• Bonus Episode: Equity Mates Community Bold Predictions

    For this episode we’ve asked you to tell us what your bold predictions for the year to come will be, and didn’t you deliver!

    9 February

  • EM Chat: Portfolio Kick-Off for 2021

    Ren doesn’t want to start on a negative note, but he’s not sold on the new intro. Let us know what you think of it at our new contact page.

    8 February

  • Bonus Episode: Stock Of The Year 2021

    It’s time for Bryce and Alec to choose their stock of the year! Will Bryce hold his position as the Retail Whisperer, or will he break out of the bricks and mortar world?

    3 February

  • Summer Series: NEXTDC Ltd (ASX: NXT)

    In this episode, we unpack Nextdc Ltd. The company is involved primarily in the development and operation of independent data centres in Australia

    7 January

  • EM Portfolio: Yearly Wrap For The Equity Mates Portfolio

    In this episode, we take a look at the core portfolio, its performance, and review the current ETF structure. We also go through the winners and losers of the satellite portfolio, discuss the Bitcoin position, and what's to come in 2020.

    14 December

  • EM Portfolio: Community Stock Pitches & October Buys

    For our satellite portfolio, we hear two stock pitches from members of the Equity Mates community. Daniel and Euan both come on to walk us through stocks they believe will be great additions to the EM portfolio.

    19 October

  • Portfolio Update | Ask Us Anything | ETF Competition

    As usual, once a month we take a few questions from the Equity Mates community to answer on the show. In this episode we cover:

    5 October

  • EM Portfolio: Stock Pitch - Salesforce (CRM)

    It’s time for another investment committee meeting for the Equity Mates Hypothetical Portfolio. As we continue this learning experience of building out a hypothetical portfolio, we hear Bryce's first stock pitch.

    14 September

  • EM Portfolio: Listener Stock Pitch - Citadel Group

    Building the hypothetical portfolio is as much about hearing ideas from the Equity Mates community as it is about our ideas. In this week's episode, we welcome Ben, from University Of Western Australia Student Managed Investment Fund, for the first listener stock pitch!

    31 August

  • EM Portfolio: First Investment Committee Meeting

    It's time for the first investment committee meeting for the Equity Mates Hypothetical Portfolio. As we continue this learning experience of building out a hypothetical portfolio, we hear the first stock pitch.

    24 August

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