Next Top Trader: Week 4 Update | The Best & Worst Performing Stocks

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Bullish momentum continued this week in the US, with the markets rising again, just like Ren’s position on the leaderboard. With only two weeks to go for the competitors in Australia’s Next Top Trader, it’s getting to crunch time.

In this week’s update, we review the week that was in the US, and dive into our portfolios to see who is the better trader at this point in the competition.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How the S&P500 and the NASDAQ performed last week
  • How the Brexit turmoil is impacting the pound
  • Oil is still on the rise, and why that is
  • Why Tesla had a shocking week
  • Harley Davidson reported positive sales numbers, and the impact it’s having on their share price
  • Which company is benefiting from Boeing’s issues with their 737 aircraft

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