• Expert Investor: Scott Phillips from the Motley Fool on sensible investing and sensationalist advertising

    Scott is the Chief Investment Officer at Motley Fool Australia and the advisor of the Motley Fool Share Advisor and portfolio manager of Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio and Motley Fool Everlasting Income. Scott has been a member of the Motley Fool since 1998 and an employee for the last 10 years. In today's episode he talks about his own personal investing philosophy, his thoughts on short-sellers, and then Scott answers a whole stack of questions from the Equity Mates community. If you want to let Alec or Bryce know what you think of an episode, contact them here.

    30 June

  • Expert Investor: Tim Samway - 25 years searching for disruptive businesses

    Tim is the Executive Chairman of Hyperion Asset Management, a $10 billion Australian fund manager investing in the highest quality companies at reasonable valuations. Tim has worked at Hyperion for over 25 years, including as Managing Director from 2012 to 2019.

    23 June

  • Sustainable investing | Guest expert Kate Temby

    Have you been cutting down on your meat consumption, or getting on board the bamboo toilet paper train? As record amounts of funds flow into investments with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus

    22 June

  • Expert Investor: Henry Jennings - 3 sleeper stocks with big upside potential

    Henry is a Senior Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager writing for the last six years in the Marcus Today newsletter. Henry specialises in small and mid-caps although he has a thorough knowledge and understanding of large caps too. Henry also works with the MTIS team to formulate investment strategy and portfolio asset allocation and stock selection.

    16 June

  • Three fundamental rules of investing with Kyle Macintyre | ASX Week

    The theme of this episode is “Three Fundamental Rules Of Investing”withKyle Macintyre. Kyle is investment director at Firetrail Investments - the high conviction investment experts. In his presentation, he used QANTAS as a case study to explain his three fundamental rules, so we asked him to re-tread this path with us.

    4 June

  • Fidelity's 6 favourite emerging market stocks with Anthony Doyle | ASX Week

    An epic episode, as Anthony walks us through the current context of the global economy, long term trends in emerging markets & the structural case for emerging markets for the long run, characteristics of emerging market stock market and finally, some of Anthony’s preferred companies in emerging markets.

    3 June

  • 4 megatrends that will define the coming decades with Kanish Chugh | ASX Week

    Kanish Chugh is the head of distribution at ETF securities and talked about how to define a megatrend, what exactly is thematic investing, using this in your own portfolio, and then went into detail with examples of thematic exposure.

    2 June

  • How can I build wealth? Unpacking how compounding will get you rich... slowly but surely | Guest expert Emma Fisher

    We chat with the incredible Emma Fisher about what a good company looks like and how buying into strong companies for the long run will really help you to build your wealth. It’s a reminder that in investing, true patience will reap the benefits of true returns!

    1 June

  • 7 highly disruptive stocks with Alex Pollak | ASX Week

    The theme of this episode is ‘Investing In Global Markets’ and we’re joined by CIO of Loftus Peak, Alex Pollak. Alex has 25 years experience specialising in investing in disruptive business models, and is now a Director of Loftus Peak and heads one of the best-performing teams in disruptive investment in Australia.

    1 June

  • Buy, hold or sell with Adam Dawes | ASX Week

    We’re joined by Adam Dawes, Senior Investment Advisor of Shaw & Partners, who held a buy, hold and sell session for ASX Investor Day attendees. We wanted to replicate this session on the podcast, so we reached out to the Equity Mates community in the Equity Mates Facebook Discussion Group and they gave us a huge list of stocks to talk about. This is an epic episode, so we hope you enjoy it.

    31 May

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