Next Top Trader: Week 5 Update | Walk Disney Is Hot!

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As always, we start this week with an episode that recaps the last 5 days of market trading in the US, the jostling of positions on the leaderboard of Next Top Trader, and a review of our portfolios.

With Ren maintaining his lead over Bryce, we look at both of the portfolio’s performances and discuss what our strategy is going to be for the last week of the competition. Alec is sitting pretty, so Bryce needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat if he’s to have any chance of getting ahead.

We discuss why Walt Disney and Comcast Corp both had great weeks, and review another solid week of growth on the NASDAQ that has taken it to new all-time highs.

Last week Ren put a trade on for a 3x leveraged inverse-financials ETF, expecting that the big banks would report underwhelming results, however, this wasn’t the case…

Tune in for all the latest. There’s only one week of Australia’s Next Top Trader to go and the competition is tight at the top. This time next week, we will have a winner! Stay tuned.

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