Meet your hosts

  • Alec Renehan

    Alec developed an interest in investing after realising he was spending all that he was earning. Investing became his form of 'forced saving'. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure, he learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons amongst others through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can.
  • Bryce Leske

    Bryce has had an interest in the stock market since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. Once he had saved $500 he bought his first stock - BKI - a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn't stopped. He hopes that Equity Mates can help make investing understandable and accessible. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.


  • CEO: Kelly Bayer Rosmarin - Is 5G All It's Cracked Up To Be? | Optus

    Kelly Bayer Rosmarin was appointed CEO of Optus and Consumer Australia on 1 April 2020. Prior to joining Optus, Kelly spent 14 years with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) where she held several senior positions.

    14 October

  • CEO: Darren Steinberg - The Ultimate Australian Portfolio - $42.5bn in Property... | Dexus

    Darren Steinberg is the CEO of Dexus and an Executive Director of Dexus Funds Management Limited. Dexus is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust managing an Australian property portfolio valued at $42.5 billion. Darren has over thirty years' experience in the property and funds management industry with an extensive background in office, industrial and retail property investment and development.

    23 September

  • CEO: Ruslan Kogan - Growing From $0 to $1b in Annual Sales |

    This episode, Bryce and Alec are joined by the CEO of Kogan, Ruslan Kogan. As well as being the CEO and founder, Ruslan is a serial entrepreneur, and together they have a great chat about the founding story of Kogan, the numerous and varied verticals the company operates in, and the effect of covid on e-retailers. Bryce and Alec pose many of the questions gathered from our Equity Mates community, and also discuss the future of Kogan, and what success would look like to him.

    17 September

  • CEO: Zlatko Todorcevski - Turning Boral Around Amidst Seven Group's Takeover | Boral (ASX: BLD)

    Bryce and Alec continue their quest to interview all the CEOs of the ASX 200, and Boral’s Chief Executive and Managing Director, Zlatko Todorcevski joins them this episode. In this conversation they cover a wide range of topics, including his atypical pandemic-influenced recruitment, the Seven Group takeover, his thoughts on ESG and sustainability, and what the future looks like for Boral.

    9 September

  • CEO Series: Vic Jokovic on Transforming the Australian Investment Market | Chi-X Australia

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Vic Jokovic. Vic is the CEO of Chi-X Australia, a securities and derivatives exchange looking to disrupt the Australian investment market.

    2 September

  • CEO: Don Meij - From Delivering Pizzas to Leading a Global Pizza Business | Domino's (ASX: DMP)

    Don Meij has worked at Dominos for 3 decades, having started as a delivery driver in 1987, and working his way up to become CEO and Managing Director of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. He's one of Australia’s great entrepreneurs and during this episode we get stuck into the conversation about the story to date, the technological developments of the company, and his approach to people and culture, as well as his answer to some of your community questions.

    26 August

  • CEO Series: John Guscic - Steering Webjet Through COVID

    On this episode, Bryce and Alec talk to John Guscic, the Managing Director of Webjet. But before that, John was previously Managing Director, Asia Pacific for GTA and formerly Managing Director, of the Travelport Business Group, Pacific region. Based in Tokyo, Japan, he was responsible for the Galileo and GTA brands in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. Previous to that John was Managing Director, Galileo South Pacific and Flairview Travel.

    11 August

  • CEO Series: Larry Diamond - Retail Investor Earnings Call (first ever!) | Zip Co (ASX: Z1P)

    Our first guest for this series is a long-term friend and previous guest of the show - Larry Diamond. Larry is the CEO and co-founder of Zip (ASX: Z1P), and in this conversation Bryce and Alec ask him the questions you helped put together - in our Equity Mates Facebook Discussion Group. Listen to his previous episode here.

    1 August

  • CEO Series: Grant Straker is taking on the tech giants from rural NZ

    It's no secret that New Zealand punches well above its weight with innovative, interesting companies that come across the pond and list on the ASX. In this episode, Alec and Bryce chat to Grant Straker - the co-founder and CEO of Straker Translations, an ASX-listed language translation service. Since co-founding Straker with his wife Merryn in 1999, the company has grown to $30m in revenue and a $130m market cap. Prior to Straker Translations, Grant was a paratrooper in the British Army. Straker has gone from strength to strength, with revenue growing from $10m in FY16 to $31m in FY21 (5 year CAGR, 25.6%) and guided for $50m in FY22, while the global market for language services was $43b in 2017, expected to be $67b in 2022 (5 year CAGR, 9.3%). Together they talk about how Straker will capture larger and larger market share in this growing market, their partnership with IBM, and what the future holds for Straker.

    28 July

  • CEO Series: John Winters on seizing the investment opportunity in the US

    John is the co-founder and CEO of Superhero, an online broker offering Australian’s the lowest cost access to the Australian market and now the US stock market as well. Before co-founding Superhero, John was a stockbroker and private wealth manager at Shaw & Partners.

    15 July

    Brought to you by Superhero

  • CEO Series: Angus Muffet - Building Shopback into the 'Facebook of online shopping'

    Angus is the Country Manager of ShopBack, a Singapore-based ecommerce company with more than 25 million members specialising in cashback loyalty programs. When shopping via ShopBack, shoppers receive a percentage of their purchase price back, paid for through affiliate programs by the merchant. Prior to starting at ShopBack in 2018, Angus was the National Sales Director for Groupon.

    2 July

  • Forget Tech... teeth are the new growth story | CEO Series w/ Phil McKenzie - Pacific Smiles Group

    Phil is the CEO and Managing Director of Pacific Smiles Group (ASX: PSQ), an Australian dental group operating over 100 dental centres under the Pacific Smile Dental Care and the NIB Dental Care brands, located throughout NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT.

    10 Jun, 2021

  • CEO Series: Phil McKenzie - Forget tech... teeth are the new growth story | Pacific Smiles (ASX: PSQ)

    Phil is the CEO and Managing Director of Pacific Smiles Group (ASX: PSQ), an Australian dental group operating over 100 dental centres under the Pacific Smile Dental Care and the NIB Dental Care brands. In this conversation Phil explains how to conceptualise the industry, identifies the main players in the scene, talks at length about this leadership philosophy that was reinforced and tested during the pressures of the pandemic, and talks to the future of Pacific Smiles Group.

    10 June

  • CEO Series: Brian Hartzer - Challenges of Leading Westpac for 6 Years

    Brian is an Australian business executive who was the Managing Director and CEO of Westpac from 2014 to 2020. He has recently released a book, The Leadership Star: A Practical Guide to Building Engagement. In this episode he talks specifically about the his key leadership learnings, and personal career perspectives, and answers questions about his time guiding Westpac through the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry,

    27 May

  • CEO Series: Larry Diamond of Zip (ASX: Z1P)

    It’s the most eagerly anticipated episode of 2021! We sit down for a chat with Larry Diamond – the founder and CEO of one of the ASX’s hottest stocks and one of the most discussed companies in the Equity Mates community, Zip Co (ASX: Z1P).

    28 April

  • CEO Series: Lindsay Partridge AM - 45 Years Of Dividend Growth

    Today we have another episode in our CEO series, as Bryce and Alec speak to Brickworks’ (ASX:BKW) CEO & Managing Director, Lindsay Partridge.

    21 April

  • Crypto Week: CEO Series - Blake Cassidy - The Next Evolution Of Crypto Investing

    Blake Cassidy is CEO of Bamboo. Bamboo is Australia’s first crypto micro investing app, allowing investors to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver.

    1 April

    Brought to you by Bamboo

  • CEO Series: Matt Leibowitz - Building Stake & Managing Gamestop Saga

    Usually when Matt appears on Equity Mates, he’s talking about stocks in the US. This time though, Bryce and Alec wanted to take a different angle, and explore his entrepreneurial journey building Stake.

    24 March

  • CEO Series: Brian Ward - CEO Aroa

    In today’s episode, Alec and Bryce talk to Brian Ward. Brian is the founder and chief executive officer of Aroa, a company of much discussion in the Equity Mates’ Facebook group, and a company that featured in our summer series.

    11 March

  • CEO Series: Orni Daniel - Co-CEO of Gefen Technologies on Going Public During COVID

    In this episode we were joined by Orni Daniel, the Co-CEO of Israeli Software as a Service (SaaS) business Gefen Technologies. Orni is currently guiding Gefen through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process, with plans to list on the ASX by the end of 2020.

    1 October

  • Bonus Episode: GYG & The Ambitions Of Going Public

    In this episode we continue our exploration of Initial Public Offerings (IPO). In the last bonus episode, we got an in-depth understanding of the IPO process at TDM Growth Partners from one of the co-founders, Tom Cowan.

    30 September

  • Bonus Episode: Inside The IPO Process with Tom Cowan | TDM Growth Partners

    As a retail investor, we often don't get a lot of insight into what goes on behind closed doors when a company goes from being private to public, and is listed on the stock exchange

    29 September

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