latest podcast, Meet Pay Love. In this special bonus preview conversation, Alec and Bryce interview our hosts, Carmel and Zoe, and chat to them about the idea and concepts behind the podcast.

    12 February

  • What Is Meet Pay Love?

    The biggest financial decision you'll make is who you choose to spend the rest of your life with...

    28 January

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