• ASX Week: Gemma Dale - How to build a balanced portfolio

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Gemma Dale, who’s the Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour at NAB, about the principles behind building a balanced portfolio. They chat about Gemma's definition of a balanced portfolio, how actually to go about building one for yourself, and then they throw a stack of hypothetical scenarios at Gemma, playing a little game we call, Balanced v Unbalanced.

    12 November

  • ASX week: Alison Savas - Two winners from decarbonisation

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec chat to Alison Savas - Antipodes’ Client Portfolio Manager. Alison has almost two decades of experience in the investment management industry, working for leading managers in Australia and Singapore. Antipodes have an active-ETF listed on the ASX, ticker code AGX1. In this conversation they talk about decarbonisation, get Alison's thoughts on what is happening internationally in this thematic, and then Alison talks about two specific stocks in greater detail.

    12 November

  • ASX week: Chris Demasi - Private equity, Public markets

    Welcome to Day 2 of ASX Week! In this episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Chris Demasi, the co-founder and portfolio manager of Montaka Global Investments. Montaka run two ASX-listed funds Montaka Global Long Only Equities Fund (ASX: MOGL) and Montaka Global Extension Fund (ASX: MKAX). They expand on Chris’ presentation, where he focused on the opportunity of investing in private markets and how we can access that through the ASX.

    11 November

  • ASX week: Eu-Jene Teng - Investing in EV's without buying Tesla

    It’s the third day of ASX Week, where we bring you some of the best sessions and experts from the bi-annual conference. In this episode, Bryce and Alec speak to Eu-Jene Teng, a Client Portfolio Manager at Martin Currie Investment Management, a part of Franklin Templeton. A group that manages $2.1 trillion and is the 6th largest asset manager in the world. In this conversation they look at the opportunities arising in emerging markets, and take a deep dive into the world of electric vehicles.

    10 November

  • ASX Week: John Caulfield - 5 mistakes ETF investors should avoid

    In this episode, Bryce and Alec chat to John Caulfied, Director, Intermediaries and Institutions from VanEck, and what he thinks are the 5 mistakes ETF investors should avoid. We know that ETFs are something that the Equity Mates community loves, and hearing about other people's mistakes is a good way of not making them yourself! Prior to joining VanEck, John was the Director of Business Development at FTSE Group (Australia), and he's also worked at the London Metal Exchange.

    10 November

  • ASX week: Adam Dawes - Buy, Hold, Sell

    In this episode we welcome back one of our favourite guests - Adam Dawes - the Senior Investment Advisor at Shaw & Partners. As Alec says, 'if you're going to do a Buy, Hold, Sell episode, there's one guy to do it'. The guys went out to the Equity Mates community, and ask Adam to give his opinion on whether he'd 'buy' or 'sell' stocks that you've asked to be reviewed. After going through the stocks by industry, Bryce and Alec challenge Adam with a Small Cap speed round for fun at the end!

    9 November

  • ASX week: Anthony Doyle - Is this time *actually* different?

    It’s ASX Week! In today’s episode, Bryce and Alec talk to Anthony Doyle, who has over 17 years’ experience in global financial markets, working for some of the largest investment management firms in Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. In this chat, he expands on his ASX presentation, where he explains how the Post-Covid market is different to the Post-GFC market, and the effects of different policy settings as Australia reopens

    8 November

  • ASX Week: Helen Chong - Insights from the centre of Australian finance

    Helen explains the Role of the ASX and the changing nature of investors in Australia. Every year the ASX does an investor study which gives us a glimpse of the Australian investing landscape and who is investing where. Alec, Bryce and Helen unpack some of the key findings ... which are fascinating.

    8 November

  • Three fundamental rules of investing with Kyle Macintyre | ASX Week

    The theme of this episode is “Three Fundamental Rules Of Investing”withKyle Macintyre. Kyle is investment director at Firetrail Investments - the high conviction investment experts. In his presentation, he used QANTAS as a case study to explain his three fundamental rules, so we asked him to re-tread this path with us.

    4 June

  • Fidelity's 6 favourite emerging market stocks with Anthony Doyle | ASX Week

    An epic episode, as Anthony walks us through the current context of the global economy, long term trends in emerging markets & the structural case for emerging markets for the long run, characteristics of emerging market stock market and finally, some of Anthony’s preferred companies in emerging markets.

    3 June

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