• EM Portfolio: Core Portfolio Weighting & What To Do With Afterpay

    Our hypothetical portfolio is nearly at the stage where we can start building it out. The rules are in place, the core and satellite portfolios have been defined, and now all that's left is for us to finish the components of the core, and decide what to do with Afterpay!

    3 August

  • EM Portfolio: Building our core portfolio

    In today's episode, we continue building our renewed hypothetical portfolio. We are taking a 'core and satellite' approach to this portfolio, so we spend this episode discussing the strategy for the core portfolio. We then select some specific ETFs that will form the basis of our core portfolio.

    20 July

  • EM Portfolio: Our Hypothetical Portfolio Is Revived & Reviewed

    Way back when we started Equity Mates we also started a hypothetical portfolio. We would add a new stock each week/month, but as we got busier, we put it on the sidelines.

    13 July

  • Expert Investor: Julia Lee - Mastermind #8

    In today's mastermind episode we are joined by Julia Lee, CIO of Burman Invest, to each pitch a stock or investment idea. In this episode:

    25 May

  • Trading Talk: Where Are They Now? | Hypothetical Portfolio Update

    Right back at the beginning of Equity Mates we started a 'Stock of the Week' segment and used it as an opportunity to start building a hypothetical portfolio.

    11 November

  • EM Chat: Stock of the Year Update

    Earlier this year, we each picked one company to be our 'stock of the year'. With the first quarter of the year past we thought it would be a good time to take stock and see how they're going.

    18 April

  • EM Talk: Portfolio Deep Dive

    Following on from the last episode, where we discussed three important elements for building an investment portfolio, we deep dive into our own portfolios to compare our strategies and see if they align with our investing goals.

    8 July

  • EM Talk: Who Is Winning Stock Pick For The Year?

    The rules were simple: pick one stock each and the winner is the one whose stock gained the most, in percentage terms, by the end of the year.

    18 March

  • EM Talk: We're Back For 2018 - Why Amazon Struggles & More Bold Predictions

    We're back from our break and ready for a big 2018! What better way to start the year than to make some bold predictions about the year ahead and put some friendly bets on

    21 January

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