• Expert Investor: John Winters - Disrupting traditional brokers at Superhero

    There's been a lot written about Superhero recently. The latest entrant into the Australian online broker space is offering $5 trades for Australian stocks and free trades for Australian ETFs, putting the more-expensive traditional brokers on notice.

    8 August

  • Expert Investor: Elise Kennedy on who is winning BNPL & Aussie Tech | Jarden

    In this episode, Alec and Bryce are joined by Elise Kennedy. Elise is Vice President of Equity Research at Jarden and leads the Australian Research team covering technology and the internet. She has over 10 years experience in financial markets, including 7 years at Morgan Stanley covering Telecommunication, Media, Technology and Gaming. Elise summarises Australia’s listed tech sector, and they continue the overrated v underrated game with Australia's answer to FAANG stocks - the WAAAX stocks. Then they have a look at some of the ‘older’ Australian tech companies - Webjet, REA, Seek, Carsales - and talk about whether she thinks there are still opportunities to be found.

    4 August

  • Emerging markets investing | Guest expert Lisa Diaz

    This episode we are very excited to be speaking with our first international guest, the most incredible Lisa Diaz. Lisa is experienced, entertaining and full of stories having spent 23 years as a Managing Director of the Securities Division at Goldman Sachs in New York. These days Lisa is Partner, President and CEO of Prince Street Capital Management in New York, an investment firm focused on global emerging and frontier market equities with bases in Singapore, New York and Hong Kong. If you’ve been thinking about making your portfolio more exotic, this is the episode for you. And if you haven’t, after listening to Lisa, you might be thinking differently!

    26 July

  • Expert: Lauren Simmons | the youngest female trader in the history of the New York Stock Exchange

    Alec and Bryce are joined by Lauren Simmons, the youngest female trader in the history of the NY Stock Exchange. Together they have a conversation about hype investing, the dangers of crypto, trends she's heard and noticed in fellow millennials who invest, and her new venture as the host of Going Public. At 22 years old, Lauren Simmons shattered glass ceilings by becoming the youngest, and only full-time, female equity trader on Wall Street, as well as the second African American woman in 226 years.

    21 July

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Bold Predictions

    You’ve probably heard our bold predictions for 2021, but we wanted to ask friend of the show, expert investor, and Executive Director of East 72 Holdings, Andrew Brown to join us to make some of his own.

    14 July

  • Why are the experts buying Costco & Home Depot?

    Every quarter, investors large and small write client letters. Reading these can be an incredible source of information, so in today’s episode, Bryce and Alec talk about two letters they’ve read recently. They’ve chosen one big investor (David Einhorn) and one small (Ensemble Fund), and together they discuss some of the big ideas they’ve gleaned from both.

    13 July

  • Let's roll the dice: is my gambling a problem?

    'I'll take a punt', is something heaps of Aussies say, but at what point does gambling turn from a harmless bit of fun, to something that's a problem for your relationship?

    9 July

  • Expert Investor: David Costello - Can Infrastructure Investing be Sustainable? | Magellan Financial Group

    David is the portfolio manager of MFG Core Infrastructure Fund (a product that’s been running for institutional investors for 11 years but was only made available to retail investors in December). David joined Magellan in 2015. Prior to working with Magellan, David led EY’s financial modelling practice in Brisbane. Prior to his role with EY, David worked with National Australia Bank and SFG Consulting. David holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), both from the University of Queensland. David is a CFA Charterholder.

    7 July

  • Expert Investor: Scott Phillips from the Motley Fool on sensible investing and sensationalist advertising

    Scott is the Chief Investment Officer at Motley Fool Australia and the advisor of the Motley Fool Share Advisor and portfolio manager of Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio and Motley Fool Everlasting Income. Scott has been a member of the Motley Fool since 1998 and an employee for the last 10 years. In today's episode he talks about his own personal investing philosophy, his thoughts on short-sellers, and then Scott answers a whole stack of questions from the Equity Mates community. If you want to let Alec or Bryce know what you think of an episode, contact them here.

    30 June

  • Expert Investor: Tim Samway - 25 years searching for disruptive businesses

    Tim is the Executive Chairman of Hyperion Asset Management, a $10 billion Australian fund manager investing in the highest quality companies at reasonable valuations. Tim has worked at Hyperion for over 25 years, including as Managing Director from 2012 to 2019.

    23 June

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