• Expert Investor: Michael Dee - Solving The Investor's Dilemma pt. 1

    Michael Dee sees markets differently to a lot of other investors. In 2008 while the global banking system was collapsing and investors panicked, Michael quit his job at the Queensland Investment Corporation to start his own fund.

    13 November

  • Expert Investor: George Lucas - CEO of Raiz (formerly Acorns Australia)

    Trying to save without sacrificing your current lifestyle is often one of the biggest hurdles you will probably have to overcome in order to hit your savings goals.

    29 October

  • Expert Investor: Ted Richards - From Football To Funds Management

    For most AFL fans, Ted Richards is a household name. After being drafted to the Essendon Football Club and then being traded to the Sydney Swans, Ted enjoyed an unbelievable career that included a spot in the 2012 All-Australian team, playing in 3 grand finals and winning a premiership in 2012.

    1 October

  • Expert Investor: Alan Kohler - Why I'm Disgusted With Warren Buffett

    For Australians, there is probably no name or face more synonymous with investing and financial journalism than Alan Kohler. A long history of financial journalism has culminated in Alan doing the financial section of the 7 o'clock ABC news, and being known for his weekend overviews.

    17 September

  • Expert Investor: Daniel Want - A Self-Taught Investor In A Complex World

    Daniel Want is a very interesting investor. As a university student he grew dissatisfied with his economics lecturers so he decided to drop out and learn it himself

    22 July

  • Expert Investor: Michael Glennon - The Art Of Small Cap Investing

    From selling tiles to being a multi-million dollar fund manager - we bring you Michael Glennon. We're really excited to bring you this weeks episode - our latest interview with an expert investor.

    26 June

  • Expert Investor: Sarah Riegelhuth - Get Rich Slow

    "The Longer you leave starting, the harder it is to catch up" Episode 10! We've hit double digits, what an exciting time. This episode is a special one. We talk with CEO of Wealth Enhancers Sarah Riegelhuth.

    28 May

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Part 2

    Part 2 of our interview series Andrew Brown. If you haven't listened to Part 1, we strongly suggest you do so before listening to Part 2. Brief of Part 1 below.

    5 April

  • Expert Investor: Paul Bennetts, CEO Of Spaceship

    Episode 8 is a cracker! We bring you our second Expert Investor interview, with the visionary Paul Bennetts - CEO of Spaceship. We discuss tech investing, and how you can invest your superannuation in line with where the world is going, not where it has been.

    30 March

  • Expert Investor: Andrew Brown - Part 1

    The brilliant and entertaining Andrew Brown, Executive Director East 72 Holdings Limited, is the first guest in our interview series. Andrew has over 35 years investing experience, that has taken him all over the world.

    19 March

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