• Expert Investor: Geoff Wilson Declares WAR

    Geoff Wilson AO is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management. With over 41 years experience in investment markets, Geoff founded Wilson Asset Management in 1997 and currently oversees 8 Listed Investment Companies (LICs). Geoff has also led the creation of Australia’s first listed philanthropic wealth creation vehicles, Future Generation Australia and Future Generation Global.

    24 May

  • Bonus: All Access Live Show - the Stocks - Part II

    We hosted an awesome live show in Sydney at Atomic Beer Project, and we're stoked to be able to share the audio from the event! This is Part II of our panel conversation, unpacking the alcohol industry.

    21 May

  • Bonus: All Access Live Show - the Industry - Part I

    We hosted an awesome live show in Sydney at Atomic Beer Project, and we're stoked to be able to share the audio from the event! This is Part I of our panel conversation, unpacking the alcohol industry.

    21 May

  • Expert Investor: Marcus Padley - Chickens don’t make money

    We’ve previously had Marcus on the podcast and his episode ‘No Bullshit Investing’ is one of our most popular. So we’ve got him back on the show for ‘No Bullshit Investing Part II’ to help us unpack current market conditions. Alec and Bryce ask Marcus to walk them through his thinking for the last twelve months, and get Marcus to speak more about the way to react to the market when there's a downturn.

    20 May

  • Expert Investor: David Halpert - Opportunities in Indonesia & India

    This episode, Bryce and Alec sit down with David Halpert. He's been active in capital markets for 30 years, and founded Prince Street Capital in 2001 and is the CIO and Portfolio Manager of the firm. In this chat, we talk about not only David's personal story with investing, but his thoughts on 'Digital Decolonisation,' the way big technology companies have been able to ‘colonise’ the world has been through their incredible network effects.

    14 May

  • Watchlist: Julia Lee returns for a Mastermind episode

    On this Watchlist episode, Bryce and Alec invite Julia Lee, CIO of Burman Invest, to join them again on the podcast. This time, it's for a Mastermind style episode, where all three of them pitch three different stocks that have their attention.

    13 May

  • Expert Investor: Bill Browder – Putin’s #1 Enemy

    Bill is the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management, which at one time was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia, and in 1997 was the best performing fund in the world – up 238%! Bill was the driving force behind the Magnitsky Act, a law to punish Russian human rights violators,.

    6 May

  • Expert Investor: Mary Manning - Why Asia Is Too Big To Ignore

    On this episode, we talk to Mary Manning. She’s a Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Capital for the Ellerston Asian Growth Fund, Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) and the Ellerston India Fund. Prior to joining Ellerston, Mary spent 5 years at Oaktree Capital Management, the famous firm co-founded by Howard Marks.

    5 May

  • Expert Investor: Ben Gisz - Building a Portfolio in Today's Market Conditions | TDM Growth Partners

    In this episode, Alec and Bryce chat to Ben Gisz, who's the co-founder of TDM Growth Partners. Ben, along with co-founders Hamish Corlette and Tom Cowan, has grown TDM’s assets under management from $1 million to over $1 billion. Ben is also a non-executive director in Pacific Smiles (ASX: PSQ), one of TDM’s portfolio companies.

    29 April

  • CEO Series: Lindsay Partridge AM - 45 Years Of Dividend Growth

    Today we have another episode in our CEO series, as Bryce and Alec speak to Brickworks’ (ASX:BKW) CEO & Managing Director, Lindsay Partridge.

    21 April

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