Meet your hosts

  • Alec Renehan

    Alec developed an interest in investing after realising he was spending all that he was earning. Investing became his form of 'forced saving'. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure, he learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons amongst others through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can.
  • Bryce Leske

    Bryce has had an interest in the stock market since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. Once he had saved $500 he bought his first stock - BKI - a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn't stopped. He hopes that Equity Mates can help make investing understandable and accessible. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.


  • Melissa Browne - How to Unf*ck Your Finances

    Melissa Browne joins Alec and Bryce to talk about investing, financial advisors, key tips and lessons, and we ask Melissa to talk about the memories and lessons of her first investment, her approach to 'financial adulting', and where to start when you finally decided to sort your money out.

    13 April

  • Can You Invest While In Debt?

    We cover all the questions you should be asking yourself - including the conundrum between paying off debt and starting an investment portfolio - what should come first? We also talk about understanding the type of debt you have, and the effect of interest rates on servicing your loan.

    6 April

  • Crypto Week: Understanding Crypto 101

    There’s a lot to understand and get your head around - so we're just unpacking the basics of crypto in this episode - the goal is you'll be able to have a conversation in the pub, break it down with your partner, or hold your own at the 2021 Family Christmas party.

    30 March

  • Rohan's Back! The Millennial Journey Continues...

    Rohan's back! And he sits down with Alec and Bryce to talk about how his investing journey has progressed since he first opened his CommSec Pocket app all those months ago. He answers all the pressing questions: Is he still using CommSec pocket? Has he found any resources to be particularly helpful? Has it changed his mind about investing? Does he have any advice for people listening who haven't started investing yet? Is there truth to the rumour he's become an incredibly successful day trader?

    23 March

  • Bonus Episode: You're In Good Company - meet the hosts!

    In this very special bonus introduction episode, Bryce and Alec interview brand new hosts and members of the Equity Mates Media team - Maddy and Sophie. They talk about their plans for the podcast, a little about their investing journeys to date, and what listeners can expect as the new series, You're In Good Company unfolds!

    16 March

  • GSI meets Tash Invests - how she plans to be financially independent by 35...

    Bryce and Alec sit down with Natasha Etschmann - who documents her investing journey on Instagram and TikTok under the handle @tashinvests. Tash talks about her million dollar investing goal, investing for the first time when she was just eighteen, property versus investing, and her ultimate goal of achieving financial freedom and what that looks like... without sacrificing the things you she wants to enjoy along the way.

    16 March

  • How To Start Small With Micro-Investing

    In this episode, we talk about the rise of micro-investing, and the way that it operates. We discuss he benefits - including round-ups and automation, broad exposure and perfect confidence booster, and then the downsides as well - fees, your ability to beat the market, and the range of options on display.

    9 March

  • Don't wait to invest... invest and then wait

    Since the creation of the first company, nothing has created more wealth for more people than investing in companies. A lot of this wealth creation is due to the awesome power of compounding. In this episode, Alec and Bryce break down how this works, and look at how compounding has historically held true across the US and Australian markets.

    22 February

  • Bonus Episode: Phil Muscatello - Shares for Beginners

    In this episode we sit down with Phil Muscatello from the podcast 'Shares for Beginners', for a dual interview, where we compare notes about starting an investing podcast, favourite guests we've talked to, our biggest learning curves, and developing investing philosophies.

    19 February

  • Community Investor - Candice breaks down FIRE

    In this episode we speak to Equity Mates community member, Candice, about her investing journey. Candice shares her experience getting started and her goal to achieve financial independence and retire early. We break down the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement and understand how Candice puts the lessons she’s learnt into practice with her investing decisions. We also bust some common investing myths and Candice shares some of her favourite resources that helped her get started investing.

    16 February

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