Meet your hosts

  • Blake Cassidy

    Blake has a passion for technology and fell down the crypto rabbit hole while studying in Europe in 2015. He then started trading Bitcoins while living in China in 2015 and ever since then has been immersed in the sector. Blake is now the CEO of Bamboo which helps people take their first step into crypto currencies.
  • Craig Jackson

    Craig developed an interest in crypto after hearing about Bitcoin at soccer training in 2017. Since going down the rabbit hole, Craig has endured the ups and downs of crypto, now working in the industry as Head of Growth at Bamboo. Craig hopes to bring a sensible approach to crypto investing for new people starting out.
  • Tracey Plowman

    Chief Operations Officer for cutting-edge cryptocurrency app, Bamboo; Tracey Plowman is among just a handful of women taking on executive roles in the digital assets space. Tracey is extremely motivated to encourage more women into technology and believes this can help to empower their investment choices and establish financial freedom. Tracey’s interest in cryptocurrencies was sparked, while working as operations manager for a digital investment fund. This fostered her passion for cryptocurrencies and trading in this new asset class.


  • Ethereum 101

    So you now understand the basics of the blockchain, and we’ve had a look at how Bitcoin came to be. So it’s time to look at one of the other big coins making waves, Ethereum. In this episode they talk about how Vitalik Buderin created the coin, how its functionality is different to Bitcoin, and the possibilities on the horizon with this blockchain.

    8 November

    Brought to you by Bamboo

  • The basics of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin may seem like a difficult subject to wrap your head around, but as we’ll learn in this episode, it's actually a lot simpler than you think. We go further into the genesis story of the currency, breaking it down into simple concepts, so that you understand why it was created and the technology behind it.

    8 November

    Brought to you by Bamboo

  • Answering the big question - what is crypto?

    Welcome to Crypto Curious! So, where to start? Tracey, Blake and Craig introduce you to the world of crypto, right from the beginning. In this episode they’ll walk you through the basics of the blockchain, the ideology behind crypto, and who invented Bitcoin. They talk about their first investments, and the possibilities on the horizon with this new technology.

    8 November

    Brought to you by Bamboo

  • Introducing... Crypto Curious

    Learning about crypto is pretty daunting. If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking… ‘What is a hard wallet? Who are these miners? And is hodl a spelling error?’ Then Crypto Curious is the podcast for you.

    21 October

    Brought to you by Bamboo

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