Meet your hosts

  • Alec Renehan

    Alec developed an interest in investing after realising he was spending all that he was earning. Investing became his form of 'forced saving'. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure, he learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons amongst others through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can.
  • Bryce Leske

    Bryce has had an interest in the stock market since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. Once he had saved $500 he bought his first stock - BKI - a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn't stopped. He hopes that Equity Mates can help make investing understandable and accessible. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.


  • Expert: Andrew Brown - Wrap of 2021 and Review of Bold Predictions

    One of our favourite and regular guests at Equity Mates, Andrew Brown is back to wrap up the year. Andrew discusses his bold predictions as well as explaining why valuation still matters. Andrew has some great lessons on valuation with some stunning examples. He also gives us his view looking ahead to 2022.

    16 December

  • Expert: Andrew Pridham - Lessons from the man who became Managing Director of UBS by 28

    Andrew Pridham AO is the co-founder of Moelis & Company, where he currently serves as the Vice Chairman and was previously the Chief Executive Officer. Andrew was previously Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking, Australasia at UBS. He was appointed Managing Director at 28. He spent years working in London and Singapore as global head of real estate at UBS before returning to Australia in retirement aged 34.He then founded a boutique investment banking business called First Provident. In 2004 JP Morgan acquired First Provident and Pridham was appointed as its Head of Investment Banking and later Executive Chairman. In 2009 he left to establish the Australian arm of US Investment Bank Moelis & Company. Moelis & Company Australia is a 50/50 joint venture where Australian executives, including Pridham, own 50% of the business.

    9 December

  • Expert: Eleanor Swanson - Small caps, big returns

    Eleanor Swanson is the founding partner at Firetrail, a boutique investment manager specialising in high conviction equity investing. In this episode, Eleanor breaks down the Aussie small-cap landscape and shares some of the best companies that she's come across during her time in the markets.

    2 December

  • Expert: Yen Liow - Honestly, everyone MUST listen to this

    Yen Liow is the Managing Partner at Aravt Global LLC. He is presenting at this year’s Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, which is now in its 6th year. The conference has 12 local and international fund managers pitching their highest conviction stocks. Keynote speakers this year include, Charlie Munger Berkshire Hathaway and MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer, Co-Founder Moderna. The associated listed investment company, Hearts & Minds Investments Limited (ASX: HM1), invests in a portfolio of high conviction stocks including those pitched at the conference. In lieu of management fees, HM1 donates 1.5% of its NTA to Australian medical research each year. All conference proceeds are donated to Australian medical research. Tickets are $500 but Equity Mates have 50 tickets at 20% off - so $400 enter discount code - equitymates

    25 November

  • Expert: Beeneet Kothari - Why we're still early on China and Crypto

    Beeneet Kothari is the Managing Partner and Principal Portfolio Manager of Tekne Capital Manager, a global fund manager he founded in 2012. Beeneet is part of this year’s Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, which is now in its 6th year.

    4 November

  • Expert: Mary Manning - 3 stocks to watch as the world embraces renewables

    Today, we’re going to discuss the energy transition, and the investment opportunity of decarbonisaton. Mary was previously the Portfolio Manager for the Asia strategies at Ellerston Capital in Sydney where she worked from 2012 to 2021. Prior to that she was an analyst at Oaktree Capital where she covered the Financials sector in Emerging Markets, and before that Mary worked as an analyst at Soros Funds Management in New York and she started her career as an investment banker at Citi, where she worked in New York, Moscow and London.

    28 October

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  • Expert: The Search for Generational Businesses | Fidelity Global Future Leaders

    James Abela & Maroun Younes are the co-portfolio managers of Fidelity’s Global Future Leaders fund. Today we’re going to talk about how they broadly construct a portfolio, then look at the specific individual stocks that they hold, introduce the fund, and close out with our final three questions we ask every guest.

    21 October

    Brought to you by Fidelity

  • Expert: Mark Carnegie - The Opportunity in Ethereum

    Mark has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor and corporate adviser in New York, London and Sydney. He co-founded leading Australian boutique corporate advisory, venture capital and private equity firm Carnegie, Wylie & Co with John Wylie in 2000. In August 2007, Carnegie Wylie was acquired by leading Wall Street bank Lazard Inc. Mark then went on to found M.H. Carnegie & Co, managing more than $900 million on behalf of institutional, wholesale and high net worth clients. As a corporate adviser, Mark has advised Qantas and Coles Myer on general strategic matters, Westfield on its $22 billion merger and Qantas on its JetStarAsia start-up in Singapore. Mark holds a BA from Oxford University and a BSc (Hons) from Melbourne University. He is a former Treasurer of the Oxford Union.

    9 October

  • Expert: Lawrence Lam - Investing in Founder-Led Businesses

    Bryce & Alec interview Lawrence Lam, Managing Director & Founder of Lumenary Investment Management. Lawrence runs a global equities strategy focused exclusively on founder-led companies. The fund invests in founders who own and run their companies, consisting of 10-20 founder-led companies, with an emphasis on emerging products and services.

    7 October

  • Expert: Paul Wilson - Finding Australia's best tech businesses | Bailador

    Paul is the co-founder and partner at Bailador Technology Investments (ASX: BTI). Bailador specialises in investing expansion capital in fast-growing Australian businesses. In today’s conversation, we’re going to look at the Bailador Portfolio, take a closer look at two specific case studies and then pick his brain, for his thoughts on Australia’s vibrant and successful start up scene.

    30 September

  • Expert: Are Semiconductors the Picks & Shovels Play for the Tech Industry | ETF Securities

    If you think about industries that are hot in 2021, it’s hard to go past the world of semiconductors. Bryce and Alec aren’t experts, but the brilliance of hosting Equity Mates means they can invite experts to explain this fascinating world to all of us, so we might understand it, and the investing opportunities a little bit better! First they welcome Patrick Penfield - a Professor of Supply Chain Practice at Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management - to talk about the basics of semiconductors, the changing landscape, the current supply crunch and what he thinks the future of the industry will look like.

    13 September

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  • Expert Investor: Graham Tuckwell - a pioneer of the ETF revolution

    This episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Graham Tuckwell, the founder and chairman of ETF Securities, an investment firm focused on exchange traded funds. Graham was an early pioneer of exchange-traded commodities and launched the first product globally, the ETF GOLD. Now a noted philanthropist, Graham’s name may be familiar to those studying at ANU as he endowed the Tuckwell Scholarship, one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in Australia.

    30 August

  • Expert Investor: Claude Walker | Assessing Management & Analysing Small Caps

    Claude specialises in assessing the efficiency and health of management teams, and scouring smaller, unloved and ignored micro-caps because, as Claude himself has said: ‘the market is much less efficient at the small end.’

    19 August

  • Expert Investor: John Winters - Disrupting traditional brokers at Superhero

    There's been a lot written about Superhero recently. The latest entrant into the Australian online broker space is offering $5 trades for Australian stocks and free trades for Australian ETFs, putting the more-expensive traditional brokers on notice.

    8 August

  • Expert Investor: Elise Kennedy on who is winning BNPL & Aussie Tech | Jarden

    In this episode, Alec and Bryce are joined by Elise Kennedy. Elise is Vice President of Equity Research at Jarden and leads the Australian Research team covering technology and the internet. She has over 10 years experience in financial markets, including 7 years at Morgan Stanley covering Telecommunication, Media, Technology and Gaming. Elise summarises Australia’s listed tech sector, and they continue the overrated v underrated game with Australia's answer to FAANG stocks - the WAAAX stocks. Then they have a look at some of the ‘older’ Australian tech companies - Webjet, REA, Seek, Carsales - and talk about whether she thinks there are still opportunities to be found.

    4 August

  • Expert: Lauren Simmons | the youngest female trader in the history of the New York Stock Exchange

    Alec and Bryce are joined by Lauren Simmons, the youngest female trader in the history of the NY Stock Exchange. Together they have a conversation about hype investing, the dangers of crypto, trends she's heard and noticed in fellow millennials who invest, and her new venture as the host of Going Public. At 22 years old, Lauren Simmons shattered glass ceilings by becoming the youngest, and only full-time, female equity trader on Wall Street, as well as the second African American woman in 226 years.

    21 July

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Bold Predictions

    You’ve probably heard our bold predictions for 2021, but we wanted to ask friend of the show, expert investor, and Executive Director of East 72 Holdings, Andrew Brown to join us to make some of his own.

    14 July

  • Why are the experts buying Costco & Home Depot?

    Every quarter, investors large and small write client letters. Reading these can be an incredible source of information, so in today’s episode, Bryce and Alec talk about two letters they’ve read recently. They’ve chosen one big investor (David Einhorn) and one small (Ensemble Fund), and together they discuss some of the big ideas they’ve gleaned from both.

    13 July

  • Expert Investor: David Costello - Can Infrastructure Investing be Sustainable? | Magellan Financial Group

    David is the portfolio manager of MFG Core Infrastructure Fund (a product that’s been running for institutional investors for 11 years but was only made available to retail investors in December). David joined Magellan in 2015. Prior to working with Magellan, David led EY’s financial modelling practice in Brisbane. Prior to his role with EY, David worked with National Australia Bank and SFG Consulting. David holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), both from the University of Queensland. David is a CFA Charterholder.

    7 July

  • Expert Investor: Scott Phillips from the Motley Fool on sensible investing and sensationalist advertising

    Scott is the Chief Investment Officer at Motley Fool Australia and the advisor of the Motley Fool Share Advisor and portfolio manager of Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio and Motley Fool Everlasting Income. Scott has been a member of the Motley Fool since 1998 and an employee for the last 10 years. In today's episode he talks about his own personal investing philosophy, his thoughts on short-sellers, and then Scott answers a whole stack of questions from the Equity Mates community. If you want to let Alec or Bryce know what you think of an episode, contact them here.

    30 June

  • Expert Investor: Tim Samway - 25 years searching for disruptive businesses

    Tim is the Executive Chairman of Hyperion Asset Management, a $10 billion Australian fund manager investing in the highest quality companies at reasonable valuations. Tim has worked at Hyperion for over 25 years, including as Managing Director from 2012 to 2019.

    23 June

  • Expert Investor: Henry Jennings - 3 sleeper stocks with big upside potential

    Henry is a Senior Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager writing for the last six years in the Marcus Today newsletter. Henry specialises in small and mid-caps although he has a thorough knowledge and understanding of large caps too. Henry also works with the MTIS team to formulate investment strategy and portfolio asset allocation and stock selection.

    16 June

  • Three fundamental rules of investing with Kyle Macintyre | ASX Week

    The theme of this episode is “Three Fundamental Rules Of Investing”withKyle Macintyre. Kyle is investment director at Firetrail Investments - the high conviction investment experts. In his presentation, he used QANTAS as a case study to explain his three fundamental rules, so we asked him to re-tread this path with us.

    4 June

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  • Fidelity's 6 favourite emerging market stocks with Anthony Doyle | ASX Week

    An epic episode, as Anthony walks us through the current context of the global economy, long term trends in emerging markets & the structural case for emerging markets for the long run, characteristics of emerging market stock market and finally, some of Anthony’s preferred companies in emerging markets.

    3 June

    Brought to you by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

  • 4 megatrends that will define the coming decades with Kanish Chugh | ASX Week

    Kanish Chugh is the head of distribution at ETF securities and talked about how to define a megatrend, what exactly is thematic investing, using this in your own portfolio, and then went into detail with examples of thematic exposure.

    2 June

    Brought to you by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

  • 7 highly disruptive stocks with Alex Pollak | ASX Week

    The theme of this episode is ‘Investing In Global Markets’ and we’re joined by CIO of Loftus Peak, Alex Pollak. Alex has 25 years experience specialising in investing in disruptive business models, and is now a Director of Loftus Peak and heads one of the best-performing teams in disruptive investment in Australia.

    1 June

    Brought to you by Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

  • Buy, hold or sell with Adam Dawes | ASX Week

    We’re joined by Adam Dawes, Senior Investment Advisor of Shaw & Partners, who held a buy, hold and sell session for ASX Investor Day attendees. We wanted to replicate this session on the podcast, so we reached out to the Equity Mates community in the Equity Mates Facebook Discussion Group and they gave us a huge list of stocks to talk about. This is an epic episode, so we hope you enjoy it.

    31 May

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  • Expert Investor: Geoff Wilson Declares WAR

    Geoff Wilson AO is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management. With over 41 years experience in investment markets, Geoff founded Wilson Asset Management in 1997 and currently oversees 8 Listed Investment Companies (LICs). Geoff has also led the creation of Australia’s first listed philanthropic wealth creation vehicles, Future Generation Australia and Future Generation Global.

    24 May

  • Bonus: All Access Live Show - the Stocks - Part II

    We hosted an awesome live show in Sydney at Atomic Beer Project, and we're stoked to be able to share the audio from the event! This is Part II of our panel conversation, unpacking the alcohol industry.

    21 May

  • Bonus: All Access Live Show - the Industry - Part I

    We hosted an awesome live show in Sydney at Atomic Beer Project, and we're stoked to be able to share the audio from the event! This is Part I of our panel conversation, unpacking the alcohol industry.

    21 May

  • Expert Investor: Marcus Padley - Chickens don’t make money

    We’ve previously had Marcus on the podcast and his episode ‘No Bullshit Investing’ is one of our most popular. So we’ve got him back on the show for ‘No Bullshit Investing Part II’ to help us unpack current market conditions. Alec and Bryce ask Marcus to walk them through his thinking for the last twelve months, and get Marcus to speak more about the way to react to the market when there's a downturn.

    20 May

  • Expert Investor: David Halpert - Opportunities in Indonesia & India

    This episode, Bryce and Alec sit down with David Halpert. He's been active in capital markets for 30 years, and founded Prince Street Capital in 2001 and is the CIO and Portfolio Manager of the firm. In this chat, we talk about not only David's personal story with investing, but his thoughts on 'Digital Decolonisation,' the way big technology companies have been able to ‘colonise’ the world has been through their incredible network effects.

    14 May

  • Watchlist: Julia Lee returns for a Mastermind episode

    On this Watchlist episode, Bryce and Alec invite Julia Lee, CIO of Burman Invest, to join them again on the podcast. This time, it's for a Mastermind style episode, where all three of them pitch three different stocks that have their attention.

    13 May

  • Expert Investor: Bill Browder – Putin’s #1 Enemy

    Bill is the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management, which at one time was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia, and in 1997 was the best performing fund in the world – up 238%! Bill was the driving force behind the Magnitsky Act, a law to punish Russian human rights violators,.

    6 May

  • Expert Investor: Mary Manning - Why Asia Is Too Big To Ignore

    On this episode, we talk to Mary Manning. She’s a Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Capital for the Ellerston Asian Growth Fund, Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) and the Ellerston India Fund. Prior to joining Ellerston, Mary spent 5 years at Oaktree Capital Management, the famous firm co-founded by Howard Marks.

    5 May

  • Expert Investor: Ben Gisz - Building a Portfolio in Today's Market Conditions | TDM Growth Partners

    In this episode, Alec and Bryce chat to Ben Gisz, who's the co-founder of TDM Growth Partners. Ben, along with co-founders Hamish Corlette and Tom Cowan, has grown TDM’s assets under management from $1 million to over $1 billion. Ben is also a non-executive director in Pacific Smiles (ASX: PSQ), one of TDM’s portfolio companies.

    29 April

    Brought to you by TDM Growth Partners

  • CEO Series: Lindsay Partridge AM - 45 Years Of Dividend Growth

    Today we have another episode in our CEO series, as Bryce and Alec speak to Brickworks’ (ASX:BKW) CEO & Managing Director, Lindsay Partridge.

    21 April

  • 6 Small Caps To Add To Your Watchlist

    Did you know Equity Mates has a TV show? Well, not really, but four times a week, for fifteen minutes, Bryce and Alec host a show on Ausbiz. Every day at 4.15, we break down financial jargon, talk to our favourite experts, and dive into the industries that interest us.

    14 April

  • Expert Investor: Angie Ellis - 8020 Invest

    Angie Ellis is a private investor from Melbourne. You may know her as 8020 Invest on Twitter or you may have read about her as part of Fairfax Media’s Shares Race, which she has won five times.

    8 April

  • Crypto Week: The Use Cases For Cryptocurrency

    This week, it’s a little bit different at Equity Mates… we’re celebrating Crypto Week! It’s a whole week of crypto content, from the basics, to interviews with experts

    28 March

    Brought to you by Bamboo

  • Expert Investor: Tom Millner – Contact Asset Management – 5 steps to find a quality company

    Tom Millner is a Director and Portfolio Manager at Contact Asset Management. Tom has 17 years of experience in markets, was CEO of BKI Investment Company between 2008 and 2016

    14 March

  • Expert Investor: Michael Frazis - Frazis Capital Partners

    Here at Equity Mates, we love finding up and coming Australian fund managers that have interesting perspectives and different approaches to markets.

    3 March

  • Expert Investor: Hamish Douglass - Magellan Financial Group

    In this episode, Alec and Bryce are joined by Hamish Douglass – the Chairman, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager at Magellan Financial Group

    24 February

  • Expert investor: Charlie Viola - Financial Advisor responsible for $1.5 billion

    Charlie is a Partner at Pitcher Partners, providing financial advisory and wealth services to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals

    17 February

  • EM Chat: How To Know When To Sell

    Over the past four years of this podcast, we’ve done plenty of episodes on buying stocks. When to buy, what to buy, how to buy. In this episode we discuss the other side of investing – selling.

    14 February

  • Bonus Episode: Meet Pay Love - meet the hosts of our newest podcast!

    On Valentine’s Day, we’ll be launching our latest podcast, Meet Pay Love. In this special bonus episode, we meet our newest hosts, Carmel and Zoe, and chat to them about the idea and concepts behind the podcast.

    12 February

  • Expert Investor: Emma Fisher - Finding Great Australian Companies

    In today’s expert chat, we sit down with Emma Fisher, who’s a Portfolio Manager and Head of Research at Airlie Funds Management.

    2 February

  • Bonus Episode: Wayne Baskin, Deputy CEO, CTO at Booktopia | Co-Founder of Superhero

    In this episode, we chat with Wayne Baskin, Deputy CEO, CTO at Booktopia & Co-Founder of Superhero.

    5 January

  • Bonus Episode: Kate Morris - Founder & Director at Adore Beauty

    In this episode, we chat with Kate Morris – founder & director at Adore Beauty

    1 January

  • Bonus Episode: Andy Taylor, Founder & CEO of Douugh

    In this episode, we chat with Andy Taylor, the founder and CEO of Douugh.

    29 December

  • Expert Investor: Qiao Ma And The Investment Thesis For Shenzhou International

    Qiao is the Portfolio Manager of the Asian Equities Fund at Cooper Investors, an Australian-based, long-only investment manager with over $12 billion assets under management.

    10 December

  • ALL Your Broker Questions Answered

    This is going to be your one stop shop for ALL of your broker questions. We’ve brought in an expert from Superhero to help us through it all.

    8 December

    Brought to you by Superhero

  • Expert Investor: Hamish Corlett & Why He Pitched Slack At Sohn Hearts & Minds | TDM Growth Partners

    This episode is a 'must-listen'. Hamish Corlett is a co-founder of TDM Growth Partners and serves on the Board of Directors of ASX-listed SomnoMed and Tyro Payments. He has significant experience in developing fast-growing software and FinTech businesses.

    7 December

  • Expert Investor: Paul Wilson - Finding Opportunities In Australian Technology

    We last spoke with Paul in 2019, when COVID wasn't around, and the Australian technology sector was really picking up pace.

    26 November

  • Expert Investor: Jess Amir - Lessons From 2020 & The Outlook For 2021

    We had Jess on in June 2020, and we invited her back to review her bold predictions, to share some lessons from 2020, and to provide us with some thoughts on what is to come in 2021.

    18 November

  • Expert Investor: Nick Griffin - Finding High Growth Companies

    Nick Griffin is the founding Partner and the Chief Investment Officer of Munro Partners. He is responsible for the investment management of Munro’s key investment funds and the formulation and implementation of the proprietary investment process.

    16 November

  • Expert Investor: David Prescott & Jack Trengove - Can value investing make a come back?

    Value investing is going through a rough time at the moment. Not since the heady days of the late 1990's has value so underperformed growth as an investment strategy.

    12 November

  • Expert Investor: Tom Piotrowski - Key Investing Lessons From Years In The Markets

    Tom is a Market Analyst at CommSec, and a cult figure in the finance space, and we loved chatting to him.

    30 October

  • Expert Investor: Rory Lucas - Investing with Purpose

    Rory Lucas may have the best job in Australian finance. As the Chief Investment Officer of Hearts & Minds Investments, he is responsible for taking some of the best ideas from the greatest investors in Australia and around the world and managing them in a listed investment company (ASX: HM1).

    23 October

  • Expert Investor: Rudi Filapek-Vandyck - Finding truly great, long-term businesses

    We love innovators, and we love people that challenge the status quo. That's why we had such a good time chatting to Rudi Filapek-Vandyck.

    16 October

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Finding Opportunities in 2020

    2020 has been a strange year for markets. With so much happening and so much uncertainty, we turned to one of our favourite expert investors Andrew Brown to help make sense of it all.

    9 October

  • Bonus Episode: GYG & The Ambitions Of Going Public

    In this episode we continue our exploration of Initial Public Offerings (IPO). In the last bonus episode, we got an in-depth understanding of the IPO process at TDM Growth Partners from one of the co-founders, Tom Cowan.

    30 September

  • Expert Investor: Viktor Shvets - Future of humanity and impact on investing

    This episode is a big one. Full of big ideas and a lot of thoughts about the future. We were joined by Viktor Shvets, Managing Director & Head of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy at Macquarie Bank and author of 'The Great Rupture: Do we need to be free?

    24 September

  • Expert Investor: Market & Watchlist Update With Julia Lee

    In this episode we sit down with Julia Lee, from Burman Invest. Julia has been a regular on the show, as part of our Mastermind series. We wanted to get her views on:

    21 September

  • Expert Investor: Victoria Devine - Lessons on Personal Finance & Investing

    For this episode, we were joined by financial advisor and fellow podcaster Victoria Devine. Victoria is the co-founder of Zella, a financial advice business based in Melbourne, and founder of She's on the Money, a financial education platform empowering women with the tools and confidence they need to change their financial situations.

    17 September

  • Expert Investor: Rory Cunningham - Lessons from the 2020 ASX Investor Study

    Every year, the ASX survey Australian investors to take the pulse of the Australian investment community. They look at who's investing, what they're focusing on and trends that are emerging throughout the investor landscape.

    10 September

  • Expert Investor: Lyn Alden - Bitcoin, the US Dollar & The Fed

    The past few months have seen an unprecedented monetary policy response from the US Federal Reserve. Under the guise of doing 'whatever it takes' to keep the markets and economy stable, the Fed has printed money at rates never seen before, with much of it ending up in financial markets.

    3 September

  • Expert Investor: Owen Raszkiewicz - Software and Small Caps

    In today's interview, we sat down with founder and lead investment analyst at Rask Invest, Owen Raszkiewicz. Owen is an expert in small cap investing and the founder of two successful investing podcasts - The Australian Investors Podcast and The Australian Finance Podcast.

    27 August

  • ASK THE EXPERTS: ETF Q&A Special w/ BetaShares

    This episode is the audio recording from our ASK THE EXPERTS: ETF Special with Equity Mates & BetaShares. The session was a live, virtual Q&A with the co-founder of Betashares, Ilan Israelstam.

    17 August

    Brought to you by BetaShares

  • Expert Investor: Nick Cregan - 3 Small Cap Stocks You've Never Heard Of

    In this interview we sit down with global small cap expert Nick Cregan. Nick is a portfolio manager at Fairlight Asset Management, a fund manager specialising in global small and mid caps.

    13 August

  • Future Expert Investor: Usman Khawaja - Lessons Learned From Investing Right Before COVID-19

    This was such a fun episode! When we noticed that Usman Khawaja was part of the Equity Mates community, we reached out to see where he was at on his investing journey. It turned out that he'd just started, and had put money in the markets right before the COVID-19 crash in March.

    6 August

  • Expert Investor: Emilie O'Neill - The Research Process For ESG Investing

    Emilie O'Neill is an ESG and equities analyst for Perennial and does a large portion of the research for the eInvest Future Impact Small Caps Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:IMPQ).

    23 July

  • Bonus: Andrew Brown on Afterpay (ASX: APT)

    Afterpay (ASX: APT) has captured the imagination of every Australian investor recently. Up more than 700% since the depths of COVID in March, it is leading a collection of Buy Now, Pay Later stocks that have seen unbelievable returns over the past few months.

    22 July

  • Expert Investor: Jessica Amir - Best & Worst Performing Stocks During COVID-19

    In this episode we're joined by Jessica Amir - a market analyst and presenter at Bell Direct.

    22 July

  • Expert Investor: Matt Leibowitz - What's Hot, What's Not to Kick Off 2020

    In this episode we speak to regular guest Matt Leibowitz, the co-founder of online brokerage platform Stake. To kick off 2020, we ask, 'what's hot and what's not?' in financial markets.

    17 July

  • Expert Investor: Danielle Ecuyer - A Simple Approach To Share Investing

    We were delighted to have Danielle Ecuyer join us for this episode, to go back to basics with share investing. Danielle has just launched her new book 'Shareplicity - A Simple Approach To Share Investing', which we found to be a great read.

    16 July

  • Expert Investor: Matt Leibowitz - What's Hot, What's Not In The US Markets

    In this episode we sit down with Matt Leibowitz - founder & CEO of Stake, and a good friend of the show. COVID-19 sent investors into a frenzy.

    9 July

  • Expert Investor: Christopher Joye - Fixed-Interest Investing & The Importance Of Understanding China

    Christopher Joye is well-known as one of Australia’s leading economists, policy advisors and fund managers. He is the Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager at Coolabah Capital Investments.

    7 July

  • Expert Investor: Malcolm Turnbull - How The 29th Prime Minister Of Australia Made His Money

    It was an absolute honour to have the 29th Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, join us on the show. Malcolm has recently released his biography 'A Bigger Picture'.

    2 July

  • Expert Investor: Chris Wheldon - The Thesis Behind Facebook, Visa & Tencent

    We were joined by Chris Wheldon, Portfolio Manager at Magellan Financial Group. Chris re-joined Magellan in 2018 and is a Portfolio Manager of Magellan's High Conviction Strategy and an Assistant Portfolio Manager on the Global Equities Strategies.

    25 June

  • Expert Investor: Robert Francis - eToro MD talks zero commission US trades

    At Equity Mates, we hate fees. This makes us big fans of any company looking to reduce the cost of investing for everyday investors. Which is why we were excited to get the Managing Director of eToro Australia, Robert Francis, on the podcast.

    15 June

  • Expert Investor: Yaron Naymark - Deep Dive on an Unconventional Stock

    In this episode we speak to US-based expert investor Yaron Naymark. Yaron is the portfolio manager at 1 Main Capital, a long-focused fund investing in high-quality, attractively valued, growing businesses.

    11 June

  • Expert Investor: Tobias Carlisle - Value Investing During COVID-19

    In our latest expert investor interview we are joined by expert on deep value investing, Tobias Carlisle. Tobias started his career in Australia, before making the move to the United States and founding Acquirers Funds LLC.

    9 June

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Oskoui - Concentrated Value Investing

    In this expert investor interview, we are joined by the value investor Andrew Oskoui. Andrew is the portfolio manager and principal at Blue Tower Asset Management based in Austin, Texas.

    4 June

  • Expert Investor: Ed Cowan Talks Unconstrained Investing | TDM Growth Partners

    You may have heard of Ed Cowan due to his success as a professional cricketer. However, what you probably didn't know is that he has a passion for investing and high-performing cultures, and is part of the successful investment team at TDM Growth Partners.

    1 June

  • Expert Investor: Understanding Superannuation w/ FairVine Super

    It's no secret that women on average have a lower superannuation balance than men. This can be for many reasons. So when we came across FairVine Super, we knew we needed to get them on the show. FairVine is a superannuation fund designed for women.

    28 May

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Mastermind #8

    In today's mastermind episode we are joined by Julia Lee, CIO of Burman Invest, to each pitch a stock or investment idea. In this episode:

    25 May

  • Expert Investor: Marcus Padley - No Bullsh** Investing

    In this week's expert investor interview we speak to Marcus Padley, the founder of Marcus Today and a market veteran with over 30 years experience.

    21 May

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Page Talks Value Investing & 3 Stocks In His Portfolio

    Andrew Page has worked in the financial markets for over 20 years, with experience as an equities analyst and market commentator, having worked at CommSec, The Motley Fool, and Team Invest. He is a passionate private investor, and the founder and Managing Director of

    14 May

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown On Why The Markets And Economy Aren't Talking

    For the third in 2020 we got Andrew Brown - Executive Director of East72 Holdings - back into the studio to help us understand what's going on in markets since the collapse in March and subsequent rally since.

    7 May

  • Expert Investor: Lars Kroijer Talks The Only Investment You Need For Equities Exposure

    Lars Kroijer is a very smart man. He graduated Magna cum Laude from Harvard University with a degree in economics and received an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    30 April

  • Expert Investor: Jesse Felder - The effect of coronavirus on different assets

    Based in the US, Jesse Felder co-founded a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and is now prolific on financial twitter and publishes The Felder Report.

    23 April

  • Expert Investor: Meb Faber on Getting Rich Slow

    Meb Faber is the founder and chief investment officer of Cambria Investment Management. He looks after Cambria's ETFs and private investment funds. Meb graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Engineering Science and Biology, and he also runs a popular share market and investing blog -

    16 April

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Mastermind #7

    Once a month we are joined by Julia Lee to each pitch a stock or investment idea. Julia is the CIO of Burman Invest and a market veteran with plenty of experience in markets. We draw on this experience and ask Julia what she is thinking about in such a confusing time in the markets.

    13 April

  • Expert Investor: Fred Schebesta On Building Companies, Leading Teams and Crypto

    Fred Schebesta is the Co-founder of - Australia's most visited comparison site. He is also the founder of HiveEx.con, a cryptocurrency brokerage. He was EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017, Blockchain Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and Business Insider's 2016 Coolest 100 People in Australian Tech. He also appeared on AFR's Young Rich List 2019.

    9 April

  • Expert Investor: David Koch Talks Personal Finance, and Markets in 2020

    David James Koch nicknamed "Kochie" is an Australian television presenter best known as a host of the Seven Network's breakfast program Sunrise. From Adelaide, he began his media career as a financial journalist, writing for a number of different publications before eventually moving to television

    2 April

  • Expert Investor: Economic Impact of Coronavirus with David Bassanese

    There is one big topic on everyone's mind at the moment. The coronavirus is shutting down cities and requiring co-ordinated actions between Government's and its citizens in a way we haven't seen previously in our lifetime.

    26 March

  • Bonus Ep: Searching for Great Companies with Owen Raszkiewicz

    Cooped up inside with time on our hands, we decided to call another one of our Equity Mates - the founder of Rask Invest and fellow finance podcast host, Owen Raszkiewicz.

    25 March

  • Bonus Ep: Hearing from Beginner Investors - Mates of Equity Mates

    We've got plenty of time while self-isolated, so what better to do than make more bonus content. In this episode we call a few of our mates and hear their thoughts on what's happening in markets.

    24 March

  • Expert Investor: Sharesight CEO Doug Morris

    Given the recent state of the markets, now may not be the time you want a deeper insight into your investing portfolio. However, when you're ready to look, today's guest thinks he can show you a better way.

    19 March

  • Bonus Ep: Market Mayhem - Update from Ilan Israelstam

    Markets are falling right across the world, and for some of the Equity Mates community, it would be the first time experiencing a significant market correction.

    13 March

  • Bonus Ep: Market Mayhem - Update From Andrew Brown

    Markets are falling right across the world, and for some of the Equity Mates community, it would be the first time experiencing a significant market correction.

    13 March

  • Expert Investor: Pete Matthew - The Main Pillars Of A Long-Term Portfolio

    Pete Matthew is a chartered financial planner in th UK. He's Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management and a titan in the podcast space - hosting Meaningful Money

    12 March

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Mastermind #6

    We are once again joined by Julia Lee, CIO of Burman Invest, for our monthly mastermind episode. In this episode we each pitch a stock, and discuss it with the group.

    9 March

  • Expert Investor: Roger Montgomery - Lessons From 30 Years Investing

    Roger Montgomery is one of the most successful, and recognised, fund managers in the country. That’s why it came as a surprise to us to hear that his investing journey started by exporting goat meat with a friend at university!

    5 March

  • Bonus Ep: Coronavirus - Investing in a Panicked Market

    The coronavirus continues to spread, and markets are worried. In the past week, the ASX 200 is down 10% and the S&P 500 is down 9%. To put this in context, the fall in the American market last week was the fastest since the Global Finance Crisis.

    3 March

  • Expert Investor: Paul Wilson - Finding Gems Of Australian Technology

    We loved this conversation with Paul Wilson, exploring the Australian Venture Capital scene, and his listed-investment company, Bailador.

    28 February

  • Expert Investor: Investing In A Low-Interest Rate World - Daniel Foggo

    In a world of ultra-low interest rates, it can be difficult to find ways to make your money work for you. That's why we're pretty excited to speak to Daniel Foggo, the CEO of RateSetter.

    20 February

  • Expert Investor: Investing In Companies Of The Future | Chris Wheldon

    In this episode we're continuing our exploration of some of Australia's best Listed Investment Companies (LICs).

    13 February

  • Expert Investor: Mastermind | Picking Stocks W/ Julia Lee

    We're excited to say that we are back with the first Mastermind episode of 2020. After a short break, we once again sit down with Julia Lee - Chief Investment Officer at Burman Invest - to pitch stocks to each other.

    10 February

  • Expert Investor: Understanding LICs and LITs with Magellan Financial Group

    Post-GFC index investing, through ETFs, has become very popular and it's something we speak a lot about on the show. There has also been a lot of chat about 'the age of active management being over'.

    6 February

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown's Bold Predictions for 2020

    We're a big fan of starting the year with some bold predictions. So much so, that we asked friend of the show and expert investor Andrew Brown, Executive Director of East 72 Holdings, to join us to make some of his own.

    30 January

  • Expert Investor: Tobias Bucks - Searching the World for Surprising Companies

    In this episode we continue our recent theme of speaking to small cap managers. We sat down and spoke to Toby Bucks - portfolio manager for Ausbil Investment Management's global small caps fund.

    20 December

  • Expert Investor: Chris Judd - Micro Caps from a Major Name

    In this episode we speak to former AFL premiership captain, dual-Brownlow medalist and 6x All-Australian - Chris Judd.

    16 December

  • Expert Investor: Matt Griffin - Small Caps, Large Returns

    Matt Griffin is the co-portfolio manager for AMP Capital's Australian Emerging Companies Fund - focused on Australian small cap companies.

    12 December

  • Expert Investor: Andy Hart - Managing risk and making smart decisions

    In this episode we head across the world and speak to our first UK-based guest. Andy Hart is a financial advisor and founder of Maven Money, one of the UK's leading personal finance media platforms.

    6 December

  • Expert Investor: Paul Benson - Financial Autonomy

    In this episode we're joined by Paul Benson, the host of fellow investing podcast, Financial Autonomy. Paul is a financial planner and is passionate about helping Australian's achieve financial independence.

    28 November

  • Classic Ep: Tobias Carlisle - A Strategy to Beat Buffett | Deep Value Investing

    With Ren off in Fiji, we've decided to re-release one of our favourite episodes. A conversation with expert investor Tobias Carlisle, an Australian deep value investor now based in the United States.

    21 November

  • Classic Ep: How to avoid being eaten by a lion w/ Meir Statman

    With Ren having to duck off to Fiji last-minute, we didn't want to risk a dodgy internet feed from his beach-side bungalow. So we've dusted off an old, all-time classic episode that we thoroughly enjoyed.

    17 November

  • Expert Investor: Warren Buffett's 6 Rules Of Investing

    Warren Buffett is one of the greatest investors in the world, which is why listening to what he has to say can have an important influence on our investing journey, and learning process.

    14 November

  • Expert Investor: Matt Leibowitz - What's Hot, What's Not in America

    Home country bias (where you only buy stocks in your home market) is an important trap to avoid. Australian investors in particular need to break out of the ASX bubble.

    7 November

  • Tips & Tricks: Best Alternative Sources For Investing Information

    You've heard it before - 'knowledge is power' - and when it comes to investing, improving your knowledge can be achieved by reading, and reading, and reading.

    24 October

  • Expert Investor: Balaji Gopal, Vanguard - The $8 trillion ETF Provider

    In this episode we continue the conversation about exchange traded funds. This time, we sat down with Balaji Gopal, who is the Head of Product Strategy at Vanguard Australia.

    18 October

  • Classic Ep: Jesse Felder - Clear Thinking On What's Happening In Markets

    A while ago (and in response to our most common critique) we at Equity Mates made a commitment - to improve the quality of our audio. Unfortunately, Ren is moving house at the moment and with a poor internet connection comes patchy audio.

    10 October

  • Expert Investor: Mates Of Equity Mates w/ Peter Knespal - All Things Bonds

    It's with great excitement that we've been able to return to our Mates of Equity Mates series, with a special on bonds. This one is a little different to the last, with Kip

    3 October

  • Tips & Tricks - What To Do With Your Tax Return | Spend, Save, Invest?

    Tax time. Hopefully, a time of year you receive a nice return from the government. The question is, what should you do with your tax return? Treat yourself? Pay down debts? Invest the whole lot? There are a lot of things you can do with your tax return

    23 September

  • Expert Investor: Ilan Israelstam, Betashares - ETFs of 2019 | India, Asian Tech Giants & European Blue Chips

    If you're new to the show - welcome. You've chosen a great episode to start you journey with Equity Mates. This episode is a cracker.

    16 September

  • Expert Investor: Jonny Wilkinson, Equitise - Crowdfunding Innovative & Early-Stage Companies

    We love investing in companies at Equity Mates, and normally this is done through the public markets and stock exchanges. However, there is a whole other world of private markets that retail investors, like us, rarely get access to. It's in these markets, for example, that you get to invest in innovative, early-stage companies before they potentially exit with IPO

    9 September

  • Expert Investors: Julia Lee - Mastermind #3

    Mastermind has quickly become one of the most popular mini-series of Equity Mates. And for good reason. We love sitting down with Julia Lee to pitch a stock or trade idea to each. It's with great excitement that we bring you the 3rd episode in the series!

    22 August

  • Expert Investor: Adam Verwey - Is sugar an ethical investment?

    The first thing you need to understand about ethical investing - it's a myth that you're sacrificing returns for morality. In fact, over the last 12 months (so including 2018's horrific end of the year) the ASX200 is up 8% and the S&P500 is up 3%.

    5 August

  • Expert Investor: Jodie Hampshire - Is There Value In A Financial Advisor?

    Is there value in a financial advisor? We got Jodie Hampshire on to help us find out. Jodie is Managing Director of Russell Investments, Australia - a global asset manager with $400m under management across the world

    25 July

  • Expert Investor: Peter Wilmshurst - Finding Value In Global Markets

    Ever wondered what the day in the life of a portfolio manager looks like? Well in this episode you will find out! We were lucky to grab some time with Peter Wilmshurst, Portfolio Manager at Templeton Global Growth Fund (ASX: TGG).

    22 July

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Mastermind #2

    Mastermind is fast becoming our favourite episode of the month. The feedback from Mastermind #1 has been incredible which is why we're so excited to continue with the format and bring you Mastermind

    18 July

  • Expert Investor: Chris Reining - How To Save And Invest Your Way To Retirement

    We all dream of retiring early, don't we? One of our broader goals for investing, at Equity Mates, is to use stocks as a way of removing the need to rely on a pay cheque later in life.

    15 July

  • Expert Investor: Henry Jennings - How Small-Caps Can Give Big Returns

    You may have heard of micro-cap, small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and mega-cap before. No, it doesn't refer to sizes of cappuccinos! It refers to the market capitalisation of companies.

    8 July

  • Expert Investor: Mark Bernberg - The Biggest Investing Opportunity Since The Creation Of The Internet

    The Cannabis industry has been on our radar for a while now, but it's still so early on in its growth (pun intended). There's a lot to learn about the industry, and we believe it's important to start understanding it now, as the investing opportunities are potentially immense.

    4 July

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Mastermind #1

    Wow, this episode is a cracker! Julia Lee is an Australian Equities Analyst at Bell Direct, and loves talking about stocks. We're so excited to have her back on the show.

    20 June

  • EM Chat: Inside The Mind Of A Beginner Investor | Mates of Equity Mates

    This episode is a cracker - a must-not-miss! One of the original reasons we started Equity Mates was to track the journey of other beginners, as we all learnt to invest together.

    17 June

  • Expert Investor: Meet The Investor: Paul Moore | Back Your Conviction

    We don't need to look very far to find some very successful and talented investors in our very own backyard. Many episodes ago we introduced Meet The Investor, with Kerr Neilson - the beginning of a series of episodes introducing you to an Australian investor you may not have heard of.

    13 June

  • Expert Investor: Ted Richards | The Dunning-Kruger Effect

    It wasn't enough for Alec to speak with his AFL hero the first time, so we decided to get him back on the show for another guest interview.

    6 June

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Picking Stocks

    For this episode we sat down with notable Australian market watcher and equity strategist at Bell Direct, Julia Lee. Julia has worked in Australian markets for the majority of her career and is joining us to give us some insight into the Australian market.

    16 May

  • Expert Investor: Warren Speaks, We Listen: Berkshire Hathaway Q&A - Part 2

    Part 2 of our Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting special sees Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger answer a range of questions from investments in American Express and Sees Candy to their thoughts on automation and what that will mean for jobs.

    13 May

  • Expert Investor: Warren Speaks, We Listen: 2019 Berkshire Hathaway Q&A - Part 1

    There were two big celebrations of investing over the weekend. In the Southern Hemisphere - the Equity Mates 100 Episode Party.

    9 May

  • Next Top Trader: Week 2 Update | An Expert Look at What's Hot & What's Not

    With the second week of trading behind us, it's time to recap the week that was, and look forward to what's coming this week! The markets finished the week down, with a very bumpy ride on Friday night.

    25 March

  • Expert Investor: Brandon - Aussie Wealth Creation | Money Is Made In The Stock Market While You Wait

    When we sat down to chat with Brandon, who hosts the YouTube channel Aussie Wealth Creation, one of the first things he said was, "you never know the emotion of trading until you actually do it".

    7 March

  • Expert Investor: Louise Bedford - The Queen Of Candlesticks

    It's not often you get to talk to a trading expert, a best-selling author, a trading mentor, a keynote speaker, and a Queen of Candlesticks, but in this episode, we were lucky enough to speak to all of them, at once!

    21 February

  • Expert Investor: Canna Campbell aka SugarMumma & The $1000 Project

    If you haven't heard of Canna Campbell aka SugarMumma, and creator of the $1000 Project, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know he

    12 February

  • Expert Investor: Jesse Felder - Clear Thinking On What's Happening In Markets

    We are so excited to bring you another episode in our Expert Investor series. Our guest this week is someone who we have been following for a couple of years now, and have longed to have on the show.

    9 December

  • Expert Investor: Daniel Foggo, RateSetter - Understanding Peer-To-Peer Lending

    Knowing what to do with your cash while you're perhaps saving to invest it in stocks or compiling it to buy the next dip, is sometimes hard.

    20 November

  • Book Club: Liar's Poker

    Welcome to the inaugural Equity Mates Book Club! As we speak to more and more expert investors, we keep hearing the same thing - the importance of reading.

    1 November

  • Trading Talk: ASX Game And An Afterpay Update

    We're now getting towards the pointy-end of the ASX Sharemarket game, so it's time we check-in to see how our portfolios are going.

    23 October

  • Expert Investor: Kerr Neilson - Meet The Investor

    Expert Investor: Kerr Neilson - Meet The Investor Kerr Neilson is one of Australia's greatest investors. He is someone a lot of our listeners won't be familiar with, but hopefully after this episode you will be. In a new series - Meet the Investor - we have picked out some clips from Kerr's interviews that we'll play and discuss

    18 October

  • Expert Investor: Todd Harrison - The Emmy Award Winning King Of Pot

    How often do you come across someone who graduated from university and was given the job of managing the money of UBS (one of the biggest investment banks in the world), then went on to become Vice President at Morgan Stanely, Managing Director of Derivatives at The Galleon Group and then president of the $400 million hedge fund

    18 October

  • Expert Investor: Chris Brycki - 3x Winner Of The ASX Sharemarket Game

    "The best advice is boring.." - this is episode is anything but boring, AND is full of great advice. Today we're excited to bring you an interview with Chris Brykci. Chris is the CEO of StockSpot - Australia's first ever digital investment adviser

    14 October

  • Expert Investor: Ali Hamed - Thinking Differently & The Wisdom Of Youth

    Ali Hamed is a name you may not be familiar with yet, but we're betting you will be. At just 26 years old, Ali is not only a co-founder of CoVenture - a firm that invests pre-seed venture capital, provides unconventional debt financing and manages a cryptocurrency index

    31 July

  • Expert Investor: George Lucas - From Acorns Raiz Grows

    Since our first interview with George Lucas a lot has changed. When we last interviewed him, he was the head of Acorns Australia. Now, less than 6 months later, he is the CEO of the publicly traded Raiz.

    22 July

  • Expert Investor: Matt Leibowitz - An Expert Reviews Our Trades | Stake Competition Wrap

    "This is not mission impossible!" - Matt Leibowitz, CEO of Stake This episode is a cracker. As many of you are aware, we were invited to participate in a trading competition, hosted by Stake, to beta test their new trading app.

    17 July

  • Basics: How to Build a Great Investment Portfolio

    How to build a great investment portfolio? - it's easier than you think! There is no real hidden secret that only the professionals know about when it comes to building a successful investment portfolio.

    3 July

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown (pt. 2) - End-to-end Investing Process

    Something we wanted to understand through this podcast is how expert investors find, evaluate and make decisions on stocks. End-to-end, what is their process?

    14 June

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown (pt. 1) - Finding Insights In A Sea Of Information

    This episode marks a first for Equity Mates. Our first repeat guest! Who better to have back on than Andrew Brown, the Executive Director of East 72 Holdings.

    10 June

  • Expert Investor: Adam O'Connor - Investing For Tomorrow | Tech, Hackers, Sustainability

    Can you believe that a casino got hacked via a digital thermometer in one of it's fish tanks? Our final episode in our three part series on exchange traded funds (ETFs) with BetaShares is a cracker!

    5 June

  • Expert Investor: Ilan Israelstam - The Co-Founder Of BetaShares

    True or false? There is an exchange traded fund called 'Global Millennials ETF (Code: MILN)' that holds companies that service millenials. True or false? There is an exchange traded fund called 'Tobacco Companies ETF (Code: SMK)' that holds the world's largest tobacco companies

    19 May

  • Expert Investor: Graham Cooke - Insights On Saving And Investing

    Graham Cooke is the Insights Manager at comparison website We spoke to him to gain the benefit of his work at Finder and to better understand how we can maximise our savings and capitalise on the new wave of investing apps and platforms that are coming to Australia.

    3 May

  • Expert Investor: Matt Leibowitz - Free Brokerage? It's No MiSTAKE

    There's a new player in town and they're offering free brokerage if you want to buy stocks in the United States! And I mean, who doesn't? With some of the world's biggest companies, largest markets and exciting new technologies, the States offers a fantastic opportunity for Australian investors.

    19 April

  • Expert Investor: Wayne Swan - Looking Ahead To 2018

    In this episode we sit down with the former Australian Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swan. As Treasurer from 2007 to 2013, Wayne witnessed first-hand the devastation of the Global Financial Crisis and testament to his management, Australia was one of the only developed countries to avoid falling into recession.

    25 February

  • Expert Investor: Susan Oliver - Searching For Strategic Assets

    Susan Oliver has experience on both sides of markets. As an investor she sits on the global investment committee of IFM Investors (a company with over $100 billion in assets under management!)

    18 February

  • Expert Investor: Meir Statman - How To Avoid Being Eaten By A Lion

    The stock market can be an emotional place, and often investing decisions are made based on emotion, and sub-conscious thought, or cognitive bias, with returns not always ending well!

    13 December

  • Expert Investor: Tobias Carlisle - On Deep Value Investing

    Tobias Carlisle has taken an interesting path to get where he is today. Starting his career as a lawyer in Queensland, Tobias is now a world-renowned value investor based in California

    3 December

  • Expert Investor: Michael Dee - Finding Success In A Falling Market pt. 2

    In the second part of our interview with Michael Dee we discuss his experience during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. As most investors fled from equity markets, Michael was gathering investors to start his own fund.

    20 November

  • Expert Investor: Michael Dee - Solving The Investor's Dilemma pt. 1

    Michael Dee sees markets differently to a lot of other investors. In 2008 while the global banking system was collapsing and investors panicked, Michael quit his job at the Queensland Investment Corporation to start his own fund.

    13 November

  • Expert Investor: George Lucas - CEO of Raiz (formerly Acorns Australia)

    Trying to save without sacrificing your current lifestyle is often one of the biggest hurdles you will probably have to overcome in order to hit your savings goals.

    29 October

  • Expert Investor: Ted Richards - From Football To Funds Management

    For most AFL fans, Ted Richards is a household name. After being drafted to the Essendon Football Club and then being traded to the Sydney Swans, Ted enjoyed an unbelievable career that included a spot in the 2012 All-Australian team, playing in 3 grand finals and winning a premiership in 2012.

    1 October

  • Expert Investor: Alan Kohler - Why I'm Disgusted With Warren Buffett

    For Australians, there is probably no name or face more synonymous with investing and financial journalism than Alan Kohler. A long history of financial journalism has culminated in Alan doing the financial section of the 7 o'clock ABC news, and being known for his weekend overviews.

    17 September

  • Expert Investor: Daniel Want - A Self-Taught Investor In A Complex World

    Daniel Want is a very interesting investor. As a university student he grew dissatisfied with his economics lecturers so he decided to drop out and learn it himself

    22 July

  • Expert Investor: Michael Glennon - The Art Of Small Cap Investing

    From selling tiles to being a multi-million dollar fund manager - we bring you Michael Glennon. We're really excited to bring you this weeks episode - our latest interview with an expert investor.

    26 June

  • Expert Investor: Sarah Riegelhuth - Get Rich Slow

    "The Longer you leave starting, the harder it is to catch up" Episode 10! We've hit double digits, what an exciting time. This episode is a special one. We talk with CEO of Wealth Enhancers Sarah Riegelhuth.

    28 May

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Part 2

    Part 2 of our interview series Andrew Brown. If you haven't listened to Part 1, we strongly suggest you do so before listening to Part 2. Brief of Part 1 below.

    5 April

  • Expert Investor: Paul Bennetts, CEO Of Spaceship

    Episode 8 is a cracker! We bring you our second Expert Investor interview, with the visionary Paul Bennetts - CEO of Spaceship. We discuss tech investing, and how you can invest your superannuation in line with where the world is going, not where it has been.

    30 March

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Part 1

    The brilliant and entertaining Andrew Brown, Executive Director East 72 Holdings Limited, is the first guest in our interview series. Andrew has over 35 years investing experience, that has taken him all over the world.

    19 March

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